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 - Our Bodies Belong to God: Organ Transplants, Islam, and the Struggle for Human Dignity in Egypt
Our Bodies Belong to God: Organ Transplants, Islam, and the Struggle for Human Dignity in Egypt

Why has Egypt, a pioneer of organ transplantation, been reluctant to pass a national organ transplant law for more than three decades? This book analyzes the national debate over organ transplantation in Egypt as it has unfolded during a time of major social and political transformation―including mounting dissent against a brutal regime, the privatization of health care, advances in science, the growing gap between rich and poor, and the Islamic revival. Sherine Hamdy recasts bioethics as a necessarily political project as she traces the moral positions of patients in need of new tissues and organs, doctors uncertain about whether transplantation is a “good” medical or religious practice, and Islamic scholars. Her richly narrated study delves into topics including current definitions of brain death, the authority of Islamic fatwas, reports about the mismanagement of toxic waste predisposing the poor to organ failure, the Egyptian black market in organs, and more. Incorporating insights from a range of disciplines, Our Bodies Belong to God sheds new light on contemporary Islamic thought, while challenging the presumed divide between religion and science, and between ethics and politics.

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  • ASIN: 0520271769
 - The God Organ
The God Organ

Immortality is within reach.In 2063, a biotechnological revolution sweeps the nation. Behind this movement is Chicago-based medical giant LyfeGen. The company leads the biotech industry with their Sustain, an implantable artificial organ designed to grant its recipients near-immortality. But many of those recipients are suddenly dying. Biomedical scientist Preston Carter developed the Sustain to improve and save lives. Yet there are others that would see him fail. Extreme religious groups, radical movements, and competing corporations would prefer to see LyfeGen collapse rather than allow “the god organ” to fundamentally alter medicine and the human body. In a race against time, Carter must learn to trust resourceful journalist Audrey Cook. She may hold the key to discovering who is sabotaging the Sustain. And with the organ already implanted in his own body, Carter must uncover the truth before he’s killed by his invention.THE GOD ORGAN is a near-future medical thriller that takes the reader on a suspenseful ride filled with sinister conspiracies, intriguing biomedical science, and rampant corruption that will leave readers wondering just how dangerous becoming a god may really be. "Melchiorri's captivating conspiracy thriller dives headforemost into the future perils of a...

  • ASIN: B00NPKZ87C
 - O God, Our Help in Ages Past: Festive Hymn Arrangements for Organ and Piano Duet
O God, Our Help in Ages Past: Festive Hymn Arrangements for Organ and Piano Duet

After decades of requests for another duet book, Mark Hayes and Marvin Gaspard teamed up again to create this volume of festive hymn arrangements for piano and organ. Their collaborative writing style draws on their creative similarities and differences to produce some of the finest music available within this unique genre. The ten hymns in the book span the entire church year, with both general and seasonal selections, and each piece includes program notes. This must-have collection will provide tremendous service and concert duo literature for years to come. (Two copies are required for performance.)

  • ASIN: 0787761206
 - Home Again: A Novel
Home Again: A Novel

 - Introduction and Theme and Variations on All Creatures of Our God and King: Organ Solo
Introduction and Theme and Variations on All Creatures of Our God and King: Organ Solo

(Fred Bock Publications). Nine settings of the classic hymn including an introduction, theme, and variations. Commissioned by The Nebraska Music Teachers Association in Omaha and Lincoln, Nebraska.

  • Brand: Fred Bock Music Company
  • ASIN: 1423409825
  • UPC: 884088059187
 - In God We Trust: Eight Festive Organ and Piano Duets for National Holidays (Sacred Organ and Piano)
In God We Trust: Eight Festive Organ and Piano Duets for National Holidays (Sacred Organ and Piano)

Moderately Difficult • This volume of eight ebullient arrangements for organ and piano duet will solve the repertoire dilemma in finding special music for festive national holidays. Here you will find appropriate selections for Memorial Day, July 4th, Thanksgiving, or any special patriotic community or church celebration on your calendar of events. And all with the artistry of John Innes, a master craftsman for this medium. Two copies are needed for performance. / Sacred Organ and Piano / Organ and Piano / General, Patriotic

  • ASIN: B005OKJFM0
 - Organ Grind (The Lazarus Codex Book 2)
Organ Grind (The Lazarus Codex Book 2)

No guts, no glory.Being one of the four horsemen sucks. The hours are long, the pay is crap, and every god or monster you meet wants to kill you.For Lazarus Kerrigan, professional necromancer, even helping the police search for some missing internal organs is a welcome relief. That is, until his ex-girlfriend shows up in the employ of an ancient Egyptian deity, and a faerie queen makes him an offer he can't refuse.When Laz finds himself pulled into a criminal underworld where human souls are traded like currency, things just go from bad to worse. Unfortunately, his soul might just be worth its weight in gold.Fans of The Dresden Files and Iron Druid will be right at home in this thrilling supernatural suspense novel featuring a smart-ass wizard. Get your copy today!

 - The Biggs Book of Organ Music (H. W. Gray)
The Biggs Book of Organ Music (H. W. Gray)

A top-selling organ music book. Edited and arranged by E. Power Biggs (1906-1977). Includes a biographical sketch of the very influential Mr. Biggs. Titles: Adagio (for the Glass Harmonica or Musical Glasses) (W. A. Mozart) * All Glory Be to God on High (Festival Prelude for Organ) (J. S. Bach) * Andante (from Concerto No. 3 in B-flat) (W. Felton) * Prelude on Ave Verum Corpus (W. A. Mozart) * A Christmas Pastorale (from The Christmas Concerto) (G. Valentini) * The Cuckoo (L. C. d'Aquin) * The Emperor's Fanfare (from Sixth Double Concerto) (A. Soler) * The Faithful Shepherd (Pastorale) (G. F. Handel) * The Fifers (F. Dandrieu) * Firework Music (Suite from the Music for the Royal Fireworks) (G. F. Handel) * Fugue in C Major (The "Fanfare" Fugue) (J. S. Bach) * God's Time Is the Best (Sinfonia to Cantata No. 106) (J. S. Bach) * I Stand at the Threshold (Sinfonia to Cantata No. 156) (J. S. Bach) * Jesu, Joy of Man's Desiring (from Cantata No. 147) (J. S. Bach) * The Musical Clocks (from a Suite of Twelve Pieces) (F. J. Haydn) * Offertoire for Easter (On the Melody "O Filii et Filiae") (F. Dandrieu) * Sheep May Safely Graze (In G) (from Cantata No. 208 -- The "Birthday Cantata") (J. S. Bach) * The Shepherds at the Manger (from the Piano Suite "The Christmas Tree") (F. Liszt) * Sinfon...

  • Brand: Alfred Music
  • ASIN: 0769229905
  • UPC: 029156181067
 - An Introduction to Organ Registration (Church Music Pamphlets)
An Introduction to Organ Registration (Church Music Pamphlets)

Excellent condition Hymnbox

  • ASIN: 0570013348
 - When Crickets Cry
When Crickets Cry

  • ASIN: B004S7XCTW
 - Another Second Chance: God's Story
Another Second Chance: God's Story

Imagine in your darkest moment, as you lay on deaths door step; The God of the universe reaches down (in the most amazing, miraculous way) and hands you the ultimate second chance. Then does the same thing for your brother the very next day!! ALL because a stranger from a 1,000 miles away, was convicted by God to give his kidney away.... This is a very powerful book about the author's experience in facing the ups and downs of kidney disease--After playing Jesus Christ in a local passion drama for 9 years, his world is turned upside down; As he states in the first chapter, "this would cause me to question who I was, all that I had believed, and God himself." We live through Troy's journey and the emotional and spiritual roller coaster with him, but always we sense God in control of the situation-even when all seems hopeless. You will find yourself eagerly reading, in suspense, wanting to find out what happens next and how God will work. The author merely talks to us as if to friends, sharing something wonderful and awesome that happened to him; How at death's door step, he found God's Hope, Peace, and the reason for it all. "I knew all of these things happened for a reason! God revealed afterwards, the reason for the pain, was to bring Hope, the reason for the Hope was to bring t...

  • ASIN: B00954GKEC
 - I Sing the Mighty Power of God: Seven Hymn Improvisations for Organ (H. W. Gray Organ)
I Sing the Mighty Power of God: Seven Hymn Improvisations for Organ (H. W. Gray Organ)

Here's a collection every church organist can use throughout the church year. Westenkuehler has written powerful and touching arrangements of seven familiar hymn tunes and traditional melodies. Titles include: Bring a Torch, Jeanette, Isabella * I Sing the Mighty Power of God * In Heavenly Love Abiding * O the Deep, Deep Love of Jesus * On Jordan's Stormy Banks * Praise the Lord! Ye Heavens Adore Him * This is My Father's World.

  • Brand: Alfred Music
  • ASIN: 0769277829
  • UPC: 029156982732
 - I.C.U. God: (I See You God)
I.C.U. God: (I See You God)

James and Bridget Dewees takes us on a journey of faith, love and miracles. After 65 days in ICU and on their 28th anniversary weekend, God blessed James with a new heart via organ donation. James' heart transplant not only provided natural healing, but a spiritual transformation for everyone connected to him. This couple saw the strategic hand of God and his Word come alive on their 65 day wait in ICU. This book highlights the coping strategies that kept James positive and the reflections of Bridget as she dealt with life in and out of ICU. This couple shows us that with faith, prayer, and positive thinking, you can get through anything.

  • ASIN: B07MVJX16N
 - Fanfare and Prelude on God of Our Fathers - Organ
Fanfare and Prelude on God of Our Fathers - Organ

Fanfare and Prelude on God of Our Fathers - Organ - Moderately Easy - National Songs - Thanksgiving - J. Wayne Kerr - Praise/Thanksgiving. - Organ - NATIONAL HYMN. Thanksgiving Day/services with national emphasis. - MorningStar Music Publishers

  • ASIN: B00O5A4RPU
 - Exquisite Miniature. Nellie Organ 1903 -1908.
Exquisite Miniature. Nellie Organ 1903 -1908.

At the dawn of the last century Peter Pan became part of the English consciousness and the Wizard of Oz part of the American. These were fantasies for children which also found a resonance with adults. As fantasies they are worthy and they endure. At the same time heaven captured the heart of a little girl in Ireland, not with fantasies but with the Living Truth, a little less palatable for our escapist natures, perhaps, but infinitely more worthy and more enduring. This is her story. Those who read it will come in contact with a spirituality too profound for fantasies.

  • ASIN: B0073FTYSO
 - Brake Fluid Reservoir Cover Sock for Motorcycles, Sporbikes and Gifts by Moto Loot (Organ Donor)
Brake Fluid Reservoir Cover Sock for Motorcycles, Sporbikes and Gifts by Moto Loot (Organ Donor)

WHY DO YOU NEED THIS MOTORCYCLE BRAKE RESERVOIR COVER? LOOKS AWESOME Well firstly, it looks awesome and really stands out. Other motorcycle enthusiasts will spot your 'Organ Donor' reservoir cover sock from a mile away and come up to you for a chat about it and your motorcycle - and let’s face it, everyone loves to talk about their bike! Seriously, don't be surprised if complete strangers approach you to compliment your awesome reservoir cover. You'll also likely make your ridding buddies a little jealous ;) PREVENTS PLASTIC RESERVOIR DISCOLORATION Have you ever seen a motorcycle with a faded, yellow brake reservoir? Yeah it looks horrible and makes the bike look weathered and old. This brake sock has been specifically designed to block UV rays that can cause your motorcycle brake reservoir to become faded and discolored. It has been constructed from thick terry cotton which prevents harmful sunlight from ruining your brake reservoir. ABSORBS ANY LEAKS The last thing you want is brake fluid on your motorcycle's paint... it'll destroy it. Seriously, one drop is enough to completely ruin your motorcycle's beautiful paintwork. Honestly, its tear inducing. This brake reservoir cover will help prevent this from occurring. If your reservoir leaks for whatever reason, this sock will s...

  • Color: Organ donor
  • Brand: Moto Loot
  • UPC: 640841642689
 - When Hope Is Your Only Option: One Man's Brave Journey Through Life's Adversity - Triple Organ Transplant
When Hope Is Your Only Option: One Man's Brave Journey Through Life's Adversity - Triple Organ Transplant

When Hope Is Your Only Option: One Man's Brave Journey through Life's Adversity, Triple Organ Transplant by Jim StavisDiagnosed with juvenile type 1 diabetes at age 17, Jim Stavis was told to expect a shortened lifespan filled with medical difficulties along the way. While some would choose to spend their time asking, "Why me?" and focusing on the very real possibility that their life would end before it even began, Stavis chose to tackle his medical issues head on-- using positivity and hope as warriors in his fight against adversity.As Jim's life unfolded, he realized the adversity that had occurred early on had actually been a blessing, as it taught him how to overcome life's greatest challenges. It served as a motivator to get his life on a successful path, both personally and in business.As events would occur, such as a devastating business fire, more health challenges and ultimately a rare triple organ transplant, it was the mindset Jim employed that he would not only survive, but flourish that got him through. He ultimately realized in his journey that we are all tested eventually. Through his real-life challenges that he overcame and the wisdom gained, he hopes to be able to help others as they encounter their own adversity in life.This book is about overcoming all the o...

  • ASIN: 1457561921
 - Heart Intelligence: Connecting with the Intuitive Guidance of the Heart
Heart Intelligence: Connecting with the Intuitive Guidance of the Heart

Heart Intelligence, Connecting with the Intuitive Guidance of the Heart provides readers with a new, high definition picture of the energetic heart as a unifying, creative, intuitive intelligence that we can learn to draw on for moment to moment guidance.Heart Intelligence links the physical heart to the spiritual (energetic) heart. Through its extensive communication with the brain and body, the heart is intimately involved in how we think, feel, and respond to the world. Expanding on their breakthrough book, The HeartMath Solution, the authors offer heart-based techniques and guidelines for living from the heart, which connects the puzzle pieces of our purpose and fulfillment. The book provides information and simple practices for accessing our heart’s intuitive guidance to connect with our highest choices for better outcomes. Our choices are especially important through these changing times because they constantly create or disrupt our peace, happiness and self-security. Our thoughts and feelings influence the chemistry that regulates much of our health — how we feel, for better or worse. Our thoughts, feelings, emotions and attitudes are just frequencies that we can learn to change — once we put our heart into our intention. Heart Intelligence provides practices to repl...

  • ASIN: B01BTCX7L6

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