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 - Observational Before-After Studies in Road Safety
Observational Before-After Studies in Road Safety

This three part monograph aims to enable road safety researchers and professionals to interpret correctly the results of one of the main sources of knowledge about the effect of road safety engineering measures, the "observational Before-After study". Part I, Essentials - contains information the author regards as essential for forming an opinion of results obtained by others, and for planning and analysing such a study. This is written to be accessible to all. Part II, Adaptations of conventional approaches - explains how to avoid the errors and improve the results obtained from the predominant methods currently used. This Part employs algebra and statistical analysis. Part III, Elements of a new approach - presents new approaches to improve future methods of observation and analysis.

  • ASIN: 0080430538
 - Guidelines for Risk Based Process Safety
Guidelines for Risk Based Process Safety

Guidelines for Risk Based Process Safety provides guidelines for industries that manufacture, consume, or handle chemicals, by focusing on new ways to design, correct, or improve process safety management practices. This new framework for thinking about process safety builds upon the original process safety management ideas published in the early 1990s, integrates industry lessons learned over the intervening years, utilizes applicable "total quality" principles (i.e., plan, do, check, act), and organizes it in a way that will be useful to all organizations - even those with relatively lower hazard activities - throughout the life-cycle of a company.

  • Brand: Brand: Wiley-AIChE
  • ASIN: 0470165693
 - Safety Measures: A Mary O'Reilly Paranormal Mystery Fan-Fiction Novella
Safety Measures: A Mary O'Reilly Paranormal Mystery Fan-Fiction Novella

Virginia Case left her abusive ex behind. She forged a new life and a new career in a new town. And then she started seeing familiar faces...her own! She needs the help of a paranormal investigator to sort out what's real and what's surreal. Because the ghosts from her past might be actual ghosts, and they have a message for Gini that she should heed if she wants to live. Mary O'Reilly is just the investigator who can help Gini, but in case things get dicey, hunky Malcolm Rockne could be a great bodyguard. If Gini can get up the nerve to call her former self-defense instructor. And if he agrees. It's not everyday a girl sees ghosts but feels the real threat is from a guy who doesn't even know where she lives. Or does he?This is fan-fiction written and published with permission from the author and creator of the Mary O'Reilly Paranormal World, Terri Reid. It is novella length. Forward by Terri Reid.

  • ASIN: B07F6CS56N
 - Safety Metrics: Tools and Techniques for Measuring Safety Performance
Safety Metrics: Tools and Techniques for Measuring Safety Performance

This practical guide―and popular reference―helps you evaluate the efficiency of your company's current safety and health processes and make fact-based decisions that continually improve overall performance. Newly updated, this edition now also shows you how to incorporate safety management system components into your safety performance program and provides you with additional techniques for analyzing safety performance data.Written for safety professionals with limited exposure to statistics and safety-performance-measurement strategies, this comprehensive book shows you how to assess trends, inconsistencies, data, safety climates, and training in your workplace so you can identify areas that need corrective actions before an accident or injury occurs. To help you develop an effective safety metrics program, the author includes both an overview of safety metrics, data collection, and analysis and a set of detailed procedures for collecting data, analyzing it, and presenting it. You'll examine a comprehensive collection of tools and techniques that includes run charts and control charts, trending and forecasting, benchmarking, insurance rating systems, performance indices, the Baldrige Model, and six sigma. In addition, you'll find exercises and questions in each chapter that ...

  • ASIN: 1598887548
 - Guidelines for the Management of Change for Process Safety
Guidelines for the Management of Change for Process Safety

Guidelines for the Management of Change for Process Safety provides guidance on the implementation of effective and efficient Management of Change (MOC) procedures, which can be applied to improve process safety. In addition to introducing MOC systems, the book describes how to design an initial system from scratch, including the scope of the system and the applications over a plant life cycle and the boundaries and overlaps with other process safety management systems. Note: CD-ROM/DVD and other supplementary materials are not included as part of eBook file.

  • ASIN: 0470043091
 - Food Safety Culture: Creating a Behavior-Based Food Safety Management System (Food Microbiology and Food Safety)
Food Safety Culture: Creating a Behavior-Based Food Safety Management System (Food Microbiology and Food Safety)

Food safety awareness is at an all time high, new and emerging threats to the food supply are being recognized, and consumers are eating more and more meals prepared outside of the home. Accordingly, retail and foodservice establishments, as well as food producers at all levels of the food production chain, have a growing responsibility to ensure that proper food safety and sanitation practices are followed, thereby, safeguarding the health of their guests and customers. Achieving food safety success in this changing environment requires going beyond traditional training, testing, and inspectional approaches to managing risks. It requires a better understanding of organizational culture and the human dimensions of food safety. To improve the food safety performance of a retail or foodservice establishment, an organization with thousands of employees, or a local community, you must change the way people do things. You must change their behavior. In fact, simply put, food safety equals behavior. When viewed from these lenses, one of the most common contributing causes of food borne disease is unsafe behavior (such as improper hand washing, cross-contamination, or undercooking food). Thus, to improve food safety, we need to better integrate food science with behavioral science and ...

  • ASIN: 038772866X
 - Guidelines for Implementing Process Safety Management
Guidelines for Implementing Process Safety Management

The 2nd edition provides an update of information since the publication of the first edition including best practices for managing process safety developed by industry as well as incorporate the additional process safety elements. In addition the book includes a focus on maintaining and improving a Process Safety Management (PSM) System. This 2nd edition also provides "how to information to" determine process safety performance status, implement one or more new elements into an existing PSM system, maintain or improve an existing PSM system, and manage future process safety performance.

  • ASIN: 111894948X
 - Principles of Risk Management and Patient Safety
Principles of Risk Management and Patient Safety

Principles of Risk Management and Patient Safety identifies changes in the industry and describes how these changes have influenced the functions of risk management in all aspects of healthcare.The book is divided into four sections. The first section describes the current state of the healthcare industry and looks at the importance of risk management and the emergence of patient safety. It also explores the importance of working with other sectors of the health care industry such as the pharmaceutical and device manufacturers.The last three sections focus on the three main components of the risk manager's responsibility: claims management, risk financing and proactive loss control. The final section touches on solutions for seamless integration between risk management and patient safety functions. Using an integrative approach Principles of Risk Management and Patient Safety offers a comprehensive review of the current issues which formulate the basis of a risk management program and provide the knowledge that a risk manager would be expected to have.Accompanied by a complete package of instructor resources including Instructor's Manual, TestBank, and PowerPoints.

  • Brand: Brand: Jones Bartlett Learning
  • ASIN: 0763774057
 - Fire and Emergency Services Safety & Survival (2nd Edition)
Fire and Emergency Services Safety & Survival (2nd Edition)

Written with both students and career fire service professionals in mind, Fire and Emergency Services Safety and Survival incorporates the FESHE guidelines and outcomes for the Principles of Fire and Emergency Services Safety and Survival course Modern solutions, procedures, and recommendations that put safety first The Fire service has long been considered a profession plagued with a history of unavoidable tragedy. As the number of line-of-duty deaths and injuries continues to be staggering year after year, Fire and Emergency Services Safety and Survival exposes the false mentality of “doing whatever it takes” and provides solutions for both the individual and fire department. Built around the 16 Life Safety Initiatives developed by the National Fallen Firefighters Foundation, each chapter is written by a contributor with extensive expertise on the topic, incorporates FESHE and NFPA references guidelines, and helps readers understand how to execute procedures and recommendations for putting safety first. Filled with modern solutions, attainable goals, and real-life examples, the text asks each reader to challenge the existing attitudes toward safety and commit to making a change.

  • ASIN: 0134323335
 - Baby Hammock for Crib Mimics Womb Newborn Bassinet Upgraded Safety Measures Infant Nursery Travel Bed Reduce Environmental Risks Associated with Early Infancy Shower Gift
Baby Hammock for Crib Mimics Womb Newborn Bassinet Upgraded Safety Measures Infant Nursery Travel Bed Reduce Environmental Risks Associated with Early Infancy Shower Gift

♫ Our hammock has updated to new enhanced version, they all with double breathable mesh, strong oxford cloth and strong straps, it is safety to support baby.♫ It is easy to install, the package comes with a paper instruction and a gift for your baby.♫ Place the baby hammock bed cradle anywhere with sturdy suspension - Baby Nursery, living room, bedroom, basement, spare room, sunroom, patio, backyard, and more - Suspend beside your bed indoors or place the baby portable swing outdoors for a relaxing scenery - Practical alternative for those seeking more options than traditional crib.Outside of parents' arms, the baby hammock is the safest place for your baby.The womb crib hammock recreats the posture they'd be in while in your embrace.♫ Thoughtful Push or Shower Gift - A great choice for your own baby or an expectant mother, this baby crib hammock makes a smart push, maternity, or baby shower gift.♫ Why Choose SYITCUN Baby Hammock⁕ Parents have no worries with this baby hammock, even baby is outside of their arms, it is a good place for a baby.⁕ It helps baby to build their abilities to regulate their own sleep early in life and self-soothe themselves during the day or night.♫ SYITCUN baby hammock is 100% brand new, made of durable high quality Oxford cloth. It is ...

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 - The Handbook of Road Safety Measures
The Handbook of Road Safety Measures

The second edition of the "Handbook of Road Safety Measures" (previously published in 2004) gives state-of-the-art summaries of current knowledge regarding the effects of 128 road safety measures. It covers all areas of road safety including: traffic control; vehicle inspection; driver training; publicity campaigns; police enforcement; and, general policy instruments. With many original chapters revised and several new ones added, extra topics covered in this edition include: post-accident care; DUI legislation and enforcement; environmental zones; and speed cameras.

  • ASIN: 1848552505
 - Guidelines for Investigating Process Safety Incidents
Guidelines for Investigating Process Safety Incidents

This book provides a comprehensive treatment of investing chemical processing incidents. It presents on-the-job information, techniques, and examples that support successful investigations. Issues related to identification and classification of incidents (including near misses), notifications and initial response, assignment of an investigation team, preservation and control of an incident scene,  collecting and documenting evidence, interviewing witnesses, determining what happened, identifying root causes, developing recommendations, effectively implementing recommendation, communicating investigation findings, and improving the investigation process are addressed in the third edition. While the focus of the book is investigating process safety incidents the methodologies, tools, and techniques described can also be applied when investigating other types of events such as reliability, quality, occupational health, and safety incidents.

  • ASIN: 1119529077
 - Food Safety Management: A Practical Guide for the Food Industry
Food Safety Management: A Practical Guide for the Food Industry

Food Safety Management: A Practical Guide for the Food Industry with an Honorable Mention for Single Volume Reference/Science in the 2015 PROSE Awards from the Association of American Publishers is the first book to present an integrated, practical approach to the management of food safety throughout the production chain. While many books address specific aspects of food safety, no other book guides you through the various risks associated with each sector of the production process or alerts you to the measures needed to mitigate those risks. Using practical examples of incidents and their root causes, this book highlights pitfalls in food safety management and provides key insight into the means of avoiding them. Each section addresses its subject in terms of relevance and application to food safety and, where applicable, spoilage. It covers all types of risks (e.g., microbial, chemical, physical) associated with each step of the food chain. The book is a reference for food safety managers in different sectors, from primary producers to processing, transport, retail and distribution, as well as the food services sector. Honorable Mention for Single Volume Reference/Science in the 2015 PROSE Awards from the Association of American PublishersAddresses risks and controls (specific ...

  • Brand: imusti
  • ASIN: 0123815045
 - Lee Precision Safety Scale Red
Lee Precision Safety Scale Red

The Lee Precision Safety Scale Red is reliable, and very accurate, beam is made from a tough Phenolic. Sensitive and readable to 1/20 grain.

  • Color: Red
  • Brand: Lee Precision
  • UPC: 734307906818
 - Guidelines for Auditing Process Safety Management Systems
Guidelines for Auditing Process Safety Management Systems

This book discusses the fundamental skills, techniques, and tools of auditing, and the characteristics of a good process safety management system. A variety of approaches are given so the reader can select the best methodology for a given audit. This book updates the original CCPS Auditing Guideline project since the implementation of OSHA PSM regulation, and is accompanied by an online download featuring checklists for both the audit program and the audit itself. This package offers a vital resource for process safety and process development personnel, as well as related professionals like insurers.

  • ASIN: 0470282355
 - Safety, Health, and Environment
Safety, Health, and Environment

Safety, Health, and Environment is designed to teach readers about the various safety, health and environmental issues associated with the process industries.  This book includes a variety of topics including, hazard recognition, types of hazards, cyber security, engineering controls, administrative controls, personal protective equipment, safety-related equipment, first aid, and governmental regulations. Each chapter contains objectives, key terms, a summary, review questions and activities to enhance the learning experience.  This book is appropriate for high schools, community colleges, technical colleges, and universities that offer safety, health and environment courses.   The Center for the Advancement of Process Technology (CAPT) currently offers several instructor manuals and student workbooks for their books. Currently these must be PURCHASED by the instructor or institution. These materials, order forms, and pricing, can be viewed and purchased at this website:

  • ASIN: 013700401X
 - EAI Education Slide N' Measure Compass: Clear - Set of 10
EAI Education Slide N' Measure Compass: Clear - Set of 10

New design! Slide N' Measure Compass combines a ruler drawing compass and protractor in one handy tool. Our precision design enables students to produce exact drawings of shapes circles triangles and straight lines; accurate geometric constructions; and draw and measure angles. A unique compass swivel allows students to hold compass securely in place with one finger while drawing and the locking radius slider adjusts with the push of a finger for precise measurements. Calibrated in inches (5" long) and centimeters (12cm long) with a 180 protractor. Set of 10 clear compasses. Also available: Slide N' Measure Compass: Assorted Colors - Set of 10

  • Brand: EAI Education
  • UPC: 841971110141
 - Field Safety Trainee Guide (2nd Edition)
Field Safety Trainee Guide (2nd Edition)

This exceptionally produced trainee guide features a highly illustrated design, technical hints and tips from industry experts, review questions and a whole lot more! Key content includes: Introduction to Safety, Introdcution to Materials Handling, Confined Spaces, Work-Zone Safety, Electrical Safety, Working from Elevations, Welding Safety, Steel Erection, Motorized Equipment Safety, Crane Safety,  Rigging Practices, and Concrete and Masonry.   Instructor Supplements Instructors: Product supplements may be ordered directly through OASIS at For more information contact your Pearson NCCER Sales Specialist at   Instructor's Resource Card 978-0-13-340385-5 

  • ASIN: 0133402452

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