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Great Paintings

 - Great Paintings
Great Paintings

A sumptuous, visual guided tour of 66 of the world's greatest paintings, each examined in unrivaled depth.Unlock the door to your own personal art museum with this magnificent gallery of history's greatest art treasures. From works by Zhang Zeduan, a 12th-century Chinese master, to modern masterpieces by Georgia O'Keefe and Andy Warhol, more than 700 stunning close-up photographs show you famous masterworks in a way you've never seen them before.Great Paintings is the perfect visual guide to the history of art. More than just a compendium of photos, it demonstrates how landmark paintings were influenced by their historical and social contexts--and how these works went on to inspire future artists. Close-up detail shots visually analyze works of art and highlight their key features, composition, and techniques. Let Great Paintings be your gallery guide, providing a fresh and fascinating ways to look at at beloved paintings and discover new favourites.

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 - Great Paintings
Great Paintings

A sumptuous, visual guided tour of sixty-six of the world's greatest paintings ranging from works by Zhang Zeduan, a twelfth-century Chinese master, to modern masterpieces by Rothko and Anselm Kiefer. Great Paintings is perfect for anyone interested in learning about the world's most noteworthy artworks. Arranged chronologically, the story behind each painting is fully explained and examined in unrivaled depth. Artists' biographies and features on historical and social context explore how landmark paintings have been influenced by what has gone before and how they go on to inspire what comes after them. Reading Great Paintings is like being taken around a gallery by a personal guide who helps you to look at paintings — both familiar and new — in fresh and fascinating ways.

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 - White Mountain Puzzles Great Paintings - 1000 Piece Jigsaw Puzzle
White Mountain Puzzles Great Paintings - 1000 Piece Jigsaw Puzzle

Botticelli, Renoir, Monet, Gaugin, and Klimt are among the great artists represented on this beautiful piece. Feel like a great artist yourself assembling the White Mountain Puzzles – Great Paintings; a collection of masterpieces like the Mona Lisa and Starry Night featured on an exceptional 1000-piece jigsaw puzzle. Thrill the entire family and provide hours of fun and entertainment piecing together this incredible puzzle. Enjoy the art work of Barbara Behr. Behr, a German designer, has designed for renowned international companies since 1999. She’s worked providing concepts for paper products of all kinds, book illustrations, and designs for textiles, ceramics, decorative accessories and digital applications. Art jigsaw puzzles are a fun and inexpensive way to enjoy beautiful works of art first hand. Jigsaw puzzles are also used to boost cognitive skills; develop hand-eye coordination, fine motor skills, problem solving, shape recognition, memory, and task completion. The White Mountain Puzzles – Great Paintings includes 1000 unique interlocking pieces made of sturdy blue chipboard on recycled paper. Extra large sized pieces for easy handling. Completed puzzle dimensions: 24 x 30 inches. Every White Mountain Puzzle is proudly manufactured in America with a 100% customer s...

  • Color: Multicolor
  • Brand: White Mountain
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 - What Great Paintings Say. 100 Masterpieces in Detail (Bibliotheca Universalis)
What Great Paintings Say. 100 Masterpieces in Detail (Bibliotheca Universalis)

This important addition to our understanding of art history’s masterworks puts some of the world's most famous paintings under a magnifying glass to uncover their most small and subtle elements and all they reveal about a bygone time, place, and culture.Guiding our eye to the minutiae of subject and symbolism, authors Rose-Marie and Rainer Hagen allow even the most familiar of pictures to come alive anew through their intricacies and intrigues. Is the bride pregnant? Why does the man wear a beret? How does the shadow of war hang over a scene of dancing? Along the way, we travel from Ancient Egypt through to modern Europe, from the Renaissance to the Roaring Twenties. We meet Greek heroes and poor German poets and roam from cathedrals to cabaret bars, from the Garden of Eden to a Garden Bench in rural France.As we pick apart each painting and then reassemble it like a giant jigsaw puzzle, these celebrated canvases captivate not only in their sheer wealth of details but also in the witness they bear to the fashions and trends, people and politics, loves and lifestyles of their time.

  • Brand: Hagen Rose Marie
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 - The Last Painting: Final Works of the Great Masters: from Giotto to Twombly
The Last Painting: Final Works of the Great Masters: from Giotto to Twombly

A collection of 100 final paintings from 100 deceased artists, with accompanying biographies and thought-provoking textFeatures a diverse range of artists, from Bosch, Rubens, and Fragonard, to Hopper, Mondrian, and KahloGenerates a fascinating discussion about the relationship between art and deathThere are no rules, and even less justice. Death takes everyone without discrimination. Sometimes it is accidental - like Signorelli, who fell from scaffolding. Sometimes it is expected, as with the diabetic Cezanne, who wrote "I am old, sick, and I swore to die while painting". But often, researching a painter's death is an easier task than determining which of their works is truly their 'last'. Paintings tend to be dated by year and not month, inciting much debate among art historians. This book embraces this ambiguity, studying 100 examples of works that lay completed for several years, or were left unfinished on the easel, or were finished post-mortem by a friend's grieving hand.The Last Painting collects 100 terminal paintings from 100 artists, including Dalí, Manet, Toulouse-Lautrec, Degas, Goya, Pollock, Rembrandt, Dix, Bonnard, Titien, and many more. Each picture gives us a glimpse into the painter's mind. Did they know death was coming? Did they paint with denial, or acceptan...

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 - Painting Masterclass: Creative Techniques of 100 Great Artists
Painting Masterclass: Creative Techniques of 100 Great Artists

Like having 100 of the world’s greatest painters at your side, giving you their own personal tips and advice – Painting Masterclass examines 100 paintings from art history: the way they were made, what they do well, and how and what we can learn from them.   Throughout the history of painting, one of the best ways in which many great painters have developed their own personal approaches has been by copying other artists’ work. Learning from great artists helps to encourage a discerning eye, as well as an understanding of colour, materials and perspective, and can inspire further innovation. With the detailed analyses and instructive creative tips sections in this book, you can learn how to convey movement like Degas, apply acrylic like Twombly, and command colour like Matisse. With paintings comprising a broad variety of styles, approaches and materials, the book studies the techniques of many of the greatest painters who have worked across the globe from the 15th to the 21st centuries, using watercolour, gouache, tempera, fresco, oils, encaustic and mixed media, including: Titian, Francisco Goya, Gustave Courbet, Georges Seurat, Edvard Munch, Paul Gauguin, Gustav Klimt, Amedeo Modigliani, Jenny Saville, Caravaggio, Egon Schiele, Michelangelo Buonarroti, Paul Klee, Claude ...

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 - One Hundred Great Paintings
One Hundred Great Paintings

The National Gallery in London houses one of the richest collections of Western European paintings in the world, ranging from the 13th to the 20th century. In this beautiful book, one hundred of the greatest works from the collection, each by a different artist, are presented in chronological order, and accompanied by a lively, informative text and full-page color reproductions. From the earliest—a remnant of an Italian altarpiece dating from around 1265—to the most recent—Paul Cézanne’s great Bathers, of about 1894–1905—each painting has been carefully chosen for the unique significance it holds; whether representing a particular artist, place or time, or simply for its beauty and the pleasure it provides to the viewer. The painters featured here include some of the most famous names in European art—Duccio, Giotto, Dürer, Holbein, van Eyck, Botticelli, Leonardo, Michelangelo, Raphael, Titian, Rubens, Rembrandt, El Greco, Velázquez, Zurbarán, Goya, Caravaggio, Claude, Poussin, Hogarth, Gainsborough, Reynolds, Constable, Turner, Courbet, Manet, Monet, Renoir, Degas, Rousseau, and Van Gogh—and some of the most iconic paintings in the world—The Wilton Diptych, The Arnolfini Portrait, The Ambassadors, and Sunflowers. These selected highlights introduce some of ...

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 - The Louvre: All the Paintings
The Louvre: All the Paintings

An historic publishing event! Endorsed by the Louvre and for the first time ever, every painting from the world's most popular museum is available in one stunning book. All 3,022 paintings on display in the permanent painting collection of the Louvre are presented in full color in this striking, slipcased book. Comes with an enclosed, supportive DVD-ROM.The Louvre is the world's most visited art museum, with 8.5 million visitors annually, and houses the most celebrated and important paintings of all time. For the first time ever, The Louvre: All the Paintings collects all 3,022 paintings currently on display in the permanent collection in one beautifully curated volume.Organized and divided into the four main painting collections of the museum— the Italian School, the Northern School, the Spanish School, and the French School— the paintings are then presented chronologically by the artist's date of birth.Four hundred of the most iconic and significant paintings are illuminated with 300-word discussions by art historians Anja Grebe and Vincent Pomarède on the key attributes of the work, what to look for when viewing the painting, the artist's inspirations and techniques, biographical information on the artist, the artist's impact on the history of art, and more.All 3,022 pain...

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 - Masterpieces: Great Paintings of the World in the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston
Masterpieces: Great Paintings of the World in the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston

Mixed from egg whites and vegetable tints, water and soot, oils and rare minerals and applied to bone, wood, metal and canvas, the plastic and expressive properties of paint have stirred artists and their admirers throughout history. The holdings of the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston have grown into a formidable appraisal of one of humankind's oldest and most diverse forms of artistic expression--from its first acquisition, Washington Allston's "Elijah in the Desert" (1818), to recently acquired works by Edgar Degas, Georgia O'Keeffe and Takashi Murakami--and now constitutes one of America's largest permanent collections. The first version of Masterpieces has long been a favorite among museum-goers and art lovers. This new edition expands on the scope of the old, adding new acquisitions and featuring 150 master works by artists from Asia, Europe and the Americas--from delicate Song-dynasty handscrolls to jewel-like images of medieval piety, scenes of mythic drama, austere still lifes, sensitive portraits, grand landscapes and jarring Modern visions. Featuring artists such as Rembrandt, El Greco, Copley, Monet, Sargent and Picasso, anonymous masters of medieval Europe and Asia and living artists of uncompromising vision such as Gerhard Richter and David Hockney, this book is a celebr...

  • ASIN: 0878467378
 - What Great Paintings Say (Taschen 25 Anniversary)
What Great Paintings Say (Taschen 25 Anniversary)

Masterpieces under the microscope: from ancient Egyptian papyrus scrolls to 20th century works Did the Greek gods play tennis? What is the ambassador from the land of Alchemy telling us? What secrets are being told on the shores of the Island of Venus? What is a monk doing on the Ship of Fools? What Great Paintings Say has the answers to these and many other burning questions asked about the most important and famous paintings of all time. In two volumes, a selection of history's greatest masterpieces is presented chronologically, including works by Botticelli, Breughel, Chagall, Courbet, Degas, Delacroix, D?rer, Goya, Monet, Raphael, Rembrandt, Renoir, Rubens, Tiepolo, Titian, and many others. Each chapter focuses on one painting, with enlarged details and in-depth texts describing their significance. Taking apart each painting and then reassembling it again like a huge jigsaw puzzle, the authors reveal the history of art as a lively panorama of forgotten worlds.

  • Brand: Brand: Taschen
  • ASIN: 3822847909
 - Wooden Jigsaw Puzzle - Great Paintings - 366 Unique Wooden Pieces - Made in The USA by Nautilus Puzzles - Challenge Any Puzzle Lover
Wooden Jigsaw Puzzle - Great Paintings - 366 Unique Wooden Pieces - Made in The USA by Nautilus Puzzles - Challenge Any Puzzle Lover

Great Paintings, Wooden Jigsaw Puzzle - 366 Pieces, finished size 15" x 11".THE PERFECT GIFT FOR PUZZLE DOERS AND ART FANS - Wooden Jigsaw Puzzles make the perfect gift for Christmas, Hanukkah, Mother's Day, Father's Day, Birthday, Anniversary and Retirement. EVERY LASER CUT NAUTILUS WOODEN JIGSAW PUZZLE is manufactured in the U.S.A. from 4 mm Finnish Birch Plywood that has been harvested from sustainably managed forests. The puzzles are cut in the classic Victorian puzzle style and feature creative, intricate pieces, and many shaped figural whimsy pieces, that are designed to match the theme, style and art of the puzzle. The cutting technique guarantees that every piece is a little work of art. Wooden Puzzles do not interlock in the same way as cardboard puzzles, so there is a different tactile experience in putting the puzzle together, making the puzzle more challenging to work, but incredibly entertaining. This is a 366 pieces random Victorian cut full color jigsaw puzzle with unique pieces. Keep it for yourself or give it to a friend or family member as a gift. Wooden puzzles are designed to be collectible and the sturdy wooden construction allows them to be handed down as heirlooms from generation to generation. Regardless of your choice, anyone will enjoy the stunning art ...

  • Color: Yellow, Red, Orange, Blue, Green, Black, Brown
  • Brand: Nautilus Puzzles
  • ASIN: B07SSW84W1
 - 100 Keys to Great Oil Painting
100 Keys to Great Oil Painting

Book by Douglas-Cooper, Helen

  • Brand: Brand: North Light Books
  • ASIN: 0891346937
 - Leonardo

 - Famous Paintings Selected from the World's Great Galleries and Reproduced in Colour (2 vols.)
Famous Paintings Selected from the World's Great Galleries and Reproduced in Colour (2 vols.)

Famous painting reproduced in colour selected from the world's great galleries published in 1913.

  • ASIN: B000J2SLXC
 - Art Masterpieces to Color: 60 Great Paintings from Botticelli to Picasso (Dover Art Coloring Book)
Art Masterpieces to Color: 60 Great Paintings from Botticelli to Picasso (Dover Art Coloring Book)

Colorists of all ages are invited to create their own versions of 60 great paintings. From masterpieces by Michelangelo and Raphael to striking creations by Paul Gauguin and Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec, this ready-to-color collection includes excellent renderings of Grant Wood's American Gothic, Winslow Homer's Snap the Whip, and Edward Hopper's Hotel Room, as well as compositions by Pierre-Auguste Renoir, Edgar Degas, Mary Cassatt, Paul Cézanne, Edward Burne-Jones, Claude Monet, John Singer Sargent, Vincent van Gogh, and 45 other great artists. Printed on one side only, the illustrations can be colored with a variety of media, including watercolors. All paintings are shown in original colors on the inside covers and notes provide information on each artist.

  • Brand: Dover Publications
  • ASIN: 0486433811
  • UPC: 800759433810
 - Great City Maps: A Historical Journey Through Maps, Plans, and Paintings
Great City Maps: A Historical Journey Through Maps, Plans, and Paintings

A beautifully illustrated history of the world's most celebrated historical city maps, from the hubs of ancient civilization to sprawling modern mega-cities, created in association with the Smithsonian Institution.Great City Maps explores and explains 30 of the world's greatest historical city maps, providing a captivating overview of cartography through the ages. The book's unrivaled reproduction of these fascinating and intricate documents provides graphic close-ups and reveals more than just pure geography—it offers insight into the cultures and beliefs of the great civilizations that gave rise to them. From classical cities like Rome and Jerusalem to modern hubs like New York and Tokyo, the stories behind each map are revealed: why it was created, who it was intended for, and how it was achieved. Profiles of key cartographers, planners, and artists give even further insight into the history of each urban masterpiece.With its genuinely unique and superbly illustrated approach to the most celebrated city maps in history and its lavish textured and foiled jacket, Great City Maps is a beautiful piece to add to any collection and a must-have for all history and geography enthusiasts.

  • Brand: DK Publishing Dorling Kindersley
  • ASIN: 146545358X
 - Great Book of Floral Patterns, Third Edition, Revised and Expanded: The Ultimate Design Sourcebook for Artists and Crafters (Fox Chapel Publishing) Over 100 Expertly Drawn Designs from Lora S. Irish
Great Book of Floral Patterns, Third Edition, Revised and Expanded: The Ultimate Design Sourcebook for Artists and Crafters (Fox Chapel Publishing) Over 100 Expertly Drawn Designs from Lora S. Irish

This is the ultimate sourcebook for floral design!Over 100 stunning floral patterns, expertly drawn, and ready to apply to a wide variety of arts and craftsBoth realistic and stylized designs are presented in this all-in-one resource, along with an inspiring gallery of workEach design includes a line drawing for easy transfer as well as a shaded version to illustrate depth and shadowRevised and expanded third edition includes 20 new and original patternsNew reference photography from internationally known artist and author Lora S. Irish, with photos of actual blooms in a variety of settings, scenes, themes, and backgroundsGreat Book of Floral Patterns is a bookshelf must for every artist and crafter who enjoys the beauty and symbolism of flowers!Take a guided tour with Lora S. Irish through her garden of more than 100 expertly drawn flower patterns. This nationally known artist and best-selling author will help you discover the poetic beauty and versatility of floral patterns that can be applied to a wide variety of arts and crafts—from painting, quilting, pyrography, and scrapbooking to intarsia, woodcarving, and stained glass.The revised and expanded third edition of Great Book of Floral Patterns includes stunning new reference photos and 20 new patterns. Each design features...

  • Brand: Design Originals
  • ASIN: 1565239253
  • UPC: 023863080545
 - 100 Keys to Great Watercolor Painting
100 Keys to Great Watercolor Painting

Presenting tips on developing technique, avoiding and correcting mistakes, and finding more enjoyment in watercolor, a guide for artists provides help on choosing the correct materials, creating special effects, mastering highlights, and making alterations.

  • Brand: Brand: North Light Books
  • ASIN: 0891345655

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