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Gemini Series

 - Dead in the Water (Gemini Book 1)
Dead in the Water (Gemini Book 1)

Gemini, Book 1Camille Ellis is the Earthen Conclave’s golden girl. Her peculiar talent solves cases with a touch. She isn’t afraid of getting her hands dirty, but every bright star casts a shadow, and her deepest scars lurk just beneath the skin.A routine consultation goes sideways when a victim’s brother gets involved in the investigation. Riding the edge of grief, the warg will go to any lengths to avenge his sister’s death. Even if it means ensuring Cam’s cooperation at the jaws of his wolf.When the killer strikes again, Cam is caught between a warg and a hard place. To save the next victim, she must embrace her past. Even if it means dragging her darkest secrets into the light of day.

  • ASIN: B017EG7Y06
 - Head Above Water (Gemini Book 2)
Head Above Water (Gemini Book 2)

Gemini, Book 2 Camille Ellis has tracked many killers during her career, but this time it's personal. Cut off from conclave resources, she won't let a small thing like a suspension keep her from accepting Cord Graeson's offer of help.Pretending to be mated to him is one way to secure allies, but the best that can be said of the Chandler Pack is they haven't killed or eaten her. Yet. Between the alpha's displeasure and the pack's distrust of fae, she's working overtime to keep her head above water.Just when the fur starts to fly, a tip cracks her case--and her life--wide open.

  • ASIN: B01B9674AW
 - Hell or High Water (Gemini Book 3)
Hell or High Water (Gemini Book 3)

Gemini, Book 3Camille Ellis has gone rogue agent, and there’s no turning back now. The conclave might have put the Charybdis case to bed, but Cam isn’t willing to let it lie. No badge doesn’t mean no backup these days.As mate to an alpha warg, she has access to new and lethal resources. A whole pack full of them. And they all want justice for the sins committed against them. But the stakes are higher than she knows, the secrets exposed darker than she feared, and the cost of winning higher than she ever imagined.

  • ASIN: B01F04X9D0
 - Wolf at the Door (Gemini Book 5)
Wolf at the Door (Gemini Book 5)

Prison is no one's idea of a good time, and it's even worse for Dell. Confinement has her inner wolf snarling as she paces their cell, and there's no end in sight. Just as she reaches her breaking point, the pack liaison shows up with an offer she can’t refuse. Dell’s freedom in exchange for going to Faerie and recapturing the fae prince responsible for her current digs.But this fool's errand won't be a solo mission. Isaac Cahill has lost Dell twice, and he’ll be damned if she slips through his fingers again. This time, he’s not letting her out of his sight. Even if it means earning more than a few love bites from his pissed off she-wolf.What they discover on their perilous quest is that war is closer than anyone imagined. As trusted allies fall and dangerous new threats emerge, Dell discovers one defining truth. Isaac is hers, and she'll fight to the death for him. And, at the rate this war is coming, she might not have long to wait.

  • ASIN: B01M4OF54I
 - Promise the Moon (Gemini Book 4)
Promise the Moon (Gemini Book 4)

Lorimar Pack, Book 1War is a constant threat on Dell Preston’s horizon. As beta of the Lorimar pack, her job is to maintain the peace on the new border between Faerie and Earth at all costs. Even if that means playing nice with her ex, Isaac, the fae who savaged her wolf’s soul, and Enzo Garza, the flirty witch who ought to be focused on building up their magical defenses instead of tearing down the walls around Dell’s heart.Butler, Tennessee is a pinprick on the map with a diverse population of supernaturals. It’s also chockful of humans who are unaware of the magical rift bruising the sky or the otherworldly insurgents raining down into their zip code.A local fae’s disappearance catches Dell’s attention, but she dismisses it as an isolated event. Until it happens again. Unable to ignore the strange happenings in her town, she begins an investigation that uncovers so much more than a simple rash of kidnappings.Now Dell finds herself at the sharp end of a pointed ultimatum. Find the missing and return them to their families or get ready for prime time. Botch this job, and forget coming soon. The war will become tomorrow’s featured attraction instead.

  • ASIN: B01JC44UTG
 - Over the Moon (Gemini Book 6)
Over the Moon (Gemini Book 6)

Dell has persuaded the Bloodless army to fight alongside her pack in Butler, but she still has to get there. Halfway home, the rift detonates, blasting out a magic surge that sweeps across the globe, frying electronics and spells alike. Leaving her with no way to get home except on her own two--or four--feet.Dangerous times demand equally lethal alliances, and she has to make a risky deal if she wants to reach the front lines before it's too late. The bargain grants an ancient fae power over her, a hold she vowed no man would ever have on her again, but freedom requires sacrifice.As the threshold between Earth and Faerie erodes, humans and supernaturals alike are in danger of being erased as the fae seek to claim this world as their own. This is the moment when new legends arise and old gods fall, when fates unspool and futures unravel, when battles are won and lives are lost.The war isn't just coming. It's here.

  • ASIN: B071X8KPW3
 - Gemini XGA Series XGA-5000 Professional Quality PA System DJ Equipment Power Amplifier with 5000 Watt Instant Peak Power
Gemini XGA Series XGA-5000 Professional Quality PA System DJ Equipment Power Amplifier with 5000 Watt Instant Peak Power

The XGA Series of power amplifiers from Gemini offer clean, reliable power to heighten the crowd's experience, leaving them with the unforgettable memory of your performance. Receive pure, consistent wattage night after night for the lifetime of the amplifier. The performance of this amplifier is highlighted by the 5000 watts of Instant Peak Power, making it an ideal solution for powering PA systems and DJ rigs. The XGA-5000 also features a frequency response of 10Hz-50kHz at 1.5dB, total harmonic distortion of less than 0.1%, and input sensitivity and impedance of 0.77v for the ultimate premium performance capabilities. For a full-range of connecting opportunities, the XGA family hosts XLR and ¼-inch balanced inputs with three SpeakOn outputs. The XGA unit also includes front panel indicators for Signal, Clip, Protect and Bridge keep your unit properly protected and connected. A front-to-rear airflow and cooling fan provides thermal stability and reliability, and the constant speed of the fan provides a low level of unwanted noise. Level controls for channels 1 and 2, DC Output protection and Short Circuit protection give you the ultimate preventability for misuse and seamless results. Selectable modes for Stereo and Mono Bridge give you even more flexibility, while its sleek, ...

  • Color: Assorted Colors
  • Brand: Gemini
  • UPC: 747705204448
 - Project Gemini: America in Space Series
Project Gemini: America in Space Series

In just two-and-a-half years, beginning in 1964, two unmanned and ten manned flights took place in the Gemini program. This program was the turning point in the space race with the USSR; from then on the Americans took the lead. Flights lasting two weeks, into the Van Allen Belt, the first extravehicular activities, rendezvous maneuvers and docking with other spacecraft―all of this was achieved by Gemini, paving the way for the more demanding moon landing program. It was not all success, however. Like almost every significant undertaking, Project Gemini also had its dramas and tragedies. All Project Gemini missions are discussed, including details on allcraft and the astronauts involved. Superb color, archival images,cutaways and plans are also included.

  • ASIN: 0764350706
 - Gemini: The Eighth Book of The House of Niccolo
Gemini: The Eighth Book of The House of Niccolo

  • ASIN: B003XT60K4
 - Gemini Series Boxset Books 1-4: A Bundle of Gripping Mystery Suspense Novels (Warriors Series Boxset Book 4)
Gemini Series Boxset Books 1-4: A Bundle of Gripping Mystery Suspense Novels (Warriors Series Boxset Book 4)

'Ty Patterson's thrillers should come with a health warning. Highly Addictive!FOR COVERT OPERATIVES BETH AND MEGHAN PETERSEN, THE IMPOSSIBLE TAKES A LITTLE LONGER. BUT THEY JUST MIGHT HAVE MET THEIR NEMESISFeaturing Beth and Meghan Petersen. They are covert operatives in a secretive US outfit. They are twins, sassy and lethal. Now, in a never-before bundle of four pulse-pounding action-packed suspense thrillers. In the same vein as Jack Reacher, Will Robie and Orphan XDividing ZeroThe impossible takes a little longer for Beth and Meghan Petersen...maybe not, this time!Defending CainBeth and Meghan weren't interested in Cain. Hunting serial killers is for the NYPD. But he came for them. And died. But the killings had just begun.I Am MissingBeth and Meghan are hired by billionaire Cole Patten with a simple request. 'I am missing. Find me.'Wrecking TeamThe NYPD calls Beth and Meghan The Wrecking Team. Because they'll demolish whoever gets in their way. It takes just one spoiled heiress to undo their reputation.This bundle of Gemini Series thrillers from Ty Patterson, has his trademark pedal-to-metal pace and turbocharged action. If you like Lee Child, Vince Flynn and David Baldacci, you'll love Ty Patterson's storytelling.'You'll love Beth and Meghan. The thriller world has never se...

  • ASIN: B07N91VTPL
 - Child of Darkness (Gemini)
Child of Darkness (Gemini)

She grew up in the shadows of lies. Now the past will come to light. As a child, she was Baby Celeste, the one thing that kept her mother in touch with reality. But now her mother is in an institution, and sixteen-year-old Celeste Atwell is alone in the world. Adopted by a wealthy couple, Celeste has everything a girl could desire: designer clothes, luxury cars, even a handsome boyfriend. But her indulgence may come at a steep price -- because the secrets hidden within her new family are too dangerous to keep under wraps.... Also in the bestselling Gemini series from V.C. Andrews®-- be sure to read Celeste and Black Cat, available from Pocket Star Books!

  • ASIN: 0743493850
 - Gemini AS Series AS-08BLU Professional Audio Bluetooth 8-inch Portable Active PA Loudspeaker with High/Low Equalization and Gain Control, Mic and Line XLR, 1/4
Gemini AS Series AS-08BLU Professional Audio Bluetooth 8-inch Portable Active PA Loudspeaker with High/Low Equalization and Gain Control, Mic and Line XLR, 1/4", 1/8" & RCA inputs

Is your audio starting to sound flat and faded? The AS-08BLU from Gemini is the refresher your set-up needs. Give your parties a concert quality and give your friends a reason to be jealous. Experience a whole new level of live sound through our exclusive AS active loudspeaker series engineered for unprecedented performance. Receive powerful, deep bass with linear sound reproduction containing satisfyingly clear fullness, even at high-res. The AS-BLU series supports Bluetooth wireless allowing you a convenient, comfortable audio experience from your phone, USB or SD card for seemingly endless music playing options. This is a powerful 8" loudspeaker with 500 Watt amp pumping unending sound clarity through supreme operational quality audio tech. Get high professional quality equipment without the high professional price tag. The AS-08BLU doesn't lose quality or clarity at high volumes like most speakers and allows you the comfort of multiple connectivity options for varied listening. Reliable, durable with a sleek design, this makes a perfect addition to any kit and occasion. Including a built-in FM radio with internal antenna and standard mic and line XLR, 1/4”, 1/8”, and RCA inputs, get the most from your speaker and worry less with its flyable and stand-mountable capabilitie...

  • Color: Bluetooth
  • Brand: Gemini
  • UPC: 747705004147
 - Project Apollo: The Early Years, 1961-1967 (America in Space Series)
Project Apollo: The Early Years, 1961-1967 (America in Space Series)

In May 1961, American president John F. Kennedy committed the nation to carrying out a manned landing on the moon before the end of the decade. This volume covers the early years of the Apollo program (1960-1967), still the most significant space effort in the history of mankind. In a very short time, NASA developed the mighty Saturn rockets, the Apollo spacecraft, and the lunar lander. This breathtaking development came at a cost, however, as in 1967 astronauts Virgil Grissom, Roger Chaffee, and Edward White lost their lives during a test. Ten months after the catastrophe, however, the Saturn V, America’s moon rocket, made its triumphal unmanned maiden flight. After that, just twenty more months would pass before man set foot on another celestial body for the first time.

  • Brand: imusti
  • ASIN: 0764351745
 - Nixon's Promise (Gemini Group Book 1)
Nixon's Promise (Gemini Group Book 1)

Former Navy SEAL Nixon Swagger has come home. After twelve years of service, he's craving the solace his family's land offers and some time to recharge before moving on. He didn't plan on a feisty neighbor turning his head and commanding his attention--a headstrong woman who makes his pulse race and sets his body on fire.The last thing McKenna Wilson wants is to be distracted by a sexy war hero who's just passing through. Her once picture-perfect life ended with the untimely deaths of her parents. Now the strong willed, self-sufficient woman is learning to parent her two teenage siblings. The struggle is relentless but Nixon Swagger cannot be ignored. He's pushed his way past all her defenses and quickly reminds the trio of the real meaning of family.As Nix and McKenna collide in a battle of wills and passion, his past comes back to haunt him. An enemy with a decade old grudge will stop at nothing until Nix's life crumbles. When McKenna's life is on the line, can Nix and his team get to her in time? Or will the woman he has fallen in love with become collateral damage?

  • ASIN: B07R9ZQ44Y
 - Love on the Run: Book One of the Against All Odds series
Love on the Run: Book One of the Against All Odds series

I've spent most of my life on the run from a dangerous man, who also happens to be my father. Jumping town to town and changing my name more times than I can even count.Friendships and relationships are alien to me...My closest companion being my mother, who has given up everything to keep us safe.A new town, per usual.New identities, also per usual.Only this time, my mother throws me a curveball. Apparently, she plans on staying here long enough for me to settle in and complete my Senior year of High School. She wants me to see what it's like being "normal."That’s how I meet Gray, and there is nothing expected about him at all. Even though the attraction is instant, we both try our best to ignore it. A high-school girl and an older man will cause a small-town scandal, which I need to avoid for my mother’s sake. The difference in our age isn't even the half of it. Not to mention my view on love and relationships: Purely chemical and ever-changing.But how do I fight this when he is everything I don’t believe in, and I’m exactly what he doesn’t need?*NOTE: This is a sweet, yet steamy, New Adult Contemporary Romance.RECOMMENDED FOR MATURE AUDIENCES ONLY.*“From the first page I was absolutely captivated.This book has it all—Angst, drama, taboo relationships, mys...

 - Watership Down: A Novel (Puffin Books Book 1)
Watership Down: A Novel (Puffin Books Book 1)

  • ASIN: B002NXOQF2
 - Defending Cain: An Unputdownable Mystery Suspense Novel (Gemini Series of Thrillers Book 2)
Defending Cain: An Unputdownable Mystery Suspense Novel (Gemini Series of Thrillers Book 2)

'Zero to thrilling action in a page flip'BETH AND MEGHAN PETERSEN WEREN'T INTERESTED IN CAIN. HUNTING SERIAL KILLERS IS FOR THE NYPD. BUT HE CAME FOR THEM. AND THEN HE DIED. BUT THE KILLINGS HAD JUST BEGUNNew York should have breathed a sigh of relief when the deadly serial killer is found dead on a street.However, a new spate of killings raises questions. Who else is terrorising the city? Who killed Cain? Why did he have Meghan's photograph on him? The search for answers leads the Petersen sisters to a terrifying conspiracy aimed to destroy them and their city.The only way out for them is to fight back.The sisters have fought terrorists in Syria, criminals in Somalia. In all those places they had a team to cover them.In the concrete jungle of New York, they only have each other. Every one else is a potential enemy.Packed with breakneck action at pedal-to-metal pace, Defending Cain is a thriller you can't miss.If you're a fan of Lee Child, David Baldacci and Gregg Hurwitz, you'll loveTy Patterson's pedal-to-metal pace and no holding back approach to storytelling

  • ASIN: B075FFJM65
 - Gemini CDM Series CDM-4000 Professional Audio CD/MP3/USB DJ Media Player Console with Xpix Condenser Microphone, Samson Closed-Back Headphones, and Deluxe Bundle
Gemini CDM Series CDM-4000 Professional Audio CD/MP3/USB DJ Media Player Console with Xpix Condenser Microphone, Samson Closed-Back Headphones, and Deluxe Bundle

The Gemini CDM-4000 CD/MP3/USB DJ Media Player is a versatile tool for audio playback that offers track search and playback features across dual CD decks. Two independent jog wheels let you search through tracks, bend the pitch or even scratch like a pro. With the pitch control slider you get maximum control when beat matching. Loop section features re-loop to continuously inspire your creativity for shaping songs and you can you quickly master cue points and preview your cues. Single and continuous play modes give you the ability to provide music without having to constantly monitor and control the unit, plus with Instant-Start function and Program feature that supports playlist creation, you get maximum flexibility. Large blue backlit LCD display provides additional information like track number, time and pitch value. You can easily command your playlist with the central mixer section's 2-band EQ and gain control. Connect external tools like monitors, microphones, amplifiers, headphones and recording devices with 2 stereo inputs and 2 XLR outputs. The CDM-4000 is compatible with audio CDs, CD-Rs, MP3-CDs and USB storage devices. Anti-shock with RAM buffer memory will protect against external bumps and vibrations to ensure seamless performance. The cross fader lets you mix evenl...

  • Brand: Gemini
  • ASIN: B07D7TN7GS
  • UPC: 096259932124

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