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Long Island Italian

 - Long Island Italians (Images of America)
Long Island Italians (Images of America)

In America “the streets were paved with gold.” That was the mistaken notion of many an immigrant to the United States in the late 1800s and early 1900s. On Long Island, deluded sojourners from Italy were to find that in fact there were few streets and that they themselves were to be the ones to build them.Covering more than a century of history, Long Island Italians depicts the transition of urban Italians as they moved increasingly from the city to the suburbs in Nassau and Suffolk Counties. They were attracted to Long Island by economic opportunity, the availability of arable land, home ownership possibilities, and alternatives to harsh city life. There, they became the largest of all ethnic groups, with more Americans of Italian descent living in one concentrated area than anywhere besides Italy. The Italian American presence is a continuing phenomenon, today comprising about 25 percent of the total population of Long Island. Long Island Italians graphically illustrates that Italian laborwas vital to the development of Long Island roads, agriculture, railroads, and industry. By the early twentieth century, Italians made up the bulk of the work force. The book goes beyond the laborers to show also the warmth of Italian family life, the strength of the social organizations, ...

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 - Long Island Italian Americans: History, Heritage & Tradition (American Heritage)
Long Island Italian Americans: History, Heritage & Tradition (American Heritage)

For Italian immigrants and their descendants, moving from "the city" out to Long Island was more than a change of address. It signaled that the family had achieved the American dream, and in turn, elements of Italian values and culture are visible all over the island. Italians helped to build Long Island, whether as laborers or as contractors, such as the Castagnas. They brought their culinary traditions and opened markets, such as the still family-owned Iavarone Brothers Foods and restaurants, including New Hyde Park's Umberto's. Italians' industrialism helped them thrive in fields as diverse as medicine, politics, acting and winemaking and importing (including the nationally recognized Banfi label). Join author Salvatore J. LaGumina to discover the remarkable contributions and vibrant culture of Italians and Italian-Americans on Long Island.

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 - The Case of Italian Indigestion: A Josie and Chef Claire Sojourn #1 (The Thousand Islands Doggy Inn Mysteries Book 20)
The Case of Italian Indigestion: A Josie and Chef Claire Sojourn #1 (The Thousand Islands Doggy Inn Mysteries Book 20)

Josie and Chef Claire are at La Bella Vita, a villa in Northern Italy near Lake Garda where they’re attending a cooking school run by Marco and Rosa Columbo, the couple she studied under at culinary school. Also attending are an Italian couple thinking about opening their own restaurant, a trust-fund, surfer-dude who is considering a career as a chef just to get his parents off his back, a retired Russian spy they know from Las Vegas, and a Canadian woman who has spent a lot of time at C’s, their restaurant in Clay Bay. But it’s Georgio Russo, an inventor with a reputation as a ladies-man and a sketchy past, who has everyone on edge.What begins as a relaxing week soon turns deadly when Bronwyn, the wife of industrialist, Emerson Kingsley, is found dead right after dinner. Without any visible wounds or blood, everyone, including the local cops, initially wonder if the woman died of natural causes or from a case of severe food poisoning. But things change when the local police learn she was poisoned by an unknown, deadly substance. And the heat gets turned up even further a few days later when the industrialist is found dead on the golf course.Josie and Chef Claire, now caught up in the mystery reach out to Suzy, who offers some assistance from the comfort of home. They also ...

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 - No Distance Between Us: Italian American Poets of Long Island
No Distance Between Us: Italian American Poets of Long Island

This volume contains a diverse representation of 47 Long Island Italian American poets, including 4 poets laureate. Between the covers of this treasure you will discover poems of beginners to professional poets. The poems, in English, are complimented by Italian translation and demonstrate an outpouring of Italian traits . . . gentleness, generosity, good humor and love of family and food. No Distance Between Us is a family treasure and a value for students and teachers, as well. Published by Local Gems Press

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 - The Orphan Of Ellis Island (Time Travel Adventures)
The Orphan Of Ellis Island (Time Travel Adventures)

During a school trip to Ellis Island, Dominick Avaro, a ten-year-old foster child, travels back in time to 1908 Italy and accompanies two young emigrants to America.

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 - The Portable Dante (Penguin Classics)
The Portable Dante (Penguin Classics)

The famed Italian poet Dante Alighieri’s two masterworks—The Divine Comedy and La Vita Nuova—in one volumeA Penguin ClassicAs a philosopher, he wedded classical methods of inquiry to a Christian faith. As an autobiographer, he looked unsparingly at his own failures to depict universal struggles. As a visionary, he dared draw maps of Hell, with Purgatory and Paradise, and populate all three realms with recognizable human beings. As a passionate lover, he became a poet of bereavement and renunication. As all of these, Dante Alighieri paved the way for modern literature, while creating verse and prose that remain unparalleled for formal elegance, intellectual depth, and emotional grandeur. The Portable Dante captures the scope and fire of Dante’s genius as thoroughly as any single volume can. It contains complete verse translations of The Divine Comedy and La Vita Nuova, as well as a bibliography, notes, and an introduction by the eminent scholar and translator Mark Musa.For more than seventy years, Penguin has been the leading publisher of classic literature in the English-speaking world. With more than 1,700 titles, Penguin Classics represents a global bookshelf of the best works throughout history and across genres and disciplines. Readers trust the series to provide ...

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 - The Italian Americans: A History
The Italian Americans: A History

This richly researched, beautifully illustrated volume illuminates an important, overlooked part of American history.From extensive archival materials and interviews with well-known Italian Americans, Maria Laurino strips away stereotypes and nostalgia to tell the complicated, centuries-long story of the true Italian-American experience.Looking beyond the familiar Little Italys and stereotypes fostered by The Godfather and The Sopranos, Laurino reveals surprising, fascinating lives: Italian-Americans working on sugar-cane plantations in Louisiana to those who were lynched in New Orleans; the banker who helped rebuild San Francisco after the great earthquake; families interned as “enemy aliens” in World War II. From anarchist radicals to “Rosie the Riveter” to Nancy Pelosi, Andrew Cuomo, and Bill de Blasio; from traditional artisans to rebel songsters like Frank Sinatra, Dion, Madonna, and Lady Gaga, this book is both exploration and celebration of the rich legacy of Italian-American life.Readers can discover the history chronologically, chapter by chapter, or serendipitously by exploring the trove of supplemental materials. These include interviews, newspaper clippings, period documents, and photographs that bring the history to life. 150 color illustrations

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 - Growing Up Italian
Growing Up Italian

Take a journey with Dr. Ed through his nostalgic days of growing up in an Italian household in the'''''40's and '50's. Smell the aromas, feel the childhood anticipation, meet his neighbors and relatives. It is your story. relive it!

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 - The Lucchese Family On Long Island : Gambling, Loansharking And Auto Theft
The Lucchese Family On Long Island : Gambling, Loansharking And Auto Theft

My e-book looks at Lucchese family operations on Long Island, circa June 1969. The crime syndicate was deeply involved in gambling, loansharking and auto theft. Caporegimes like Carmine Tramunti had been the target of a Nassau County grand jury probe. Tramunti was observed at a 1965 Mafia conclave that convened to choose a successor to mob boss Joseph Bonanno. The grand jury had eventually charged Tramunti with three counts of criminal contempt. The text of my work reveals the names and residences of Lucchese capos, soldiers and associates of the late 1960s.

 - Classic Indian Cooking
Classic Indian Cooking

This extraordinary cookbook, Classic Indian Cooking, amounts to a complete course in Indian cuisine. Elucidated by over 100 line drawings, it systematically introduces the properties of all the basic spices and special ingredients of Indian food, then explains the techniques employed in using them, always with the help of comparisons to familiar Western methods.It is immediately obvious that Indian food is rich and varied, yet not difficult to prepare. The cooking principles are basic and wellknown. The utensils needed are few and simple. As Julie Sahni says, "If you know how to fry, there are few tricks to Indian food." Every recipe has been especially designed for the American kitchen -- practically all the ingredients can be found in any American supermarket and there are scores of time-saving shortcuts with the food processor and handy directions for ahead-of-time preparation.Following a lively and absorbing introduction to the history of India's classic Moghul cuisine, Julie guides the cook through the individual components that make up an Indian meal. She begins with delicious appetizers like Crab Malabar and Hyderabad lime soup; continues through main courses, both nonvegetarian and vegetarian (this book is a treasure trove for the non-meat eater); goes on to all the side ...

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 - The House at the Edge of Night: A Novel
The House at the Edge of Night: A Novel

“A perfect summer read [that] brims with heart . . . Don’t be surprised if you keep turning the pages long into the night, spellbound by its magic.”—The Denver PostA sweeping saga about four generations of a family who live and love on an enchanting island off the coast of Italy—combining the romance of Beautiful Ruins with the magical tapestry of works by Isabel Allende.NAMED ONE OF THE BEST BOOKS OF THE YEAR BY NPR • Los Angeles Public Library • Kirkus Reviews“Captivating . . . [Catherine] Banner’s four-generation saga is set on an island near Sicily, where myths of saints get served up with limoncello at the Esposito family’s bar. . . . The island is fictional, but consider this dreamy summer read your passport.”—People   “A lusty page-turner that weaves romance, rivalry and the intricacies of family expectations into one glorious tale.”—Minneapolis Star Tribune Castellamare is an island far enough away from the mainland to be forgotten, but not far enough to escape from the world’s troubles. At the center of the island’s life is a café draped with bougainvillea called the House at the Edge of Night, where the community gathers to gossip and talk. Amedeo Esposito, a foundling from Florence, finds his destiny on the island with his beautiful...

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 - Jamie's Italy
Jamie's Italy

Bestselling author Jamie Oliver finally devotes an entire book to America's favorite cuisine--Italian! Italy and its wonderful flavors have always had a major influence on Jamie Oliver's food and cooking. In Jamie's Italy, he travels this famously gastronomic country paying homage to the classic dishes of each region and searching for new ideas to bring home. The result is a sensational collection of Italian recipes, old and new, that will ensure that Italy's influence reaches us all. Italy has inspired Jamie Oliver throughout his career. His ambition has always been to travel across the country on a quest to capture the very essence of Italian cooking--and to produce the best and simplest Italian cookbook for everybody anywhere to enjoy. Jamie's Italy is the result of that journey--and it's a land of plenty. As well as providing more than 120 brand-new recipes for everything from risotto to roasts and spaghetti to stews, structured as traditional trattoria menus, Jamie takes you all over Italy to cook with and learn from the real masters of Italian cuisine: the locals. Far from the standard "lemons and olives" version of Italian cooking, Jamie's Italy is a cookbook by the people for the people. From Sicily to Tuscany, it's about the local fishermen, family bakers, and, of course...

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 - New York City Food Crawls: Touring the Neighborhoods One Bite & Libation at a Time
New York City Food Crawls: Touring the Neighborhoods One Bite & Libation at a Time

Sip and taste your way through New York City. New York City Food Crawls is an exciting culinary tour through this historic yet modern city. Discover the hidden gems and long-standing institutions of New York City neighborhoods. Each crawl is the complete recipe for a great night out, the perfect tourist day, a new way to experience your own city, or simply food porn and great stories to enjoy from home. Hit the Theater District for dinner and a show. Find the hottest spots to hit mid-shopping spree, and take brunch to a whole new level any day of the week. Put on your walking shoes and your stretchy pants, and dig into the Big Apple one dish at a time. — Chock full of local knowledge and insider info—this book definitely isn't a run-of-the-mill list of tourist hotspots—consider New York City Food Crawls an indispensable handbook to exploring some of this city's most beloved institutions and undiscovered-by-tour-groups gems. -

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 - Elizabeth Street
Elizabeth Street

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 - DK Eyewitness Travel Guide Mexico
DK Eyewitness Travel Guide Mexico

DK Eyewitness Travel Guide: Mexico will lead you straight to the best attractions this beautiful country has to offer, from Mexico City to the Gulf Coast and the Yucatán Peninsula.Hike the Cooper Canyon, go salsa dancing in Mexico City, or dive in the Mexican Caribbean. This newly updated guidebook will help you explore Mexico region-by-region, from the ancient city of Teotihuacán to the Mayan rain forest city of Calakmul.Discover DK Eyewitness Travel Guide: Mexico.   • Detailed itineraries and "don't-miss" destination highlights at a glance.    • Illustrated cutaway 3-D drawings of important sights.    • Floor plans and guided visitor information for major museums.    • Guided walking tours, local drink and dining specialties to try, things to do, and places to eat, drink, and shop by area.    • Area maps marked with sights.    • Detailed city maps include a street finder index for easy navigation.    • Insights into history and culture to help you understand the stories behind the sights.    • Hotel and restaurant listings highlight DK Choice special recommendations. With hundreds of full-color photographs, hand-drawn illustrations, and custom maps that illuminate every page, DK Eyewitness Travel Guide: Mexico truly shows you wh...

  • Brand: DK Eyewitness Travel
  • ASIN: 1465457119
 - Earthly Remains (A Commissario Guido Brunetti Mystery Book 26)
Earthly Remains (A Commissario Guido Brunetti Mystery Book 26)

A moody mystery set in Italy from the New York Times–bestselling author: “One of the most exquisite and subtle detective series ever.” —The Washington Post   Guido Brunetti has to deal every day with crimes big and small, suffocating corruption, and a never-ending influx of tourists. But at least he gets to do it in Venice, one of the most beautiful cities in the world. In this mystery in the bestselling series, the police commissioner’s endurance will truly be tested.   During an interrogation of an entitled, arrogant man suspected of giving drugs to a young girl, Brunetti acts rashly, doing something he will quickly come to regret. In the fallout, he realizes that he needs a break. Granted leave from the Questura, he accompanies his wife to a villa on Sant’Erasmo, one of the largest islands in the laguna. There he intends to pass his days rowing, and his nights reading Pliny’s Natural History. That is until the caretaker of the house, a widowed beekeeper, goes missing following a sudden storm, and Brunetti must set aside his leave of absence and understand what happened to a man who had become a friend.   From a Silver Dagger Award–winning author, this is a poignant novel featuring Guido Brunetti, “a superb police detective—calm, deliberate, and insight...

  • Brand: Atlantic Monthly Press
  • ASIN: B01N2NER6T
 - Catalogue Of The Phænogamous And Acrogenous Plants Of Suffolk County, Long Island... (Italian Edition)
Catalogue Of The Phænogamous And Acrogenous Plants Of Suffolk County, Long Island... (Italian Edition)

This is a reproduction of a book published before 1923. This book may have occasional imperfections such as missing or blurred pages, poor pictures, errant marks, etc. that were either part of the original artifact, or were introduced by the scanning process. We believe this work is culturally important, and despite the imperfections, have elected to bring it back into print as part of our continuing commitment to the preservation of printed works worldwide. We appreciate your understanding of the imperfections in the preservation process, and hope you enjoy this valuable book. ++++ The below data was compiled from various identification fields in the bibliographic record of this title. This data is provided as an additional tool in helping to ensure edition identification: ++++ Catalogue Of The Phænogamous And Acrogenous Plants Of Suffolk County, Long Island E. S. Miller, H. W. Young Science; Life Sciences; Botany; Science / Life Sciences / Botany

  • ASIN: 1246987759
 - Light at the End of the Tunnel: A Memoir
Light at the End of the Tunnel: A Memoir

Can love conquer all in this true story of fate and destiny, hopeless long-distance love, and coming out? In 1995, Sallyanne Monti was a 34-year-old mother of four, married to her husband of fifteen years, living on Staten Island, New York, an island in the Verrazano Narrows Bay.When by an act of fate and via a misdirected email, she met Mickey Neill, a 44-year-old human resources manager, married to her husband of twenty years, living 3,000 miles away in Alameda, California, an island in the San Francisco Bay. The rapid progression of events that led to their whirlwind friendship would test the bonds of matrimony, sexuality, and love. In the wake of a deluge of tears, pain, and dismal reality began the journey known as the Light at the End of the Tunnel.  The tunnel was the three thousand miles that separated them. The light was being connected, preferably in the same two square inches, or more realistically by phone, email, or computer, if only for a day, an hour, or a minute.

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