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Real Banana Tree

 - 2 Musa Basjoo Banana Tree/ Hardy Banana Tree in 4 Inch Pots (2 Four Inch Pots with a Banana Starter Plant in Each Pot)
2 Musa Basjoo Banana Tree/ Hardy Banana Tree in 4 Inch Pots (2 Four Inch Pots with a Banana Starter Plant in Each Pot)

Musa Basjoo is cold hardy to -20 degrees when mulched properly. Musa Basjoo is the hardiest of all bananas. In warm weather months it can grow up to 2 feet in a week. Its mature height is 18'. It can flower and bear fruits at 10' or whenever it has 35 leaves. The bananas are not edible. This handsome broad leaved variety can be grown in almost every state since it can handle temperatures of 15 to 20 degrees Fahrenheit if the ground is mulched properly in the very cold months. At 40 degrees it will stop actively growing and at 28 degrees the leaves will die back and the tree can be cut back to a 2' or 3' height. It will grow back rapidly as the warmer season approaches. And keep growing and growing......until the frost hits!!

  • Brand: Daylily Nursery
  • ASIN: B00KYC18LO
 - Banana Plants
Banana Plants "Grand Nain" Includes Four (4) Plants

Grand Nain is an outstanding banana variety growing from 6 to 8 feet tall and solid green in color. Very attractive for its landscaping potential and good wind resistance. The 'Gran Nain' produces very large heads of delicious sweet fruit. It is very quick ripening. Gran Naim has no problem producing 40-60 lbs. of fruit. This is the Chiquita variety of banana you find at the supermarket. How to Grow: Most all edible plants grow well in Full Sun, a little shade won't hurt. For smaller starter plants I recommend in a four inch pot to start then plant or re-pot. Keep starter plant temperature above 60 degrees. Banana Plants can be planted in most healthy soils with normal pH range 6.5-8. I recommend growing in a good potting soil for your starter plant and then mix up your favorite type of medium when ready to be fully planted. Keep your soil moist and when it is about dried out water again. Make sure you find a fertilizer and follow guidelines.

  • Brand: Hello Organics
 - Ohio Grown Winter Hardy Basjoo Banana Plant - Musa - 4
Ohio Grown Winter Hardy Basjoo Banana Plant - Musa - 4" Pot

To insure that your Hardy Banana was grown in Ohio, check the return address on the parcel. Banana plants grown in the North have proven to be much hardier than warm climate grown bananas. Hardy Basjoo Banana Plant - Musa basjoo. Amazing "hardy tropical" banana for the north or south, though native to the Ryukyu Archipelago which lies between Japan and Taiwan, Musa basjoo is also very common in parts of China. This specimen will survive temperatures as low as -20 if mulched. Full sun with lots of water & fertilizer to achieve the amazing growth rate, but it will do fine in light shade as well. Beautiful deep green clump can grow up to 18' tall or more, and really gives a tropical warm sunny feeling. Great for any place in the garden, especially great around pools or patios, courtyards and wonderful in a border with other colorful perennials & grasses. Fruit will set from white flowers if the tree can achieve over 25-35 leaves in one season and talk about texture, leaves can grow 2'x 6'!!!. Mix with fine and medium textured plants for variety. The leaves are also used grilling fish and tamales.

  • Brand: Hirt's Gardens
  • ASIN: B000ND3MGS
  • UPC: 811332035017
 - Grand Nain Chiquita Banana Tree - Live Dwarf Banana Plant
Grand Nain Chiquita Banana Tree - Live Dwarf Banana Plant

Grand Nain Chiquita Banana Tree - Great Dwarf Live Banana Plant If you like the store bought ones, you will like the Home Grow ones even better! They taste so much better than store bought Chiquitas! Chiquita Banana uses this cultivar in most of its production with good reason: it is has a delectable flavor. This is also a great selection for the home grower being that the plant is dwarf (6-8 feet tall) and while it's not super tall it still produces very large heads of delicious bananas (enough to share with family and friends). Grand Nain is French for Great Dwarf, you get great bunches on a small tree! The Gran Nain is a Cavendish banana cultivar and it has solid green leaves making it an attractive option for landscaping. It is also wind resistant due to the size. Average mature height: 6 - 8 feet. Soil: Good water holding capacity. Light: Mostly sunny. Zones: 8 - 10. Plants are 3"-8"+ (picked randomly) and shipped in 2" - 4" pots and ready to transplant. If your plant has arrived damaged from postal service, please alert us immediately, not 2-3 weeks later. We will also need photos to see damage.

  • Brand: Bountiful Garden Nursery
  • ASIN: B07388SKZC
  • UPC: 603803607416
 - 9GreenBox - Musa Banana Basjoo Tree - 4'' Pot
9GreenBox - Musa Banana Basjoo Tree - 4'' Pot

Also known as Japanese fiber banana or Hardy banana which is native to Japan's Ryukyu Archipelago that grows to 18' tall. Bananas equates to tropical landscapes , however, this plant can even grow in locations that get snow down to Zone 5. The large cream or yellow flowers are produced during the summer, but you should not expect to eat the fruit on this species. Each small green banana is filled with black seeds and a little white pulp that made this inedible. Musa Basjoo has been cultivated for its fibers and as an ornamental plant. The fibers are used to produce textiles known as banana cloth. The pseudo-stems of the plant are beaten, bleached and dried to produce the raw material, which can then be made into products like hand-knotted carpets, tablecloths, kimonos and paper.

  • Brand: 9GreenBox
  • UPC: 616932936036
 - Musa - Blue Java 'Ice Cream' - Banana Tree
Musa - Blue Java 'Ice Cream' - Banana Tree

This auction is for one (1) Musa - Blue Java 'Ice Cream' Banana tree - Starter plant. This fantastic banana is prized for its fruit as well as its foliage. Considered one of the best tasting bananas, the fruit has a vanilla ice cream flavor. It's blue-green foliage makes it ideal as a landscape specimen. Cultivation

  • Brand: gray-gardens
  • ASIN: B0747YNCFV
 - Musa - 'Basjoo' - Banana Tree
Musa - 'Basjoo' - Banana Tree

This auction is for one (1) Musa 'Basjoo' Banana tree. This fantastic banana is known for its ability to be grown in all 50 states. It has quickly gained popularity due to its rapid growth and ease of care. Cold hardy in zones 3-7, the Basjoo will give you that tropical look no matter where you live. Cultivation Plant in full sun to part shade, ideal conditions will grow 12-18' in height. Provide plenty of water throughout the growing season. In colder climates, mulch heavily at plant base to protect to -20°F. Mature height of 12-18'. Can be grown to smaller sizes in containers. Bananas will die back in colder climates. Mulch to protect in winter months and regrow in spring. Plants are 6-8" from plant base to tip, shipped in 2.5" x 2.5" x 3.5" deep pots.

  • Brand: gray-gardens
  • ASIN: B07B2V9Z5H
 - Nearly Natural 5226 Triple Stalk Banana Silk Tree, 6-Feet, Green
Nearly Natural 5226 Triple Stalk Banana Silk Tree, 6-Feet, Green

Kick back and dream of balmy weather year round while you gaze at this extraordinary silk banana tree. A trio of hardy robust stalks support a mix of rich green leaves. With its tallest stalk reaching 6 feet in height; followed by a 4 foot and 3 foot stalk, this statuesque beauty is sure to turn heads. A bushel of miniature fruit adds a bright splash of color to this stunning masterpiece.

  • Color: Green
  • Brand: Nearly Natural
  • ASIN: B00BEJ9Q8I
  • UPC: 773838085968
 - Ensete Maurelii Red Abyssinian Banana Live Plant GG
Ensete Maurelii Red Abyssinian Banana Live Plant GG

  • Brand: Eternal Cover
  • ASIN: B07468P3DX
 - Pure Garden Artificial Banana Leaf Tree-72
Pure Garden Artificial Banana Leaf Tree-72" Double Trunk Style Faux Plant in Sturdy Realistic Indoor Potted Topiary-Home Décor

The 72" Tall Artificial Double Trunk Banana Leaf Tree by Pure Garden is sure to brighten up any room with its lush greenery and large leaves, providing a realistic look that is hassle-free. Decorate an entryway, living room, bedroom, bathroom, or office with this no-maintenance ornamental faux plant, for a décor piece that brings the outdoors in! Set in its own durable, 8” diameter pot, you can easily set it inside a decorative planter (not included) or transfer it to a container of your choice. The adjustable branches offer the ability to move and position the branches as you like to achieve your desired look. It’s a versatile accent decoration for any room of the home!     SATISFACTION GUARANTEED- Pure Garden is committed to providing the consumer with the absolute best price and value on our entire line of products, which we ensure by applying a rigorous quality control process. NOTE: This is an exclusive product of Pure Garden and ONLY Artificial Banana Leaf Trees by Pure Garden are GUARANTEED to be genuine. IMPORTANT:  Avoid buying counterfeit products and transacting with unauthorized sellers.  Look for our logo on the packaging for every one of our products. 

  • Brand: Pure Garden
  • UPC: 192664881795

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