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Civil War Musicians

 - Bugle Resounding: Music and Musicians of the Civil War Era (Shades of Blue and Gray)
Bugle Resounding: Music and Musicians of the Civil War Era (Shades of Blue and Gray)

In the mid-nineteenth century the United States was musically vibrant. Rising industrialization, a growing middle class, and increasing concern for the founding of American centers of art created a culture that was rich in musical capital. Beyond its importance to the people who created and played it is the fact that this music still influences our culture today. Although numerous academic resources examine the music and musicians of the Civil War era, the research is spread across a variety of disciplines and is found in a wide array of scholarly journals, books, and papers. It is difficult to assimilate this diverse body of research, and few sources are dedicated solely to a rigorous and comprehensive investigation of the music and the musicians of this era. This anthology, which grew out of the first two National Conferences on Music of the Civil War Era, is an initial attempt to address that need. Those conferences established the first academic setting solely devoted to exploring the effects of the Civil War on music and musicians. Bridging musicology and history, these essays represent the forefront of scholarship in music of the Civil War era. Each one makes a significant contribution to research in the music of this era and will ultimately encourage more interdisciplinary...

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 - Drugs as Weapons Against Us
Drugs as Weapons Against Us

 - Civil War Drummer Boy
Civil War Drummer Boy

Powerful history through the eyes of a young boy When Johnny joins the Confederate Army as a drummer boy, he enters a world full of patriotism and adventure, breathtaking hot-air balloons, cannons and campfires. His job is to drum rhythms that tell soldiers what to do. But the dangers of war are all around him and when he returns to the magnolia trees and cotton blossoms of his home, Johnny and the country are forever changed. Boys as young as nine years old joined both sides during the Civil War and many became drummer boys, giving Verla Kay and Larry Day tons of fascinating details to illuminate Johnny's story.

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 - The Civil Wars of Julia Ward Howe: A Biography
The Civil Wars of Julia Ward Howe: A Biography

Julia Ward (1819-1910) was an heiress and aspiring poet when she married Dr. Samuel Gridley Howe, an internationally acclaimed pioneer in the education of the blind. Together the Howes knew many of the key figures of their era, from Charles Dickens to John Brown. But Samuel also wasted Julia's inheritance, isolated and discouraged her, and opposed her literary ambitions. Julia persisted and continued to publish poems and plays while raising six children. Authorship of "The Battle Hymn of the Republic" made her celebrated and revered. But Julia was also continuing to fight a civil war at home; she became a pacifist, suffragist, and world traveler. She came into her own as a tireless campaigner for women's rights and social reform. Esteemed author Elaine Showalter tells the story of Howe's determined self-creation and brings to life the society she inhabited and the obstacles she overcame.

 - George F. Root, Civil War Songwriter: A Biography
George F. Root, Civil War Songwriter: A Biography

When the Civil War broke out in 1861, "The Battle Cry of Freedom" became perhaps the most common patriotic song echoing throughout the North. The author of that famous tune was George F. Root, and his many other patriotic songs established him as "the musician of the people." Beginning with his earliest days, this biography follows Root closely through his prewar career as a popular composer, his wartime role as a patriotic songwriter, and his postwar songwriting endeavors. His later songs document such events as the settling of the West, the assassination of President Lincoln, the literature and humor of his day, and the many reform movements that defined the values of that era. His biography reveals how he became the musician of the people and how his critics responded nationally.

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 - A Grand Terrible Drama: From Gettysburg to Petersburg: The Civil War Letters of Charles Wellington Reed (The North's Civil War)
A Grand Terrible Drama: From Gettysburg to Petersburg: The Civil War Letters of Charles Wellington Reed (The North's Civil War)

This extensive and unique collection, consisting of over 180 letters and hundreds of drawings, covers Reed's period of service (1862-65) and provides the modern reader a wealth of information on the role of the Union army in the eastern theater, the events in the life of the Civil War soldier, and the war in general. A native of Boston, Reed served as bugler of the Ninth Massachusetts Battery, whose desperate holding action at Gettysburg ranks as one the most heroic actions of the war. During this battle Reed performed a deed of selfless bravery by saving his wounded captain from between the lines, an act for which he was later awarded the Medal of Honor. In addition to Gettysburg, Reed saw action in nearly all of the battles in the East from 1862 to 1865, including Bristoe Station, Mine Run, the Wilderness, Spotsylvania, North Ana, Bethesda Church, Cold Harbor, and the siege of Petersburg.Reed's letters chronicle events, from the most common to the extraordinary, with simple yet thoughtful eloquence. His drawings capture a wide variety of events to which he was not only an eyewitness but also a participant. His talent was considered equal to that of leading newspaper artists of his day, and his drawings were used to illustrate a best-selling Civil War book, Hardtack and Coffee (...

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 - Louisa on the Front Lines: Louisa May Alcott in the Civil War
Louisa on the Front Lines: Louisa May Alcott in the Civil War

An eye-opening look at Little Women author Louisa May Alcott's time as a Civil War nurse, and the far-reaching implications her service had on her writing and her activism   Louisa on the Frontlines is the first narrative nonfiction book focusing on the least-known aspect of Louisa May Alcott's career - her time spent as a nurse during the Civil War. Though her service was brief, the dramatic experience was one that she considered pivotal in helping her write the beloved classic Little Women. It also deeply affected her tenuous relationship with her father, and inspired her commitment to abolitionism. Through it all, she kept a journal and wrote letters to her family and friends. These letters were published in the newspaper, and her subsequent book, Hospital Sketches spotlighted the dire conditions of the military hospitals and the suffering endured by the wounded soldiers she cared for. To this day, her work is considered a pioneering account of military nursing.   Alcott's time as an Army nurse in the Civil War helped her find her authentic voice - and cemented her foundational belief system. Louisa on the Frontlines reveals the emergence of this prominent feminist and abolitionist - a woman whose life and work has inspired millions and continues to do so today.  

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 - A Yankee Scholar in Coastal South Carolina: William Francis Allen's Civil War Journals (Non Series)
A Yankee Scholar in Coastal South Carolina: William Francis Allen's Civil War Journals (Non Series)

New Englander William Allen (1830-1889) is mostly known today as the lead editor of the 1867 anthology Slave Songs of the United States, the earliest published collection of Negro spirituals, and as a distinguished history professor at the University of Wisconsin. During the Civil War, he served from late 1863 through mid-1864 as a member of the "Gideonite band" of businessmen, missionaries, and teachers who migrated to the South Carolina Sea Islands as part of the Port Royal Experiment. After the war, he served as assistant superintendent of schools in Charleston from April through July 1865. Allen kept journals during his assignments in South Carolina in which he recorded events and impressions of about several hundred people, especially ex-slaves, along with fellow Gideonites, Union soldiers and officials, and ex-Confederates. In A Yankee Scholar in Coastal South Carolina, editor James Robert Hester has transcribed Allen's journals and fully annotated them to create a significant documentary source of information on Civil War South Carolina. Hester notes that Allen's journals are more than travelogues, as he often analyzed the people, events, and ideas he encountered. In addition to being a competent amateur musician, Allen was a Harvard-trained historian and philologist and b...

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 - No Direction Home: Bob Dylan
No Direction Home: Bob Dylan

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 - Episode 1
Episode 1

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 - The Ghosts of Eden Park: The Bootleg King, the Women Who Pursued Him, and the Murder That Shocked Jazz-Age America
The Ghosts of Eden Park: The Bootleg King, the Women Who Pursued Him, and the Murder That Shocked Jazz-Age America

The epic true crime story of the most successful bootlegger in American history and the murder that shocked the nation, from the New York Times bestselling author of Sin in the Second City and Liar, Temptress, Soldier, SpyIn the early days of Prohibition, long before Al Capone became a household name, a German immigrant named George Remus quits practicing law and starts trafficking whiskey. Within two years he's a multi-millionaire. The press calls him "King of the Bootleggers," writing breathless stories about the Gatsby-esque events he and his glamorous second wife, Imogene, host at their Cincinnati mansion, with party favors ranging from diamond jewelry for the men to brand-new cars for the women. By the summer of 1921, Remus owns 35 percent of all the liquor in the United States. Pioneering prosecutor Mabel Walker Willebrandt is determined to bring him down. Willebrandt's bosses at the Justice Department hired her right out of law school, assuming she'd pose no real threat to the cozy relationship they maintain with Remus. Eager to prove them wrong, she dispatches her best investigator, Franklin Dodge, to look into his empire. It's a decision with deadly consequences. With the fledgling FBI on the case, Remus is quickly imprisoned for violating the Volstead Act. Her husband b...

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 - The Magic Strings of Frankie Presto: A Novel
The Magic Strings of Frankie Presto: A Novel

“Talent is a piece of God’s shadow, and under that shadow, human stories intersect.” A Spanish war orphan born in a burning church and raised by a blind guitar teacher, Frankie Presto was gifted with extraordinary musical abilities that shape not only his life but the lives of those around him. At nine years old, Frankie meets the love of his life, Aurora; that same day, civil war tears apart his home and he is sent to America, smuggled in the bottom of a boat with only guitar and six strings imbued with the power to change lives.  Relying on music to survive, Frankie’s talent weaves him through the musical landscape of the twentieth century, from Detroit’s jazz scene and the Grand Ole Opry, to Elvis mania and Woodstock—all the while searching for Aurora.  As his fame grows, Frankie finds love, friendship, and celebrity. Even so, his gift becomes his burden, driving a wedge between him and his beloved Aurora—now his wife. Overwhelmed by life, loss, and the power of his strings, Frankie disappears for years, only to reemerge in a spectacular and mysterious farewell.  With its Forrest Gump–like journey through the music world, The Magic Strings of Frankie Presto is a classic in the making. “Everyone joins a band in this life,” Albom observes, “only some of...

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 - Divided & United: The Songs Of The Civil War [2 CD]
Divided & United: The Songs Of The Civil War [2 CD]

ATO Records and music supervisor Randall Poster (Moonrise Kingdom, Boardwalk Empire, Rave On Buddy Holly) have joined forces to releases Divided & United: Songs of the American Civil War., a two -disc set of Civil War songs brought to life through fresh interpretations by the pioneers. Hall of Famers and rising young stars of county, bluegrass , folk and beyond. The collections celebrates music deeply vital to the history and spirit of America in tribute to the 150th anniversary of the Civil War. Each song offers a unique window on the past, with themes exploring race identity and reconciliation in a manner that echoes profoundly today. The tremendous talents on Divided & United pan several generation and genres: Loretta Lynne, Dolly Parton, Vince Gill, Lee Ann Womack, Ralph Stanley, AA Bondy, Jamey Johnson, Chris Thile, Carolina Chocolate Drops, Taj Mahal, Shovels & Rope, Cowboy Jack Clement John Doe Karen Elson and many more. Divided & United also features an essay by noted musician filmmaker and historian JohnCohen, who writes: "This record aspires to erase the legacy of segregation and through music seeks reconciliation instead, in order to celebrate a great musical heritage of America, born in pain, war and prejudice." Poster was inspired to make "Dived & United" while work...

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 - Mr. Lincoln's Drummer
Mr. Lincoln's Drummer

Willie might be too young to be a fighter, but he's brave enough to be a drummer.Ten-year-old Willie Johnston is too young to be a soldier in Mr. Lincoln's army. So he joins as a drummer boy, instead. Part of Willie's job is rousing the troops in the morning with his drum—the other part is being the last to retreat in battles. In this true story, Willie shows he's brave enough to keep beating his drum, but will he be lucky enough to survive the war?"Scrupulously researched and overflowing with evocative detail . . . Willie's tale is authentic and engaging."—Kirkus Reviews

  • ASIN: 0140385428
 - War Child: A Child Soldier's Story
War Child: A Child Soldier's Story

In the mid-1980s, Emmanuel Jal was a seven year old Sudanese boy, living in a small village with his parents, aunts, uncles, and siblings. But as Sudan's civil war moved closer―with the Islamic government seizing tribal lands for water, oil, and other resources―Jal's family moved again and again, seeking peace. Then, on one terrible day, Jal was separated from his mother, and later learned she had been killed; his father Simon rose to become a powerful commander in the Christian Sudanese Liberation Army, fighting for the freedom of Sudan. Soon, Jal was conscripted into that army, one of 10,000 child soldiers, and fought through two separate civil wars over nearly a decade. But, remarkably, Jal survived, and his life began to change when he was adopted by a British aid worker. He began the journey that would lead him to change his name and to music: recording and releasing his own album, which produced the number one hip-hop single in Kenya, and from there went on to perform with Moby, Bono, Peter Gabriel, and other international music stars. Shocking, inspiring, and finally hopeful, War Child is a memoir by a unique young man, who is determined to tell his story and in so doing bring peace to his homeland.

  • ASIN: 0312602979
 - Civil War Classics
Civil War Classics

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 - The Central Park Five
The Central Park Five

On April 20th, 1989, two passersby discovered the body of the "Central Park jogger" crumpled in a ravine. She'd been raped and severely beaten. Within days five black and Latino teenagers were apprehended, all five confessing to the crime. The staggering torrent of media coverage that ensued, coupled with fierce public outcry, exposed the deep-seated race and class divisions in New York City at the time. The minors were tried and convicted as adults despite no evidence linking them to the victim. Over a decade later, when DNA tests connected serial rapist Matias Reyes to the crime, the government, law enforcement, social institutions and media of New York were exposed as having undermined the individuals they were designed to protect. Here, Sarah Burns recounts this historic case for the first time since the young men's convictions were overturned, telling, at last, the full story of one of New York's most legendary crimes.The events surrounding the Central Park Five are soon to be dramatised in When They See Us - a Netflix series directed by Ava Duvernay.

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 - Now the Drum of War: Walt Whitman and His Brothers in the Civil War
Now the Drum of War: Walt Whitman and His Brothers in the Civil War

The Civil War is seen anew, and a great American family is brought to life, in Robert Roper's brilliant evocation of the family Whitman. Walt Whitman's work as a nurse to the wounded soldiers of the Civil War had a profound effect on the way he saw the world. Much less well known is the extraordinary record of his younger brother George Washington Whitman, who led his men in 21 major battles almost to die in a Confederate prison camp as the fighting ended. Drawing on the searing letters that Walt, George, their mother Louisa, and their other brothers wrote to each other during the conflict, Now the Drum of War chronicles the experience of an archetypal American family enduring its own long crisis alongside the anguish of the nation. Robert Roper has constructed a powerful narrative about America's greatest crucible, and a compelling, braided story of our most original poet and one of our bravest soldiers.

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