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 - Naughty Wishes Part III
Naughty Wishes Part III

The author of the “erotic and emotionally charged”* Naughty Bits turns up the heat in Naughty Wishes Part III: Mind, as a boldly experimental threesome redefines the meaning of love and desire.   Samantha and her roommates Geoff and Chris always loved each other, but when Sam introduced the two men to the possibilities of deepening that relationship, something clicked. After all, they always had the desire to claim Sam, and to fulfill her fantasies of being taken by both of them. Yet as their sexual experiments grow in intensity, the two men open themselves up to even more unexplored naughty wishes – the ones they have about each other.   Although they’ve been close since childhood, there’s always been something more complex at the heart of the friendship between Geoff and Chris. All they needed was  a catalyst to bring it to life. Now that Sam has become that catalyst, Geoff and Chris fight for dominance—and the struggle between them is the stuff of absolute ecstasy.   Includes a teaser for Naughty Wishes IV: Soul   Praise for Joey W. Hill   “This is one hell of a writer.”—Angela Knight, New York Times bestselling author   “Everything Joey W. Hill writes just rocks my world.”—Jaci Burton, New York Times bestselling author   “When a reader asks...

 - That Wicked Harlot (A Steamy Regency Romance Book 2)
That Wicked Harlot (A Steamy Regency Romance Book 2)

Revenge is a dish best served hot...In this steamy Regency romance, Darcy Sherwood holds her own among the cads and rakes who frequent the dubious gaming hall where she works. When she has the opportunity to exact revenge upon the family who wronged her sister, she intends to provide the arrogant Baron Broadmoor the biggest set-down of his requiring him to be her suitor.But when Lord Broadmoor begins to play his role too well, can she resist falling for the man she's supposed to hate?Radcliff Barrington, the Baron Broadmoor, has no intention of quietly submitting to Miss Sherwood—even if she does hold the deed that could ruin his family. He intends to turn the tables on Miss Sherwood. She must surrender the deed or surrender herself...If you love Georgette Heyer, you'll have fun with this super-sexy tribute to Faro’s Daughter!

  • ASIN: B071XNH3BD
 - No Way Out: An Alpha Bad-Boy, MC Club Romance (The Knuckleheads MC Book 1)
No Way Out: An Alpha Bad-Boy, MC Club Romance (The Knuckleheads MC Book 1)

ChristiThey called me Christi with-no-last-name, because ever since I'd started riding with the Knuckleheads, none of these big, burly, dangerous bastards had bothered to find out what it might be.But that suited me just fine - because I was on the run. I'd be their willing little biker slut, and do anything and anyone asked of me, as long as they kept me safe from the dirty cops gunning for my hide.But all that changed when HE showed up. Mason Stone. A tall, brooding badass who seemed so different from the rest of these uncouth, unwashed bikers.I'd spent the last few months burying my emotions, and doing whatever depraved thing I needed to; just to survive.And then Mason came along - and with one kiss, he reminded me what it's like to be alive again.I can never go back to the way things were - not now I've experienced the intensity of his kiss, and the security of his muscular arms. But as it happens, that was never a choice anyway. Because Mason has a secret of his own; and now it's out in the open, it's one that's going to get the both of us killed.MasonThey call me "Recon." A former Army Ranger turned eyes and ears for the most dangerous biker gang in Southern California.But there's something the Knuckleheads don't know about me - something that they'd kill me for, if they ev...

  • ASIN: B07B9S3758
 - Ivy and Bean Boxed Set 2 (Books 4-6)
Ivy and Bean Boxed Set 2 (Books 4-6)

New York Times best-selling series of books for children - Ivy + BeanIvy and Bean, two friends who never meant to like each other: This boxed set, Ivy and Bean Boxed Set 2 (Books 4-6) continues the story of these two spunky characters. It includes the second of three books in the Ivy and Bean series.Author Annie Barrows talks about her award-winning Ivy + Bean series: One of the big problems of being a kid is that your parents often try to make you play with people you don't really like. My parents were forever trying to get me to like the kids of their friends. These kids were often weird. I didn't want to play with them. It was a problem.Ivy and Bean are very different: Bean is loud and wild and goofy. She loves to be involved in games and poke her nose in other people's business. Ivy is quiet and full of ideas. She spends most of her time learning how to be a witch. Each girl thinks the other one is weird. Each girl thinks she could never be friends with the other. Especially because their parents keep nagging them about it. But sometimes opposites can become the best of friends because they're opposites.Ivy and Bean Boxed Set 2 (Books 4-6) includes:Book 4: Ivy + Bean Take Care of the Babysitter : What's the worst babysitter you can imagine? Okay, now multiply by a million. Be...

  • Brand: Chronicle Books
  • ASIN: 0811876659
  • UPC: 783324815764
 - Triple Daddies
Triple Daddies

Some brats like to break the rules,Boys, fast cars, and skipping school.But for dirty girls who flirt and tease,Sometimes big daddies come in threes…She’s the forbidden fruit. The apple of temptation. The girl I never saw coming.Too innocent. Too so-much-younger. Too much my student.  Too much our student, actually.Fate threw her in front of me. The feel of her lips on mine had me taking what I never should have touched.…My inability to walk away from trouble had me saving her when I should have let it be.But now she’s here in my house – me, her college professor. And it’s not just me either, there are three of us living here. Three big, rough, hardened older men – men twice her age.…Men who can’t f-ing look away from the tempting little tease sleeping right down the hall.But saving her or not, there are rules that she’ll follow under this roof. And when Cora Hartley decides she doesn’t need to follow them, she’s going to learn just how wrong she is.Three men like us can only be teased and tested for so long, before she gets a firm hand of discipline.…Or three. Hang onto your tushies, we’re about to wild. Don’t show your friends this book, they’ll probably judge you. Luckily, I won’t, and my lips are sealed ;).Alpha af, wildly over-the-top, sill...

 - Secrets & Sin: A Halloween MFM Romance (Surrender to Them Book 3)
Secrets & Sin: A Halloween MFM Romance (Surrender to Them Book 3)

Some secrets aren't meant to be kept, and not all sins are bad.Halloween has always been my favorite time of year.I love pretending to be someone else.But this year, I might do more than pretend.I might just be downright sinful.I was shopping for my costume when I met them.Dante and Shane, the new owners of Overlook Mansion.Dante, so dark and mysterious with eyes that make me tremble.Shane, hot-as-sin and downright delicious.They make me feel things I've never felt before.I certainly don't feel very innocent when I'm around them.But why did they buy that creepy old house?Overlook Mansion is full of secrets.And if I'm not careful.It might reveal all of mine as well.This is a Halloween MFM Romance with enough steam to melt the candle in your Jack-o-Lantern and a HEA that will make you smile.

  • ASIN: B07JVHP47B
 - Royal Rogue: A Steamy Royal Romance (Flings With Kings Book 3)
Royal Rogue: A Steamy Royal Romance (Flings With Kings Book 3)

A Steamy New STANDALONE Royal Romance!Dear Jane,You’re a princess. I’m a thief. This isn’t a Disney movie. We never had a chance in hell of a happy ending. But I still wish I could have given you one.When we met, I had you pegged as a snob. All polo and private jets. But you turned out to be the exact opposite. I fell for you the day we met.I lied to you about a lot of things. I don’t expect or deserve your forgiveness. You’re too good for me. But I was always honest about my feelings for you.I hope you’ll find true happiness one day. That’s the only way I’ll ever be happy—knowing you’re okay.I’m sorry—CharliePS—don’t let your blackjack game go to crap. Practice it every day, all right?The books in the FLINGS WITH KINGS series are STANDALONE stories and can be read in any order!

  • ASIN: B07FF66T44
 - Two Knotty Boys Showing You The Ropes: A Step-by-Step, Illustrated Guide for Tying Sensual and Decorative Rope Bondage
Two Knotty Boys Showing You The Ropes: A Step-by-Step, Illustrated Guide for Tying Sensual and Decorative Rope Bondage

When Two Knotty Boys, Dan and J. D., began teaching rope bondage together in 1999, they discovered that most people learn best when they're shown — close up, step by step, and repeatedly — how to tie basic knots and combine them into bondage techniques. It is this learning process that they duplicate in this book. With the help of world-renowned photographer Larry Utley, they use over 750 photos and captions to explicate the soup-to-nuts techniques for turning great knots into great bondage that is safe, sensual, attractive, and effective. Readers can learn at their own pace, review whole techniques at a single glance, or even lay it flat on the table (beside their blindfolded partner) and follow along as they tie. Two Knotty Boys Showing You the Ropes appeals to those interested in improving the quality of their sex lives, not to mention aficionados of bondage and discipline/sadomasochism (BDSM), both curious newcomers and serious players alike.

  • Brand: Unknown
  • ASIN: 193116049X
  • UPC: 891862888390
 - Lucky2Buy Women's Bunny Cosplay Lingerie 3 Pieces Costume Set (Lace)
Lucky2Buy Women's Bunny Cosplay Lingerie 3 Pieces Costume Set (Lace)

Material: Spandex & Elastane. Comfortable, snug, sexy and playful; fits for most sexy lady. Package Includes: 1 x Bunny Headband. 1 x Necklace Bow Tie. 2 x Wristband 1 x Suspender Short 1 x White Top 1 x Lingerie. Due to different computer monitor shows, the color may be slightly different from picture, please kindly understand that. Add to Cart, Get Yours Now.

  • Color: Lace
  • Brand: Lucky2Buy
  • UPC: 766832186311
 - The Mistress Manual: The Good Girl's Guide to Female Dominance
The Mistress Manual: The Good Girl's Guide to Female Dominance

Are you the Nursemaid, the Governess, the Queen, the Amazon, the Goddess? How many things can you think of to do with your hairbrush… besides brushing your hair? Does the idea of your man washing dishes in the nude inspire thoughts of more than clean dishes? Then this is the book for you.The brainchild of an experienced and wickedly creativedominant woman, The Mistress Manual gives you the skills and encouragement you need to turn your male into an obedient, devoted, and very happy helpmeet!

  • Color: White
  • Brand: Fetish and Kinky
  • ASIN: 1890159190
 - Grimm Fairy Tales Adult Coloring Book
Grimm Fairy Tales Adult Coloring Book

Join in the adventure and escape by coloring the lines of the world's most recognizable characters. From Red Riding Hood to Cinderella, Little Mermaid to Robyn Hood, and OZ to Wonderland. Let your brain focus on creating great pieces of artwork while relieving the stress of everyday life. Hone your coloring skills by collaborating with some of the best artists in the comic book industry such as Jamie Tyndall, J. Scott Campbell, Dawn McTigue, and many more. Grimm Fairy Tales' adult coloring book provides hours of great art to be filled with your imagination!Relive your childhood passion of coloring and fairy tales all in one unique book!"Price Includes VAT"

  • Brand: Zenescope Entertainment Staff
  • ASIN: 1942275242
 - Wrath of the Krampus
Wrath of the Krampus

 - The Art of The Last of Us
The Art of The Last of Us

Naughty Dog Studios and Dark Horse proudly present the essential companion to The Last of Us, a richly detailed and compelling game set in a postpandemic world where humans have become an endangered species. Featuring concept art, character designs, and astonishing settings and landscapes, The Art of The Last of Us provides a unique look at one of the gaming world's most eagerly anticipated titles. * A must-have companion to the game. * Incredible full-color artwork! * The latest project from Naughty Dog Studios. * The Last of Us swept the top Game Critics awards at 2012's E3 conference.

  • Color: multi-colored
  • Brand: Dark Horse Deluxe
  • ASIN: 161655164X
 - Dirty Royals (A Sexy Manhattan Fairytale: Part Three)
Dirty Royals (A Sexy Manhattan Fairytale: Part Three)

My evil plan is right on schedule. I have her right where I want her, and soon I’ll be ready to lower the boom. That is, if I can force myself to screw her over. She’s got to me—made me care about her—and now I have two loves—my company and the Feisty Princess. I can’t have them both. It’s time to choose. Book three in a three-part erotic romance series. Super naughty new series From NY Times and USA Today bestselling author Michelle A. Valentine (Rock the Heart, Phenomenal X, Demon at My Door). Naughty King (A Sexy Manhattan Fairytale: Part One) Feisty Princess (A Sexy Manhattan Fairytale: Part Two) Dirty Royals (A Sexy Manhattan Fairytale: Part Three)

 - Fae Collector (Book 2)
Fae Collector (Book 2)

If the world could stop trying to kill the women Axel loves, that’d be swell. Oh, and stop trying to kill him too, thanks.Having drawn some unwelcome attention to his growing team of fae women (by busting up a prison and making enemies out of some powerful – if not deranged – people), Axel just needs a minute. To heal. To train. To remind the girls how powerfully alluring they are.Instead, he’ll have to do it all on the run. Hunted by mythical races that shift into human disguises, shot at by a covert military branch, and sought out by a morally bankrupt scientist, Axel is on a one-man / three-women mission to save some souls, dish out some supernatural payback, and drink the blood of his enemies before they can spill any more of his.Warning!: This book contains foul language, bloody violence, magically explicit sex scenes, vampirism, evil henchmen, abuses of power, a creepy wolf that is nobody’s friend, death by excoriation, bounty hunting, vision quests, a graveyard gunfight, mind control that only sometimes goes wrong, a souped-up motorcycle, and a nice little romp in a convent that cuts the church music short.

 - Slay (Storm MC #5)
Slay (Storm MC #5)

The ghosts of Donovan "Blade" Brookes' life are closing in on him.Hardened by an abusive childhood and haunted by the murder of his fiancé, Blade struggles against the dark forces threatening to consume him. When he helps Layla Reed in her hour of need, he has no idea she will be the light to his darkness. As they spend more time together, he is powerless to fight his desire for her.Powerless to fight his need for her.However, as his feelings deepen, he pushes her away, reluctant to drag her into his world. With enemies coming at him from all directions, Storm MC needing his help to fight off a rival, and his father still causing him grief, Blade needs the love of a good woman now more than ever. Can Layla push Blade to the edge and get him to admit to both of them what he wants? Or will the darkness pull him under once and for all?Book 5 in the Bestselling Storm MC Series from USA Today Bestselling Author Nina Levine.GENRE: Motorcycle Club Romance

 - Redback Kilo 3
Redback Kilo 3

  • ASIN: B009S6DILA
 - Uncharted Hardcover Ruled Journal (Insights Journals)
Uncharted Hardcover Ruled Journal (Insights Journals)

Chronicle your own thrilling adventures in the Uncharted Hardcover Ruled Journal.Since its debut in 2007, the Uncharted series has thrilled gamers with its cinematic-quality experience and gripping storytelling. Designed to resemble fortune hunter Nathan Drake’s in-world journal, this deluxe notebook captures Drake’s engrossing world and daring expeditions, inviting players to chronicle their own epic adventures. With sturdy construction and sewn binding, this journal lies flat, and the 192 ruled, acid-free pages of high-quality heavy stock paper take both pen and pencil nicely to invite a flow of inspiration. Includes a ribbon placeholder, elastic closure, and a 7.5 x 4.5–inch back pocket, perfect for holding photographs and mementos.

  • Color: multi-colored
  • Brand: Video Games
  • ASIN: 160887401X

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