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Jumpstart First Grade

 - Jump Start 1st Grade
Jump Start 1st Grade

Continuous Challenge Kids build essential 1st Grade skills and get a head start on 2nd Grade with the help of fun animal friends, music, and animation! Master key skills in Math, Reading, Science, Spelling, and more! Features: Reading Comprehension Grammar Spelling Life Science Earth Science Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8 | Macintosh 9.2.1 - 10.2.3 compatible

  • Brand: Knowledge Adventure
  • ASIN: B000RY9CBW
  • UPC: 798936836090
 - Jumpstart 1st Grade Classic.
Jumpstart 1st Grade Classic.

In this interactive classroom filled with animation and song. Take field trips to the beach and zoo. Read 50 illustrated stories from 8 interactive books with the help of Ms. Flores your teacher. In all, discover 18 activities teaching geography, science, early math, reading comprehension, music and more!

  • Brand: Knowledge Adventure
  • ASIN: B0009STM3O
  • UPC: 876930000027
 - JumpStart 1st Grade
JumpStart 1st Grade

  • Brand: Vivendi Universal
  • ASIN: B00001XDWZ
  • UPC: 020626710893
 - JumpStart Reading for First Graders
JumpStart Reading for First Graders

There's No Stopping a Kid with a JumpStart!Product InformationFrankie's circus pals have been trapped in a magical jigsaw puzzle bymischievous Mel the Magician and they need your help! Play exciting carnivalgames and build a solid reading foundation with 7 skill-building activities 6phonics practice activities over 1500 vocabulary words a parent's progressreport and more!Skills Learned Learn vowel sounds Combine letter groups & words Spell words Increase vocabulary Build sentences with parts of speech Reinforce correct word order Practice reading skills Comprehend short storiesProduct Features Grade specific lessons Every activity reinforces the skills your child is learning in school Colorful animation sing-along songs and adorable characters will keep your child engaged and entertained for hours. A learning adventure that teaches essential skills Windows Requirements Windows 98 Me 2000 XP Vista Pentium II 300 MHz or faster 128 MB of RAM 15 MB free Hard Disk Space 640x480 resolution with 256-color capability Windows-compatible Sound Card and Speakers 12X CD-ROM drive

  • Brand: Knowledge Adventure
  • ASIN: B000UDLK2Y
  • UPC: 999998208126
 - Knowledge Adventure JumpStart 2nd Grade - Vista Compatible Children 9 and Under for Windows for 8-6
Knowledge Adventure JumpStart 2nd Grade - Vista Compatible Children 9 and Under for Windows for 8-6

Endless Fun The adventure starts in a creaky elevator hidden in the schoolhouse wall. Follow CJ the Frog and his sidekick Edison on a journey into their secret clubhouse. Use your math, science, grammar, and other skills to solve the many challenges found in 22 interactive games.

  • ASIN: B00479ACLW
 - Jump start 1st Grade
Jump start 1st Grade

Jump Start 1st Grade. 1 CD-ROM (for Windows and Macintosh), 1 Small user's guide booklet in jewel case. Copyright 1995 Knowledge Adventure, Inc. UPC 738981037783. ISBN 1 56997 374 1. "Welcome to JumpStart 1st Grade! Frankie, the friendly 1st Grade mascot will be your guide to all the games and activities in the 1st Grade schoolhouse. He'll even join you on field trips to the beach and the zoo!" (from user's guide booklet)

  • Brand: Jump Start
  • ASIN: B000AN1S4Y
  • UPC: 738981037783
 - JumpStart 1st Grade
JumpStart 1st Grade

JumpStart 1st Grade Teaches Essential Skills for School  Product Information Join Frankie and his friends in an interactiveclassroom filled with animation and song. Take field trips to the beach and zoo. Read 50 illustrated stories from 8 interactive books with the help of Ms. Flores your teacher. In all, discover 18 activities teaching geography, science, early math,reading comprehension, music and more! If you want your first grader to focus on reading more intensively, get JumpStart 1st Grade Reading Companion. The award-winning JumpStart Elementary Learning System is based on nationally recommended curriculaand actual teacher lesson plans. The result is an incredible variety of activities that make learning fun.  Choosing the best educational software for your child can be challenging. The JumpStart System makes it easy by taking what childrenlearn in school and organizing it by grade, so real grade-based learning is reinforced in every JumpStart product. Helpful animated friends encourage your child to explore an amazing variety of fun activities. With 18 interactive learning modules,JumpStart 1st Grade has three times more activities than typical education programs.  Reading Addition Subtracti...

  • Brand: Knowledge Adventure
  • UPC: 876930000294
 - Jumpstart Advanced 1st Grade V2.0
Jumpstart Advanced 1st Grade V2.0

Over 100 activities based on national educational standardsProduct InformationExperts have identified seven learning styles to help kids personalize your child's learning experience.  Some kids respond best to songs some to pictures and others to words and rhymes.  JumpStart Advanced uses your child's natural learning style to teach everything from reading and spelling to mathematics.  There's no stopping a kid with a JumpStart Advanced 1st Grade 2.0. Your child sets the pace in this 4 CD-ROM set.  Activities automatically adjust so they are never too hard never too easy.  The perfect blend of learning and entertainment - this JumpStart program presents fundamental skills in a variety of fun-filled formats to help your children through his or her natural learning style. Educational FeaturesKnowledge Adventure has been a leader in kids interactive content for 20 years. The pany develops and publishes  top-selling PC and console-based multimedia software for kids of all ages to learn and play. Whether designed to build curriculum skills develop problem-solving or provide just pure fun Knowledge Adventure's kid-tested products create unique worlds of interactive discovery just for kids.Skills LearnedOver 60 skills taught including:ReadingPhonicsConsonant SoundsVocabularyReadi...

  • Brand: Knowledge Adventure
  • ASIN: B000EXS488
  • UPC: 876930001116
 - jump start 1st grade abc classic version
jump start 1st grade abc classic version

CD is very good. I find it very reinforcing on what I've taught my son. You can't expect for the computer to be your childs teacher but you can expect this to reinforce what you teach your kids. I love the vending machine where my son actually uses the skills I have taught him to get the correct answer, I enjoy watching him do fractions when they give them a recipe and they must put 1/3 cup of sugar with 1/2 teaspoon of nutmeg and so forth, hey, Now i could let him prepare my measurements in the kitchen, I also enjoy the books they read and then answer questions (only thing I wish they would ask them atleast six) but hey. I find it to be a pretty good addition to our 1st grade cd's

  • Brand: Knowledge Adventure
  • ASIN: B000098XKO
  • UPC: 738981022369
 - Blini Kids: Animals [Download]
Blini Kids: Animals [Download]

Blini Kids: Animals is a beautiful application for kids, created so they get a better understanding of the wild world in an easy and entertaining way. Where do the animals live, what sounds they do, interesting facts that you never thought about. Every picture in the game is handmade, as if it were an interactive and animated book. There are two different sections: • Encyclopedia: Here the kids will learn about the different habitats, what animals live in each of them, what sounds they do as well as interesting facts. • Minigames: 6 different minigames where kids can use the knowledge acquired and have fun alone or with their parents. Every game has been created with the help of an expert psycologist to help improving the skills of the kid. Puzzle: Solve the puzzles. Pairs: Find the identical animals, as quick as you can. Sounds: Identify what animals makes that sound. Habitats: Identify where that animal lives. Logic: Choose the wrong animal, using the hint. Memory: What animal has dissapeared from the group? System Requirements: Supported OS:   [Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP, Windows 2000, Windows] Processor:   Pentium IV, AMD Athlon, or equivalent RAM:   512 Mb. Hard Disk:   50 Mb. Video Card:   64 MB NVIDIA GeForce 364 MB NVIDIA GeForce...

  • Brand: Blini Games
  • ASIN: B00HGF229O
 - Jumpstart 1st Grade
Jumpstart 1st Grade

PC Educational Game

  • UPC: 798936836342
 - JumpStart Advanced 1st Grade V2
JumpStart Advanced 1st Grade V2

This software is BRAND NEW. Packaging may differ slightly from the stock photo above. Please click on our logo above to see over 15,000 titles in stock. System Requirements: Windows® 2000/XP/Vista & OS 9.2.1, 10.1.5, 10.2.3, 10.3.1 (Music and Art Club Discs: OS 9.2.1, OSX Classic mode)

  • Brand: Jump Start
  • ASIN: B0009TA6N8
  • UPC: 876930002854
 - JumpStart Advanced 1st Grade [OLD VERSION]
JumpStart Advanced 1st Grade [OLD VERSION]

Don't let the word advanced in the title scare you. It doesn't mean that your child must be a genius to enjoy this program. It does mean that JumpStart has worked hard to create a program that delivers a specialized educational experience that will both challenge and engage kids. JumpStart has abandoned the unimaginative classroom setting of earlier versions of JumpStart 1st Grade and instead opted for a hipper venue: a scooter race. The makeover isn't merely cosmetic. Unique additions include seven learning buddies who can tutor your child based on his or her skills: your budding Picasso might do best with the artistic Kisha as a helper; your active child could get coaching from sports-star Casey, whose help is more movement oriented. A kid could get lost in all of this audio, visual, and educational stimulation. There is simply a lot going on here: a quiz to match learning styles with the appropriate buddy; another quiz to set difficulty levels; a collapsible toolbar that changes game levels, reveals progress reports, stores power-ups, and accesses learning buddies; eleven games with activities ranging from pizza-making (fractions!) to news reporting (writing!); plus power-ups to collect, tracks to build and scooters to customize, all leading up to the big payoff--a scooter rac...

  • Brand: Vivendi Universal
  • ASIN: B0000639UW
  • UPC: 020626716505
 - First Grade - 2 Pack
First Grade - 2 Pack

School Zone First Grade has the winning formula for kids! This On-Track Software set contains the titles Vocabulary Puzzles and Time, Money & Fractions. The set teaches important skills, including: time, money, fractions, nouns, verbs, adjectives, and more. School Zone First Grade helps kids develop confidence to become great students! Windows Vista/XP/2000 or Mac OS X 10.5, 10.4, 10.3 Pentium III GHz (Windows); PowerPC G4 933 MHz (Mac) 256MB of RAM 800x600 32-bit color video 16-bit sound card (Windows) 700MB of available disk space CD-ROM or DVD-ROM drive

  • Brand: School Zone
  • UPC: 076645081636
 - Jump Start 1st Grade Deluxe JumpStart for Ages 5 - 7
Jump Start 1st Grade Deluxe JumpStart for Ages 5 - 7

  • ASIN: B000OE89SW
  • UPC: 201823785604
 - Let's Explore The Jungle With Buzzy
Let's Explore The Jungle With Buzzy

This game offers children a life-like environment in which to explore and learn about the jungles of Asia, Africa and the Amazon. With Buzzy the Knowledge Bug as their guide, kids can explore over 30 different and fascinating locations, each designed to increase their jungle knowledge. With more than 210 objects illustrated and described in detail, and 5 educational games, the learning possibilities for children and parents are boundless.

  • Brand: Humongous Entertainment and Random House, Inc.
  • ASIN: B000GM6ZFG
  • UPC: 742725702318
 - The Learning Company - Oregon Trail 5th Edition
The Learning Company - Oregon Trail 5th Edition

  • Brand: The Learning Company
  • ASIN: B00005LBVS
  • UPC: 098936830211
 - Jumpstart Preschool for ages 2 - 4 years
Jumpstart Preschool for ages 2 - 4 years

The fun way to get ready for school!Children leap into an early understanding of letters numbers shapes and colors in this colorful classroom bursting with animation and songs. Casey Cat Kisha Koala Eleanor the Elephant and Pierre the Bear guide children through ten irresistible interactive puzzles games and play areas covering over 30 skills.Skills Taught Letters Phonics Pre-reading Numbers Counting Sequencing Spatial relationships Music Differences Listening skills Shapes Telling time Visual memory Deductive reasoning skillsSpecial Features:16 Sing Along songsAdjustable levels of difficultyProgress reportsSystem Requirements:Windows® 98/ME/2000/XP Pentium II 233 MHz or faster 32 MB RAM (64 MB RAM for XP) 100 MB HD Space 12x CD-ROM Drive 16-bit color with 256 Color Capability Windows-patible sound card Macintosh® PowerMac® G3 233 MHz or faster OS 8.6 9.2 32 MB RAM 100 MB HD Space 16x CD-ROM Drive 16-bit color with 256 Color Capability Format: WIN 98ME2000XP Genre: CHILDREN Age: 876930001895 UPC: 876930001895 Manufacturer No: KA-20256

  • Brand: Knowledge Adventure
  • ASIN: B000JX7DL2
  • UPC: 876930001895

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