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Dulcimer Instruction Book

 - Complete Dulcimer Handbook
Complete Dulcimer Handbook

This book was written as a basic guide and source book for all dulcimer players, from the absolute novice to the most advanced picker. With its 53 songs in various modes and tunings, The Complete Dulcimer Handbook is meant to be used as a songbook, a lesson plan book, and a step-by-step guide from beginner to intermediate or advanced level. The author's basic premise is that, given this instrument's relatively brief pedagogical history, "There are no right or wrong ways to play the mountain dulcimer, only harder or easier means of reaching the same ends". Includes access to online audio featuring the author's outstanding performance of 17 tunes from the book.

  • ASIN: B0125K7ZN2
 - First Lessons Dulcimer
First Lessons Dulcimer

This instruction book for beginning lap dulcimer in DAD tuning is unique in two ways. First, it instructs the beginning student in the increasingly popular DAD tuning. Secondly, the author, a classroom music teacher, has carefully and systematically layered the lessons to guide the student through familiar songs while teaching skills and musical concepts. This not only enables the student to enjoy the lap dulcimer but also enhances total music understanding and participation. The accompanying online audio download provides instructional dialogue and demonstrations of the techniques and songs included in the book. Additional hints and exercises are presented in an inviting and encouraging conversational text.

  • ASIN: 0786687495
 - Traditional Mountain Dulcimer (Book/CD)
Traditional Mountain Dulcimer (Book/CD)

(Homespun Tapes). This easy and immediately playable introduction to the mountain dulcimer will get anyone playing, regardless of prior musical experience! ONE CD * INCLUDES TAB * LEVEL 1

  • Brand: Homespun
  • ASIN: 063406293X
  • UPC: 073999570823
 - The Dulcimer Book
The Dulcimer Book

This book teaches beginners how to tune and play the dulcimer, and features illustrations, drawings, and recollections of the dulcimer's local history. It also includes music and lyrics for 16 songs from The Ritchie Family of Kentucky. Contents: Bachelor's Hall ~ Barb'ry Ellen ~ Dear Companion ~ Go Tell Aunt Rhodie ~ Goin' Down Town ~ Goin' to Boston ~ Ground Hog ~ O Johnny's on the Water ~ Old Betty Larkin ~ Old Joe Clark ~ Over the River, Charlie ~ Pretty Betty Martin ~ Pretty Polly ~ Pretty Saro ~ Shady Grove ~ What'll I Do with the Baby-O?

  • Brand: Hal Leonard
  • ASIN: 0825600162
  • UPC: 752187614654
 - Dulcimer Chord Book
Dulcimer Chord Book

Over 500 mountain dulcimer chords for the five widely used modes-- Mixolydian, Ionian, Lydian, Dorian, and Aeolian--plus jazz and four-string chromatic tunings. Includes an explanation and history of modes, transpositions, using a capo, playing dulcimer in jam sessions, and more. Special case size.

  • Brand: Mel Bay
  • ASIN: 1562222481
  • UPC: 783324836905
 - Method For Beginning Mountain Dulcimer
Method For Beginning Mountain Dulcimer

Bing Futch’s “Method For Beginning Mountain Dulcimer” is the most comprehensive how-to-learn-the-dulcimer book available. You’ll learn the basics, sure, and start playing songs right away. Even better, though, is the depth of content that Bing provides for you in this one incomparable volume - technique, repertoire, theory, history, and FUN! Once you’ve worked your way through this book, you’ll be a competent dulcimer player that can enjoy playing with any group. You’ll have a great time honing your skills with Bing, and you’ll end up with a wealth of technical skills, music fundamentals, and dulcimer repertoire!

  • ASIN: 1481163191
 - Complete Book of Celtic Music for Appalachian Dulcimer
Complete Book of Celtic Music for Appalachian Dulcimer

Mark Nelson's knowledge and love of Celtic music is immediately evident through his choice of tunes for this comprehensive book. Harp music, the piper's repertoire, and fiddle tunes from Ireland, Scotland and Breton are all well-represented here, and a thorough historical foundation is carefully laid. Mark provides samples of Reels, Jigs, Hornpipes, Strathspeys, Polkas, Mazurkas, Slides, Marches, Piobaireachds, Set Dances, Airs, Plaxties, Country Dances, Morris Dances, as well as music from Breton in northwestern France. The audio download available online contains 20 of the 109 songs from the book.

  • ASIN: 0786686782
 - Dulcimer Songbook: Irish Songs
Dulcimer Songbook: Irish Songs

Thomas BalingerDulcimer SongbookIrish Songs50 popular Irish Songs arranged for dulcimer in standard mixolydian tuning D-A-D (6 1/2 fret models; TAB fret numbers: 1 2 3 4 5 6 6+ 7). Progressively graded from simple melody playing on one or two strings to easy fingerpicking arrangements of 7 popular songs, this collection is aimed at the beginning player.Plus chord symbols, dulcimer chord diagrams and a collection of strumming patterns for song accompaniment.Songs:1. Boolavogue2. Botany Bay3. Botany Bay (Arr.)4. Brennan on the moor5. Carrickfergus6. Courtin’ in the kitchen7. Danny Boy8. Dicey Riley9. Down by the Glenside10. Finnegan’s Wake11. I’ll tell me Ma12. I never will marry13. I never will marry (Arr.)14. I once loved a lass15. James Connolly16. Molly Malone17. Never wed an old man18. Never wed an old man (Arr.)19. New York girls20. Old Maid in a garret21. Poor Paddy works on the railway22. Reilly’s daughter23. She moved through the fair24. Skibbereen25. Spancil Hill26. Swallow tail jig27. The Bard of Armagh28. The Bard of Armagh (Arr.)29. The black velvet band30. The black velvet band (Arr.)31. The cliffs of Dooneen32. The flower of sweet Strabane33. The foggy dew34. The hills of Connemara35. The humour is on me now36. The jolly beggarman37. The last rose of summer38...

  • ASIN: 1979248893
 - You Can Teach Yourself Hammered Dulcimer
You Can Teach Yourself Hammered Dulcimer

Another great beginner’s book from Madeline MacNeil, explaining every aspect of playing the hammered dulcimer. From detailed discussions on dulcimer layout, hammers, tuning, and stands to extensive performance notes on every tune-this book provides a wealth of information for all students of the hammered dulcimer. From Oh Suzanna to Jesu, Joy of Man’s Desiring, Madeline shows the novice dulcimer player how to "map your way through" a new piece of music, finding clear, musical directions through what at first must seem like a maze of strings. All tunes are in standard notation. The book’s 88 pages are illustrated with photos as well as quaint woodcuts, engravings, and pen and ink drawings. The companion 85-minute video and audio contains essential basic information on playing the hammered dulcimer--such as tuning, major and minor keys, duplicated notes, repeated notes, modulations, walking bass lines, chromatic notes, drone harmony, back-up chords, interval harmony, and more! Also contains Madeline MacNeil’s hammered dulcimer solos on 25 tunes. Includes access to online audio and video.

  • ASIN: 0786693258
 - Dulcimer Songbook: Bluegrass Classics
Dulcimer Songbook: Bluegrass Classics

Thomas BalingerDulcimer SongbookBluegrass Classics60 popular American Songs arranged for dulcimer in standard mixolydian tuning D-A-D (6 1/2 fret models, TAB fret numbers: 1 2 3 4 5 6 6+ 7). Progressively graded from simple melody playing on one or two strings to easy fingerpicking arrangements of 10 popular songs, this collection is aimed at the beginning player.Plus chord symbols, dulcimer and guitar chord diagrams and a collection of strumming patterns for song accompaniment.Songs:1. A beautiful life2. A cowboy’s life3. Acres of clams4. A horse named Bill5. All the good times are past and gone6. All the good times are past and gone (Arr.)7. Angel Band8. Arkansas Traveler9. Beautiful brown eyes10. Billy the kid11. Blood on the saddle12. Boil them cabbage down13. Boil them cabbage down (Arr.)14. Carry me back to old Virginny15. Colorado trail16. Come all ye fair and tender ladies17. Come all ye fair and tender ladies (Arr.)18. Cotton-eyed Joe19. Cumberland Gap20. Danville girl21. Dink’s Song22. Dink’s Song (Arr.)23. Don’t this road look rough and rocky24. Down the road25. Down to the river to pray26. Drifting too far from the shore27. East Virginia Blues28. Engine 14329. Erie Canal30. Foggy mountain top31. Footprints in the snow32. Frankie and Johnny33. Git along little ...

  • ASIN: 1978278616
 - Dirt Simple Hammered Dulcimer
Dirt Simple Hammered Dulcimer

The title says it all: "Dirt Simple." This book and accompanying audio are designed for a rank beginner who knows nothing about the hammered dulcimer, providing them the tools to make music right away. Starting with the fundamentals of how to hold hammers and tune the instrument, it delves deeper into mastery with posture, stand height/angle, and replacing strings to set up the beginner for a lifetime of good habits. Every concept introduced is simultaneously presented with illustrations and songs that demonstrate and reinforce. Whether the student reads music or plays by ear, the result is the same - music making right from the beginning! Dr. Mark Alan Wade is an experienced teacher with an undergraduate degree in music education and years of public school teaching experience. Now teaching music theory and dulcimer at Denison University, Dr. Wade offers a unique perspective on teaching hammered dulcimer and has three students who have also won the National Hammered Dulcimer Contest as evidence of his master teaching. It's all about the music! Dirt Simple Hammered Dulcimer is written so that the carefully selected tunes are the true teacher. Hands-on learning is made easy with the accompanying online audio download . Each song is played slowly for students to learn by ear in addi...

  • Brand: Mel Bay
  • ASIN: 078669033X
 - Larkin's Dulcimer Book
Larkin's Dulcimer Book

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  • ASIN: 0943644003
 - Dulcimer Songbook: 70 popular songs for dulcimer in D-A-D tuning
Dulcimer Songbook: 70 popular songs for dulcimer in D-A-D tuning

Thomas BalingerDulcimer Songbook70 popular songs for dulcimer in D-A-D tuning70 popular tunes arranged for dulcimer in standard mixolydian tuning D-A-D (6 1/2 fret models, TAB fret numbers: 1 2 3 4 5 6 6+ 7). Progressively graded from simple melody playing on one or two strings to easy fingerpicking arrangements of 10 popular songs, this collection is aimed at the beginning player.Plus chord symbols, dulcimer chord diagrams and a collection of strumming patterns for song accompaniment.Songs:1. Amazing grace2. America (My country ’tis of thee)3. America the beautiful4. Auld lang syne5. Aura Lee6. Away in a manger7. Banks of Allan Water8. Banks of Sacramento9. Banks of the Ohio10. Barbara Allen11. Bound for the Rio Grande12. Buffalo gals13. Bury me not on the lone prairie14. Camptown races15. Can the circle be unbroken16. Careless love17. Cindy18. Clementine19. Cotton-eyed Joe20. Danny Boy21. Deck the halls22. Down by the riverside23. Down in the valley24. Finnegan’s Wake25. Give me that old time religion26. Good night, ladies27. Go, tell it on the mountain28. He’s got the whole world in His hands29. Home on the range30. Home! Sweet Home!31. House of the rising sun32. I’m on my way33. I once loved a lass34. Jingle bells35. John Brown’s body36. Jolly good fellow37. Kum ba ...

  • ASIN: 1547289244
 - Mel Bay's Favorite Old-Time American Songs for Dulcimer
Mel Bay's Favorite Old-Time American Songs for Dulcimer

This giant book features over 100 of America's favorite folk songs, expertly arranged for the Appalachian dulcimer. Children's songs, work songs, old Anglo-American ballads, songs of strife and freedom, love songs and much, much more are all gathered here in arrangements suitable for the beginning and intermediate player. The songs come from all over - old books and sheet music, transcriptions from field recordings, but mostly from the singing of countless folks in kitchens and festival hallways, street corners and concert stages. Songs include "Poor Wayfaring Stranger," "Tenting Tonight," "Don't Let Your Deal Go Down," "Oh, Death," "Careless Love," and many, many more. Tunings used include D-A-D and D-A-A, as well as C-G-C and C-G-G and several modal tunings. All are playable on any three- or four-stringed dulcimer. Some use a 6 1/2 fret. Includes information on reading music and TAB, notes on transposing, and a useful index of songs by tuning. In standard notation and TAB, with guitar chords.

  • Brand: Mel Bay Publications, Inc
  • ASIN: 0786671785
  • UPC: 796279095648
 - Hammered Dulcimer for the Young Beginner
Hammered Dulcimer for the Young Beginner

arrived in America via England and Ireland. It appears throughout many countries over centuries and has contributed to the invention of the piano. So many tunes and songs we enjoy today sound wonderful when played on the hammered dulcimer. This book starts by teaching you how to hold the hammers and where notes are located on the instrument. Songs you will learn include Skip To My Lou, Oh! Susanna, Amazing Grace, Twinkle,Twinkle Little Star and Old MacDonald Had A Farm. In addition, the accompanying online audio allows you to play tunes with author, renowned hammered dulcimer performer and writer, Madeline MacNeil! Each recording includes count offs and access to the audio is included with the book.

  • Brand: Mel Bay
  • ASIN: 0786696915
 - Cripple Creek Dulcimer Book: An Instruction Manual and Song Collection
Cripple Creek Dulcimer Book: An Instruction Manual and Song Collection

This instruction manual and song collection is a well-crafted book of basic dulcimer technique and traditional songs that might have been popular in Cripple Creek, Colorado in the 19th Century-- plus a few modern day tunes by its current inhabitants. The techniques and songs have been transcribed from the performances of Bud and Donna Ford who have been collecting songs for their favorite instrument for some time. Bud and Donna explain the basics of playing the dulcimer, including instructions on strumming, tunings, and picking. Solos are offered in all of the various modes (Ionian, Dorian, Locrian, etc.) in standard notation only with lyrics and chord symbols. The end result is an attractive yet pragmatic book that offers a solid grounding in the art of dulcimer playing.

  • Brand: Mid-East
  • ASIN: 0871665069
  • UPC: 701001506637
 - Applecreek Dulcimer Deluxe Pack
Applecreek Dulcimer Deluxe Pack

Applecreek Dulcimer Deluxe Pack includes Applecreek Dulcimer, Dulcimer Case, and Dulcimer Instruction Book. Applecreek Dulcimer, the "Appalachian" or "Mountain" Dulcimer is one of the most popular and easiest musical instruments to play. Simply hold down two of the strings with your finger or a "noter" (stick that is provided) and strum. Our Applecreek model is handcrafted in Europe using the finest material and is simply the best student model you will find. Dulcimer Case, Extremely durable nylon case features as accessory pocket and shoulder strap. Can be carried with handle like a suitcase or over the shoulder like a backpack. Dulcimer Instruction Book, Simply written, it contains 19 all-time favorite songs. Anyone can learn to play using this wonderfully written method book

  • Brand: Applecreek Dulcimers
  • ASIN: B00T47S642
  • UPC: 096962123048
 - American Folk Music for Mountain Dulcimer Book/audio CD
American Folk Music for Mountain Dulcimer Book/audio CD

From the lyrical beauty of Amazing Grace and Shenandoah to the rollicking good fun of Lane County Bachelor and The Rose of Alabamy, these tunes will keep you playing and keep your listeners dancing and singing til the sun goes down. All of the tunes are set for standard three-string mountain dulcimer tuned DAD. The music is presented in easyto-read tablature as well as notation. Harmonies are written out for those who like to venture into chording; for more traditionally-minded dulcimer players, or for beginners, the tunes can be played drone-style. All lyrics are printed at the end of the book, telling the story of each song. The CD, recorded by Jess Peterson, includes all of the tunes in order.

  • ASIN: 1934163341

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