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Gypsy Music Cd

 - Gypsy Music From Hungary And Romania
Gypsy Music From Hungary And Romania

Add some flair to your CD player with songs that include Dark Eyes; Gypsy Tango; Hungarian Song and Dance; Hora Staccato; Two Guitars and five other songs.

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 - The Best Gypsy Music from Eastern Europe
The Best Gypsy Music from Eastern Europe

Gypsy music has a certain fascination, a mystery of far-away places, a kind of longing, a sadness but often such exuberant and fiery enthusiasm as to make the listeners hearts pound and feet tap. Gypsy musicians, many having learned their instruments from an early childhood, usually are virtuoso players of their instruments and are able to express and project a rainbow of emotions with their guitars, accordions, violins, and other instruments. The term gypsy music refers strictly to the gypsies own folk music, but in its broadest sense has become a general term for music performed and cultivated by gypsies. The gypsies were/are an itinerant people believed to have originated from northern India. By the 9th century gypsies were in Persia, and by the 11th they had reached Bulgaria. By the 15th century they were present throughout many European countries. As many Roma worked as musicians or entertainers, they had a considerable impact on the music of the countries they lived in- their own particular musical style often combined with the folk music of a particular country, thus preserving the traditions over centuries. Todays so-called gypsy repertoire can be described as a blend of influences from all of these areas. The Roma have influenced musical works by Bizet, Brahms, and Dvora...

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 - Russian Gypsy Violin
Russian Gypsy Violin

Oleg takes the music in exciting new directions while still retaining that Russian Gypsy magic. nothing less than incandescent virtuosity for the duration of the show..." -The Scotsman This recording includes the Lautary piece featured in the film Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter.

  • Brand: ARC Music
  • ASIN: B00BWWA564
 - Hungary and Romania: The Vibrant Rhythms of Gypsy Music from Central Europe
Hungary and Romania: The Vibrant Rhythms of Gypsy Music from Central Europe

The Vibrant Rhythms of Gypsy Music from Central Europe.

  • ASIN: B0000075PE
 - The Best Of
The Best Of

Hailing from the Reyes and Baliardo Gypsy families, this ensemble from the south of France has been playing 'rumba flamenca' since the late '80s. On this 20-track collection, the songwriting talent and virtuosity this unique group possesses is gathered together in one comprehensive set. Notable inclusions are the anthemic hit 'Bamboleo', from their debut, Gipsy Kings, the Italian cover 'Volaré', from Mosaïque and assorted cuts that wonderfully capture the wild energy these guys possess. In short, the Gipsy Kings are a celebratory bunch who know how to rock with a rhapsody of acoustic guitars, passionate vocals, and walls of congas, timbales, cabasas, and bongos. Check this caravan out. Sony.

  • ASIN: B0009U5DD0
 - Hungarian Gypsy Music
Hungarian Gypsy Music

  • ASIN: B000001413
  • UPC: 730099595421
 - Csárdás & Gypsy Music
Csárdás & Gypsy Music

ELBTAL SCHALLPLATTEN presents Csardas & Gypsy Music! Enjoy the music of Hungary!

  • ASIN: B06XX6P1SX
  • UPC: 090204527748
 - Haunting Gypsy Melodies (Digitally Remastered)
Haunting Gypsy Melodies (Digitally Remastered)

Haunting Gypsy Melodies (Digitally Remastered) - The Hungarian Gypsy Orchestra Of Bela Babai

  • ASIN: B0030T1O30
  • UPC: 894231193125
 - Traditional Hungary
Traditional Hungary


  • Brand: ARC Music
  • ASIN: B000089YCH
  • UPC: 743037178228
 - Russian Gypsy Songs
Russian Gypsy Songs

Russian Gypsy Songs by Inter Roma; Lili Tzvetkova

  • ASIN: B005G534B6
  • UPC: 886470213771
 - Gypsy Music
Gypsy Music

This 4 CD set showcases the great stylistic range and international sounds of the Sinti and Roma. From the Hungarian melancholic melodies to the ''canto jondo'', the serious and often sad music of the Gitanos in Andalusia with Arabian-Oriental influences. Includes a 32 page booklet in German and English. Membran. 2005.

  • ASIN: B000AY8QJS
 - Russian Gypsy Soul
Russian Gypsy Soul

When the Gypsies arrived in Russia in the late 1700s, their wild, extravagantly emotional music created an immediate sensation in the royal court, and from then on Gypsy music has been an integral part of Russian cultural life. The two-CD set, Russian Gypsy Soul, features the wide variety of musical styles played by Russian Gypsies, including the fiddling of Sergei Erdenko of Loyko, the choral singing of the Siberian Gypsies, and the guitar playing of Kolpakov, who uses a traditional Russian seven-string guitar. The Gypsies have a reputation for being a passionate people, and the emotional fire in selections like "Shuryaki," a rousing drinking song by Jelem, or "Yegorushka," a moving farewell lament from Ilo, shows that their reputation is well deserved. Many of the artists here have never been heard outside of Russia, but all of the musicians deliver performances of the highest caliber, and many of the instrumentalists play at the virtuoso level. Russian Gypsy Soul is an excellent introduction to a body of music that has been unheard outside of Russia for too long. --Michael Simmons

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  • ASIN: B0000560BN
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 - Songs Of Greece's Gypsies
Songs Of Greece's Gypsies

Songs Of Greece's Gypsies by Various Artists

  • ASIN: B004LB69O0
  • UPC: 829410739276
 - Gypsy Music 21 Authentic Gypsy Classics
Gypsy Music 21 Authentic Gypsy Classics

Track Listings: 1) Amor Imposible (03:50) 2) Gitanita Nos Queremos (03:06) 3) Juntos Los Dos (03:09) 4) Los Lachos Te Cantan (03:48) 5) No Chute (03:04) 6) Mejor Separanos (02:19) 7) Amores Pasajeros (02:59) 8) Larga Wspera (03:01) 9) Maria del Mar (02:12) 10) Venga Valiente (02:37) 11) Ese Amor Que Me Enganaba (03:29) 12) Rumba Para Ti (02:30) 13) Gitana Morena (03:18) 14) Son Son Sera Mix (06:50) 15) Vive a Tu Manera (02:56) 16) Sigo Tu Vuelo (02:35) 17) Dale Dale al Vordon (03:22) 18) A Chi Li Pu (04:45) 19) No Vuelvas a Sonar (02:31) 20) Perdido Amor (02:27) 21) Vete Mujer (03:53)

  • ASIN: B00004TB0A
 - Traditional Gypsy Music from the Balkans
Traditional Gypsy Music from the Balkans

  • ASIN: B000MMLP9Q
  • UPC: 090431091029
 - Romanian Gypsy Music
Romanian Gypsy Music

  • ASIN: B003TWWU5O
 - Song Of A Gypsy
Song Of A Gypsy

  • Brand: White Cloud
  • ASIN: B00F3E26UU
  • UPC: 659457510725
 - Gypsies from Hungary
Gypsies from Hungary


  • Brand: Arc Music
  • ASIN: B003IP2Y2G

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