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Regenerating Fluid

 - Fanola Diamante Puro Regenerating Fluid, 100 ml
Fanola Diamante Puro Regenerating Fluid, 100 ml

This hair treatment takes after its diamond namesake by revitalizing hair with simple, strong beauty. It uses a mixture of Argan and Sweet Cypress oil to bring a healthy glisten into the strands. It strengthens the cuticle structure and protects against free radicals from sun and pollution to help you maintain that refreshed shine. It's great for sensitive hair that has been damaged by coloring or severe heat from harsh chemicals and hot irons. For all those with ragged hair, don't despair. It can be saved with a few drops of diamond therapy.Features:Regenerating fluid for sensitized and stressed hair.Diamonds, micro-active gold, and sun filters.Enriched with Argan and Sweet Cyprus Oil.Formulated to counter oxidation.Helps to reverse thermal stress, environmental factors, and mechanical stress.Restores new vitality.Instant silky softness.Apply a few drops to damp, towel-dried hair.For a more immediate effect, apply directly to dry hair.Rapidly absorbs in hair.Build-up free.Specifications:100 mLSKU: HT-61

  • Brand: Fanola
 - RR Argan Star Regenerating Fluid 60 ml by Rr Line Argan Star
RR Argan Star Regenerating Fluid 60 ml by Rr Line Argan Star

 - Goldwell Kerasilk Reconstruct Regenerating Blow Dry Spray, 4.2 Ounce
Goldwell Kerasilk Reconstruct Regenerating Blow Dry Spray, 4.2 Ounce

A re-constructing and regenerating hair spray. Features a lightweight, dual-phase formula. Contains Keratin and Hyaloveil to actively interact with hair's structure. Penetrates deep into hair to nourish and reconstruct from the inside. Instantly detangles and provides instant comb ability. Leaves hair soft, smooth, shiny and manageable. Great for stressed and damaged hair.

  • Brand: Goldwell
  • ASIN: B015GO09DM
 - Olay Regenerist Eye Cream & Lash Serum
Olay Regenerist Eye Cream & Lash Serum

The Olay Regenerist Lash Serum instantly thickens and enhances the appearance of your lashes. Simultaneously, the Eye Cream, featuring an advanced amino-peptide + B3 complex that penetrates deep into the skin’s surface, treats the area around your eyes for firmer, younger-looking skin.

  • Brand: Olay
  • UPC: 885790477474
 - Heaven's Sweet Embrace
Heaven's Sweet Embrace

In the blink of an eye time can collapse and the curtain between lives blow open before settling back in place. I'm sure it happens all the time, ignored, unnoticed. Go ahead. Close your eyes and imagine such a moment. Who are you? Where are you? Imagine your many selves in that moment all aware of you, as you are of them.Now who are you? Are you still a single self trapped in the confines of time? Let's assume you're not. What tale would you weave of the variation on a theme called your lives here on Earth? To what end are you here?There, I see it now, the dawning, the light in your eyes. Yes, it's true, you, in all your myriad forms, are on a hero's journey. Wandering through time and space, stumbling, tripping, running, crawling, dancing toward wisdom, compassion, and, most importantly, love.Look around you--your family, your friends, even your enemies, they're all on the same journey, the warp to your weft. The anchor points in your eternity.Believe it or not, you are the director, co-writer, and lead actor on these stages, in these pages. What journey will you take us on? Would you like me to share a bit of mine? Where should I begin when there is no beginning? What ending when there is no end?I'll start with the man at the tavern.

  • ASIN: 1948796201
 - Olay Ultimate Eye Cream for Wrinkles, Puffy Eyes + Dark Circles, 0.4 fl oz
Olay Ultimate Eye Cream for Wrinkles, Puffy Eyes + Dark Circles, 0.4 fl oz

You might not realize it, but skin around your eyes ages up to 20 years faster than the rest of your face. That’s why we’ve specifically formulated Olay Eyes Ultimate Eye Cream to treat the delicate eye area. This 3-in-1 de-circler, de-wrinkler and de-puffer instantly reduces the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles puffy eyes and dark circles. Its powerful formula — with Vitamin B3 Niacinamide, Peptides and Pigments — hydrates to smooth and brighten the eye area. Give your look a boost of beauty, and fight long days and even longer nights in the most flawless way. Use Olay daily and see skin transformation in 28 days.

  • Color: Ultimate Eye Cream
  • Brand: Olay
  • UPC: 075609195037
 - Systagenix Adaptic Non-adhering Dressing 5
Systagenix Adaptic Non-adhering Dressing 5" x 9", Sterile (Carton of 12 Each)

Systagenix Adaptic Non-adhering Dressing 5" x 9", Sterile -Carton of 12 Each. Product is manufacturered and licensed by Systagenix . Product is categorized as a impregnated nonadherent dressings . HCPCS: A6223 . Systagenix Adaptic Non-adhering Dressing 5" x 9", Sterile. Systagenix Adaptic Non-Adhering Dressing is a primary dressing made of knitted cellulose acetate fabric and impregnated with a specially formulated petrolatum emulsion. It is designed to help protect the wound while preventing the dressing from adhering to the wound and to minimize pain and trauma upon removal. It can be cut to wound size without unraveling or shredding. Systagenix Adaptic Non-Adhering Dressing helps prevent dressing adherence. Helps protect regenerating tissue and minimise patient pain at dressing changes. Helps prevent pooling of fluid at the wound site. Exudate easily passes through to the secondary absorbent dressing. Protects the fragile tissue in wounds by its unique structure with small mesh size. Mesh allows for exudates to easily pass through to the secondary dressing used, preventing maceration of the wound surface.

  • Brand: Systagenix
  • UPC: 755918856026
 - Slick 50 SL-750001-06 Supercharged Full Synthetic Engine Treatment case of 6, 6 Pack
Slick 50 SL-750001-06 Supercharged Full Synthetic Engine Treatment case of 6, 6 Pack

Slick 50 Supercharged Full Synthetic Engine Treatment 15-Ounce, Now in a pour and drive formula, Slick 50's Supercharged technology fights performance robbing friction 18% better than the leading synthetic motor oil alone. Slick 50 additives help unleash maximum horsepower and ultimate performance. Slick 50 is built from a base of full synthetic 5W-30 motor oil that meets ILSAC GF5 Motor Oil specifications. Unlike some oil additives this product will not dilute the additives already in your motor oil. Directions: Shake well before use. Add contents of this bottle to your crankcase during or after an oil change. This DOES NOT replace a quart of oil during an oil change. When used as directed this product WILL NOT overflow your crankcase. Maintain your oil as per owner's manual recommendations. If the engines oil capacity is 6 quarts or more use 10% of Slick 50 and 90% oil. For Optimal Results: Use as often as very oil change for maximum effectiveness, but re-treat your engine at least every 12,000 miles. For vehicles over 75,000 miles use Slick 50 Recharged High Mileage Engine Treatment.

  • Brand: Slick 50
  • ASIN: B07HBGL58F
 - VET CLASSICS Canine Joint Support Plus (120 Tablets)
VET CLASSICS Canine Joint Support Plus (120 Tablets)

Recommended to provide nutritional support for younger dogs susceptible to hereditary bone & joint problems, post-operative orthopedic recovery or early stage degenerative joint disease. A complex formula containing natural sources of Chondroitins to support and maintain healthy joint function, with ingredients rich in mucopolysaccharides essential for rebuilding cartilage and regenerating synovial joint fluid. Also contains antioxidants to eliminate free radicals, anti-inflammatory herbs, calcium and active blood agents.

  • Brand: Kemin Resources
  • ASIN: B00II6Y5OA
  • UPC: 731933190925
 -    Fajitex Chin strap Support Band Neck Bandage Mentonera Post Quirurgica Face Lifting Slimmer Chin Lift Facial Compression 025110 (Medium, Beige)
Fajitex Chin strap Support Band Neck Bandage Mentonera Post Quirurgica Face Lifting Slimmer Chin Lift Facial Compression 025110 (Medium, Beige)

This compression garment improves your blood circulation, minimizes the swelling after having a procedure, flushes the body out of potentially harmful fluids, accelerates the healing process, and allows patients to return to their daily routines faster than expected.

  • Color: Beige
  • Brand: Fajitex
  • ASIN: B0788B8X2R

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