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Sleepless Knight

 - Sleepless Knight (Adventures in Cartooning)
Sleepless Knight (Adventures in Cartooning)

The Knight can't wait for her first camping trip! She and her horse Edward pack everything they need--including her beloved Teddy--and head out into the woods. But when it's time for bed, Teddy is nowhere to be found! A helpful rabbit thinks this "Teddy" sounds familiar, and sends the Knight off to a cave... but that's no teddy bear in that cave. That's a real bear! In this sweet, simple adventure, basic comics elements combine with the picture book format to create a picture book for the youngest of comics readers, and a fantastic introduction into the world of Adventures in Cartooning.

  • Brand: First Second
  • ASIN: 1596436514
 - Sleepless Volume 1
Sleepless Volume 1

Amazon Book Review’s Best Comics & Graphic Novels of 2018The Chicago Public Library’s Best of the Best Books 2018Lady "Poppy" Pyppenia is guarded by the Sleepless Knight Cyrenic but becomes endangered when an assassin threatens her life in the new king's reign. As Poppy and Cyrenic try to discover who wants her dead, they must navigate the dangerous waters of life at court and of their growing feelings for one another. Writer Sarah Vaughn (ALEX + ADA, ETERNAL EMPIRE) and artist Leila del Duca (SHUTTER, AFAR) team up with editor / colorist Alissa Sallah and letterer Deron Bennett for this fantasy romance.Collects issues 1-6.

  • ASIN: 1534306846
 - Queen Takes Checkmate (Their Vampire Queen Book 5)
Queen Takes Checkmate (Their Vampire Queen Book 5)

The god of light has met his match. But whose life will the red serpent claim?Killing the queen of New York City has added a million new responsibilities to Shara Isador’s list. The former queen’s Blood must be dealt with before they turn thrall. The queens Keisha Skye coerced into sibling relationships must either be formally sworn to House Isador or freed. Though Shara can’t in good conscience allow anyone into her house who took part in the rampant torture in which House Skye indulged.While every single day, Shara feels the weight of the red serpent coiled around her throat. The goddess’s gift grows heavier with every passing moment. If she doesn’t act, the serpent will consume everything she loves. But if she goes after Ra as promised…Someone she loves very much will die.Any of her Blood will gladly pay that cost, but Shara loves them too much to even consider losing one of them.Who will survive the epic showdown with Ra, the god of light, and will this be the end of Shara Isador’s story?

  • ASIN: B07H75B52Z
 - The Fifth Knight
The Fifth Knight

To escape a lifetime of poverty, mercenary Sir Benedict Palmer agrees to one final, lucrative job: help King Henry II’s knights seize the traitor Archbishop Thomas Becket at Canterbury Cathedral. But what begins as a clandestine arrest ends in cold-blooded murder. And when Fitzurse, the knights’ ringleader, kidnaps Theodosia, a beautiful young nun who witnessed the crime, Palmer can sit silently by no longer. For not only is Theodosia’s virtue at stake, so too is the secret she unknowingly carries—a secret he knows Fitzurse will torture out of her. Now Palmer and Theodosia are on the run, strangers from different worlds forced to rely only on each other as they race to uncover the hidden motive behind Becket’s grisly murder—and the shocking truth that could destroy a kingdom. Episode ListThis book was initially released in episodes as a Kindle Serial. All episodes are now available for immediate download as a complete book. Learn more about Kindle Serials

  • ASIN: B00A017O0I
 - Sleepless Knights
Sleepless Knights

It's not easy being the man behind the myth. Sir Lucas is butler to King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table - the person who managed every quest from behind the scenes. He's a man whose average working day involved defeating witches and banishing werewolves, while ensuring the Royal pot of tea never crossed the thin line separating 'brewed' from 'stewed.' What's more, 1,500 years after that golden age, he's still doing it - here in the modern world, right under our noses. When King Arthur and six of his knights are exposed as living among us, Merlin is unleashed and a grim apocalypse unfolds, uncovering secrets from the past that King Arthur would rather stay buried. When Lucas is forced to confront his own peculiar destiny, will he choose to sacrifice his true love and lay down his life in the service of his master? Sleepless Knights is a tale of high adventure and warm humor, with a spring in its step, a twinkle in its eye and, at its heart, the ultimate butler.

  • ASIN: 1927609011
 - Silent Knight, Sleepless Knight (Duet)
Silent Knight, Sleepless Knight (Duet)

Silent Knight: Paul Stanton thought he had it all -- until his lover dumped him for another man, forcing Paul to rethink his life. But when a trip home for the holidays goes predictably wrong, Paul ends up stranded in the woods. There's more to Andy Reynolds than meets the eye. But is a chance encounter enough to bind two men who have nothing in common except their sex?Sleepless Knight: When the two-year itch infects their relationship, Andy arranges a much needed vacation. Andy will do anything to make Paul happy, even if it means bringing another man into their bed. But is a threesome really the answer? Or will it drive them further apart?Publisher's Note: Silent Knight, Sleepless Knight (Duet) contains the previously published novellas Silent Knight and Sleepless Knight.

 - A Little Boy in: The Land of the Sleepless Knights
A Little Boy in: The Land of the Sleepless Knights

When a young boy refuses to sleep he finds himself trapped in the Land of Sleepless Knights. This is where all children go when they don't get enough rest. Can he figure out how to escape in time or will he turn into one of the Knights and be consumed by the Cranky King?

  • ASIN: 1387009508
 - The Sleepless Knight
The Sleepless Knight

Journey through a dreamland filled with adventures as a knight rescues his prince from dangers and perils. When the sun rises, the knight is rewarded for his dedication and loyalty. This heartwarming tale is Ashley Halil's first children's book. It is illustrated by Denis Alonso.

  • ASIN: B00T3N89PI
 - The Dreams of Time: Book 1: Sleepless Knight
The Dreams of Time: Book 1: Sleepless Knight

Have you ever wondered if your life is being toyed with? You wouldn't know. Dylan, Lu, Sammy, and the other young ones don't know either. They're all pawns in someone else's game. But I'm not talking about God. No, He simply watches over them and picks them up while they're down. The ones who interfere are simply time travelers with good intentions. Monstrum has enlisted the help of Elyse and X to change the future that the main characters destroyed. This all seems well and good, but there's a fourth time traveler whose intentions are questionable. For now, he has no name. He simply goes without one until his plan is complete. He will use the perpetrators of destruction, especially Dylan and Lu, to fight a greater evil. But there's another reason. He will lead them to Harry Kishi, an unstable maniac who will break them at all costs, but train them to be the merciless heroes of the Dream World. However, this story is hardly about the time travelers,it's about the perpetrator's slow descent into madness, and it's not pretty. A story told from multiple points of views from the perpetrators of this madness who are the victims of humanities greatest evils which include murder, racism, etc. They are the result of humanities corruption. Corrupt the children, corrupt the world.

  • ASIN: 1522031219
 - Sleepless #3
Sleepless #3

Poppy makes a decision at the king’s tournament that backfires on her. Meanwhile, Cyrenic begins to struggle with side effects of his Sleeplessness.

  • ASIN: B077XMS2R1
 - A Knight of Honor
A Knight of Honor

Taylor Sullivan is a raven-haired hellion fleeing the tragic flames that destroyed her family. She arms herself with a quick sword and a sharp tongue, hiring herself out as a mercenary, willing to do whatever it takes to survive.Slane Donovan is a knight of honor, sworn to uphold his oath and his word. He seeks the woman who wears the Sullivan ring, determined to bring her back to Castle Donovan to fulfill a promise made to his brother.When he finds the fierce young beauty, her sensual innocence enflames his heart, threatening to destroy the very essence of who he is and the vows he has sworn to uphold. But there are others who seek the Sullivan woman as well, men who pose a far greater threat. Slane must protect his fiery mercenary companion from attacks, but can he protect himself from her undeniable charms?

  • ASIN: B004U2FKQI
 - Pennies (Dollar) (Volume 1)
Pennies (Dollar) (Volume 1)

New York Times Bestseller, Pepper Winters, delivers another delicious Dark Romance."I'm not the hero in this story, girl. You'd do best to remember that.”Once upon a time, I was an eighteen year old psychology student.Now, I’m a man’s property.Stolen and sold, I’ve been decorated in bruises since the day my world changed two years ago.I suffer in silence, I crave freedom, but I never break.I can’t.Until he arrives.Elder Prest, the only man to look at me and see me. The only man more ruthless than my owner.He wants me for reasons I don’t understand.He claims me for one night then leaves and never looks back.Until he returns.And life becomes much more complicated.

  • ASIN: 1535055227
 - Soulfire (Song of Souls Book 2)
Soulfire (Song of Souls Book 2)

After six months Rosehaven is beginning to regain some of its former beauty. However, Aislynn continues to be plagued by disembodied voices, and they’re influence is growing. Her dreams are filled with dark portents, and though Aislynn has no training in the art of future seeking, she can’t shake the feeling that the nightmares are more than simple dreams. Ciaran himself, struggles to find his footing as king. The needs of the people are overwhelming at times and the nobles are urging him to form an alliance with Wiettan, by marrying Queen Lylliane. On top of all of this, lamias have begun raiding the settlements and villages in the mountains that border Rosehaven. Perhaps peace is not as simple as it seems.

  • ASIN: B01N3RTWG1
 - Anaphylaxis (Medicine and Magic Book 5)
Anaphylaxis (Medicine and Magic Book 5)

Both medicine and magic failed to save Aron. I intend to change that.I’ve feared my magic my entire life, knowing my mother had chased dangerous magic before her death. I’ve never been able to look into how—or why—she died. Until now.I have a name.While struggling to help Aron, I use my new allies to search for information about the person who might be responsible for my mother’s death. With the appearance of a new mage and abilities far beyond anything I’ve ever encountered, I’m forced to abandon that search and find some way of stopping power that taps into the magic on the other side of the Veil.Only—how can I stop a power that calls to me? I’m close to understanding what I am, but this mage stands in my way. I intend to stop her… or die trying.

  • ASIN: B07F28NT6Q
 - The Sleepless Knight by Ashley C Halil (2015-01-12)
The Sleepless Knight by Ashley C Halil (2015-01-12)

  • ASIN: B01K3I6QHO
 - Sleepless Knights: Rally Man's Guide to Europe
Sleepless Knights: Rally Man's Guide to Europe

  • ASIN: 0900549068
 - [ Sleepless Knight BY Sturm, James ( Author ) ] { Hardcover } 2015
[ Sleepless Knight BY Sturm, James ( Author ) ] { Hardcover } 2015

[ Sleepless Knight BY Sturm, James ( Author ) ] { Hardcover } 2015

  • ASIN: B00V1DQC9I
 - Sleepless knights: A rallyman's guide to Europe
Sleepless knights: A rallyman's guide to Europe

  • ASIN: B0000CLF0M

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