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 - Sanco Industries Crystal Plex - Aquatic Algaecide Algae Control - 1 Gallon
Sanco Industries Crystal Plex - Aquatic Algaecide Algae Control - 1 Gallon

Identifying the growth in your pond is the first step to controlling it. Not all growth is necessarily bad. Some types of pond algae, such as chara, act as filters that keep your pond water clear and clean. In order to control and kill algae, ponds should be treated with apond algaecide several times a season. Our products give you a safe, cost-effective way to maintain algae growth before it takes over your pond. Crystal Plex is a liquid copper sulfate solution designed to kill and control algae and some aquatic plants including Hydrilla. Pond algae treatments should be done on actively growing algae and when water temperatures are at least 50F.

  • Color: Light Blue
  • Brand: Crystal Blue
  • UPC: 768980004448
 - Crystal Blue Copper Sulfate Algaecide - Aquatic Grade Granular Pond Algae Control - 5 lbs
Crystal Blue Copper Sulfate Algaecide - Aquatic Grade Granular Pond Algae Control - 5 lbs

Crystal Blue Copper Sulfate is a great pond algae control product for filamentous or string algae. Copper sulfate should be used as a pond algae treatment on actively growing algae in water temperature above 60F. When getting rid of algae in a pond, it is always important to treat 1/2 of the pond algae at a time to avoid killing too much algae and depleting the water of oxygen. Copper sulfate is safe for most varieties of fish (see restrictions below) when used properly. Granular copper can be applied in one of three different ways: broadcast crystals, place crystals in a burlap bag and drag behind boat, or dissolve crystals and spray. The application method we recommend is to dissolve the crystals in hot water and spray actively growing algae.

  • Color: Blue
  • Brand: Sanco Chemicals
  • ASIN: B000RUN0T6
  • UPC: 768980003335
 - Crystal Blue Lake and Pond Weed Cutter - With Free Aquatic Razer Sharpener and Safety Gloves
Crystal Blue Lake and Pond Weed Cutter - With Free Aquatic Razer Sharpener and Safety Gloves

Aquatic weed cutter is very simple and very sharp. Please use extreme caution when handling this tool. 1.Simply tie the rope onto your wrist or hold it in your hand 2.Toss the Weed Cutter into the water and allow the tool to sink 3. Pull or tug on the rope in a jerking and upward motion 4. Repeat until desired results are obtained. * We recommend clearing all loose debris as the decaying organic matter will promote additional growth. Not meant for use on cattails. USE EXTREME CAUTION WHEN USING THE CRYSTAL BLUE WEED CUTTER

  • Brand: Sanco Industries
  • ASIN: B071XJK72K
  • UPC: 768980900580
 - CrystalClear AlgaeOff, 10 lb
CrystalClear AlgaeOff, 10 lb

CrystalClear AlgaeOff utilizes the latest in oxygen technology to remove string algae quickly and efficiently. CrystalClear AlgaeOff is an EPA registered, granular algaecide that works in seconds, adds oxygen to the pond, removes odor. Use this product as needed. For best results use when algae is actively growing. Apply a quarter of a cup for every 25-50 square feet to damp surface and allow to sit before brushing or rinsing off surface.

  • Brand: CrystalClear
  • ASIN: B00IHKF834
  • UPC: 023796000603
 - CrystalClear Barley Extract Liquid 64 oz
CrystalClear Barley Extract Liquid 64 oz

As barley straw slowly ferments or rots, it produces a natural extract that has been proven to work as a powerful treatment to clarify pond water. While effective, this fermentation process has always been slow and messy requiring the barley to be added early in the spring. Designed to eliminate these steps, CrystalClear Barley Extract was fermented under ideal conditions capturing the powerful all-natural barley extract, allowing it to work immediately out of the bottle, with no mess. It's the natural solution to maintaining a clean and healthy pond all year long. Faster than barley pellets and cleaner than cumbersome bales, CrystalClear Barley Extract is a powerful liquid concentrate that goes to work fast. With CrystalClear Barley Extract, you can enjoy the benefits of barley straw treatments without the mess and without the wait. Apply 1 ounce per 500 gallons of pond water once every two weeks.

  • Brand: CrystalClear
  • UPC: 811262016025
 - Biological Clarifier, 24 Packets
Biological Clarifier, 24 Packets

CrystalClear Biological Clarifier, also known as BioClarifier naturally clears water, removes odors and breaks down suspended dead debris and decaying leaves with billions of bacteria colonies and added enzymes. The natural bacteria enzymes seeds biological filters to maintain a healthy pond ecosystem. The result is a cleaner pond, healthier fish, improved dissolved oxygen levels and reduced ammonia levels. CrystalClear Biological Clarifier comes in easy to use water-soluble packets and can be used in ponds, fountains, bubblers and disappearing waterfall features. Use when water temperatures are above 50 degrees F. 24 packets treats up to 2,000 gallon pond for up to 4 months. Product may come as Biological Clarifier (green label) or BioClarifier (blue label), however it is the same product.

  • Brand: CrystalClear
  • ASIN: B001KB0EEU
  • UPC: 023796003772
 - Crystal Blue Lake and Pond Dye - Royal Blue Color - 1 Gallon
Crystal Blue Lake and Pond Dye - Royal Blue Color - 1 Gallon

Enhances the color of your pond or lake all year long. 100% safe for fish, livestock, swimming, and waterfowl with no irrigation or consumption restrictions. Apply by simply pouring into your pond at several places. 1 gallon treats 1 acre pond 4' to 6' deep.

  • Color: Royal Blue
  • Brand: Sanco Industries
  • ASIN: B000LNQC94
  • UPC: 768980001119
 - Crystal Blue Natural Pond Cleaner - Muck and Sludge Remover, Safe for Koi - 1 Gallon
Crystal Blue Natural Pond Cleaner - Muck and Sludge Remover, Safe for Koi - 1 Gallon

Step 2 of a 4 step program. Natural Pond Cleaner contains safe and natural bacteria that eliminate muck, dead leaves, odors and other organic matter that can harm a pond or lake. Safely breaks down muck and dead vegetation. Super charges naturally occurring bacteria to consume micronutrients for a healthy, clear pond. Safe for humans, fish, livestock, pets, birds, swimming, consumption and irrigation. 1 gallon treats 1 surface acre, 4-feet to 6-feet deep.

  • Color: Brown
  • Brand: Crystal Blue
  • ASIN: B000K6BYX6
  • UPC: 768980001140
 - CrystalClear ClarityMax, 6 lb
CrystalClear ClarityMax, 6 lb

ClarityMax cleans ponds with an unprecedented combination of an all-natural proprietary formula blended with bacteria and enzymes. These ingredients work in tandem to clean, polish and break down dead organic debris that create problems for pond hobbyists on and around waterfalls, streams, plant pots and filtration systems. ClarityMax also is designed to maintain crystal clear water for the long term. Use once every week when water temperatures are above 50 degrees F. Safe for all aquatic life.

  • Brand: CrystalClear
  • UPC: 023796003840
 - Pond Clear Clear as Crystal Water Clarifier, 5-Pound Bag
Pond Clear Clear as Crystal Water Clarifier, 5-Pound Bag

Clear As Crystal is made with a unique form of Laumonite crystal, calcium aluminum silicate. When placed in pond water, Clear As Crystal produces oxygen, balances pH, purifies water and reduces toxic levels of ammonia.

  • Brand: Clear Pond
  • ASIN: B0009YSFOA
  • UPC: 071344301177

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