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Vox Combo Amp

 - Vox Pathfinder Combo, 10W (V9106)
Vox Pathfinder Combo, 10W (V9106)

From their classic diamond grille cloth to their unmistakable tone; the Pathfinder amps are pure VOX. Each offers Gain, Volume, Treble and Bass controls for crafting your signature sound. The filtered line output is ideal personal recording; a headphone out is provided for private practice.

  • Color: Classic
  • Brand: Vox
  • ASIN: B0000WS0RI
  • UPC: 755756640801
 - VOX Valvetronix VT20X Modeling Amplifier
VOX Valvetronix VT20X Modeling Amplifier

The VT20X features a brand new modeling engine and sounds even better than ever! By using VET (Virtual Element Technology), which is based on an analysis of the components and amp circuits themselves, VTX amplifiers produce the most accurate and realistic amplifier sounds to date. These new amplifiers also feature a multi-stage Valvetronix tube preamp. This preamp design incorporates authentic analog circuitry to achieve the subtle tonal adjustments and capture the nuances that are distinctive of vacuum tube amps. In addition to this clever circuitry, VTX amplifiers feature a tightly sealed cabinet and a proprietary bass-reflex designed to deliver stunning resonance. Go beyond the realm of previous modeling amps with the new VOX Tone Room editing software that lets you customize the existing amps and effects yourself, or create your own!

  • Color: Black
  • Brand: Vox
 - VOX AC15C1 Guitar Combo Amplifier
VOX AC15C1 Guitar Combo Amplifier

The Vox AC15C1 Custom guitar combo amp offers maximum tonal dexterity to countless guitar players around the world. Featuring a single 12 inch Celestion G12M Greenback speaker that is driven by 15 watts of power, the AC15C1 Custom delivers that Vox tone that has been around for over 50 years. An Evolution in Tone Vox Custom Series amps offer two channels: Normal and Top-Boost. Each channel is equipped with its own Volume control, and the Top Boost channel offers highly interactive Treble and Bass tone controls. This powerful channel pairing provides an abundance of tone-crafting control, letting you dial in a classic sound that is all your own. Both channels rely on the Tone Cut and Volume controls in the Master section. The Tone Cut control operates in the power stage rather than the preamp stage, allowing an additional degree of tone-shaping. The Master Volume control works in conjunction with the individual volumes of each channel to create just the right degree of gain-staging. By balancing the individual and Master volumes, the Custom Series can deliver everything from a clean Vox chimey sound to a powerful overdriven tone. Sound in Motion You can sweeten the sound of your Custom Series amplifier using the Vox Classic Tremolo effect. Both the speed and the depth are adjustab...

  • Color: Vintage
  • Brand: Vox
  • ASIN: B0038MTH8S
 - Vox AC4-4W 1x12
Vox AC4-4W 1x12" Combo Amp

4-watt, 1x12" Tube Combo Guitar Amplifier with Custom Celestion Speaker

  • Color: Black
  • Brand: Vox
 - VOX PB10 Bass Combo Amplifier
VOX PB10 Bass Combo Amplifier

For the bassist, VOX introduces the newest member of the Pathfinder family, the Bass 10. This dual-speaker, deep-thumping, portable amp is ideal for the on-the-go bass player. In addition to Treble and Bass tone-shaping controls, the Bright switch offers an edgy boost to the upper harmonics. Turning up the Drive control provides a warm, bass distortion that adds character and vitality to the tone. The Pathfinder Bass 10 pumps out 10 Watts into a pair of 5-Inch VOX bulldog speakers. A headphone/line output jack is also provided for silent practice, and for recording.

  • Color: Black
  • Brand: Vox
  • ASIN: B002YC36ZI
  • UPC: 600074102084
 - Vox MSB25 Mini Superbeetle 25-watt 1x10
Vox MSB25 Mini Superbeetle 25-watt 1x10" Mini-stack

25-watt 1-channel 1x10" Guitar Amplifier Mini Stack with Digital Reverb, Tremolo, and Headphone/Line Output

  • Brand: Vox
 - VOX Mini5 Rhythm Battery-Powered 5W Modeling Amplifier, Classic
VOX Mini5 Rhythm Battery-Powered 5W Modeling Amplifier, Classic

With 99 adjustable rhythm patterns, the VOX MINI5 Rhythm allows you to practice with precision wherever the road takes you. Powered by six AA batteries, or the included adapter, the MINI5 Rhythm is the ideal amplifier for dressing room rehearsals or writing new tunes in between shows. 11 authentic amp models and on-board 8 effects make this little amp a tremendously versatile tool, allowing you to obtain a variety of both classic and inventive guitar tones! With microphone and auxiliary inputs and a headphone out, you can collaborate with others or practice silently.

  • Color: Mini5 Rhythm Amplifier, Classic
  • Brand: Korg
  • ASIN: B00DZKU62Y
 - Vox Adio Air GT - 50-watt Bluetooth Modeling Combo Amp
Vox Adio Air GT - 50-watt Bluetooth Modeling Combo Amp

50-watt 2 x 3" Portable Guitar Modeling Combo Amplifier, with 2 Effects Sections, Bluetooth, Aux In, and USB

  • Color: MultiColored
  • Brand: Vox
 - VOX Guitar Combo Amplifier (AC2RV)
VOX Guitar Combo Amplifier (AC2RV)

The enormously popular AC1 Rhythm VOX series of miniature amps has been recharged! It has returned as the AC2 RhythmVOX for guitar and the AC2 RhythmVOX Bass for bass. The output has doubled from 1W to 2W, further enhancing the amp's sound quality. The high-quality effects and wide selection of rhythm patterns are easy to use and will have you hooked on playing through your AC2. Battery operation is supported, so you can use the amp anywhere. Careful attention has been paid to every detail of these amps , which look so much like a real VOX amp that you'll forget it's a miniature. Whether it’s your first amp, a practice or warmup amp for backstage, or as a rhythm box, the AC2 is a cute yet ferocious unit that’s at home in any situation.

  • Brand: Vox
  • ASIN: B071K8MRDV
 - Vox VX15 GT 15-watt 1x6.5
Vox VX15 GT 15-watt 1x6.5" Digital Modeling Combo Amplifier

15-watt 1x6.5" Digital Modeling Guitar Combo Amp with 11 Amp Models, and 8 Effect Types

  • Brand: Vox

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