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 - College Physics: A Strategic Approach (2nd Edition)
College Physics: A Strategic Approach (2nd Edition)

College Physics: A Strategic Approach (2nd Edition)

  • ASIN: 0321595491
 - Godmonster Of Indian Flats
Godmonster Of Indian Flats

 - Remembering Virginia's Confederates (Images of America)
Remembering Virginia's Confederates (Images of America)

The commonwealth of Virginia holds a prominent and distinguished place in American Civil War history. Home to the Confederacy's capital city of Richmond, more major battles were fought in Virginia than in any other state. The commonwealth also produced some of the war's most legendary and iconic figures, including Robert E. Lee, Thomas J. "Stonewall" Jackson, and J. E. B. Stuart. Images of America: Remembering Virginia's Confederates explores the Confederate military and government service of a wide array of Virginia residents, ranging from the most prominent generals, politicians, and spies to little-known enlisted men. It also acknowledges their dedication and sacrifice to a cause in which they strongly believed.

  • ASIN: B0099JIX98
 - Jack Taylor, Set 3
Jack Taylor, Set 3

Iain Glen (Game of Thrones, Downton Abbey) is Jack Taylor: a former cop turned private investigator trying to scratch out a living in his native Galway. Self-destructive and pigheaded, with a talent for getting into trouble, Jack retains few friends from his time in the Irish Police, save for detective Kate Noonan (Siobhán O’Kelly, Dominion Creek). Aided by Kate and her cousin Darragh (Jack Monaghan, Hideaways), Jack delves into some of the darkest cases of his career, including the crucifixion of a young man, the kidnapping of his old nemesis, and deadly corporate espionage. But when Kate receives devastating news, Jack is torn between helping her through her personal crisis and his willingness to do whatever it takes to crack a case. Inspired by Ken Bruen’s bestselling book series, this action-packed crime noir showcases the rakish allure of its leading man with tantalizing mysteries and a bleak but beautiful setting. Set 3 includes three feature-length episodes: Cross, Headstone, and Purgatory.

  • Brand: RLJ/SPHE
  • UPC: 054961241194
 - The Secret World: A History of Intelligence (Henry L. Stimson Lectures)
The Secret World: A History of Intelligence (Henry L. Stimson Lectures)

The first-ever detailed, comprehensive history of intelligence, from Moses and Sun Tzu to the present day The history of espionage is far older than any of today’s intelligence agencies, yet the long history of intelligence operations has been largely forgotten. The codebreakers at Bletchley Park, the most successful World War II intelligence agency, were completely unaware that their predecessors in earlier moments of national crisis had broken the codes of Napoleon during the Napoleonic wars and those of Spain before the Spanish Armada.   Those who do not understand past mistakes are likely to repeat them. Intelligence is a prime example. At the outbreak of World War I, the grasp of intelligence shown by U.S. President Woodrow Wilson and British Prime Minister Herbert Asquith was not in the same class as that of George Washington during the Revolutionary War and leading eighteenth-century British statesmen.   In this book, the first global history of espionage ever written, distinguished historian Christopher Andrew recovers much of the lost intelligence history of the past three millennia—and shows us its relevance.

  • ASIN: 0300238444
 - The Cinema of Christopher Nolan: Imagining the Impossible (Directors' Cuts)
The Cinema of Christopher Nolan: Imagining the Impossible (Directors' Cuts)

Over the past fifteen years, writer, producer and director Christopher Nolan has emerged from the margins of independent British cinema to become one of the most commercially successful directors in Hollywood. From Following (1998) to Interstellar (2014), Christopher Nolan's films explore philosophical concerns by experimenting with nonlinear storytelling while also working within classical Hollywood narrative and genre frameworks. Contextualizing and closely reading each of his films, this collection examines the director's play with memory, time, trauma, masculinity, and identity, and considers the function of music and video games and the effect of IMAX on his work.

  • ASIN: 0231173970
 - Hofstra University Pride Je Maintiendrai Logo 31.5
Hofstra University Pride Je Maintiendrai Logo 31.5"51"Pool Beach Towel

These Fast Drying Towels Are Made For The Active Lifestyle! Use For Travel, Hiking, Camping, Fishing, Boating & Cleaning. They're Also Ideal For The Gym, Yoga Studio, Golf Course & Beach.WYAOZHICI NCAA Hofstra University Pride Je Maintiendrai Logo 31.5"*51"Pool Beach Towel,made Of 100% Polyester Microfiber Soft Fabric,Size: 31.5"*51",Printed Logo Design One Side,Soft, Highly Absorbent, & Fast-Drying,Perfect For Beach And Outdoor Activities!

  • Color: NCAA Hofstra University Pride Je Maintiendrai Logo
  • Brand: WYAOZHICI
 - Degrees of Democracy: Politics, Public Opinion, and Policy
Degrees of Democracy: Politics, Public Opinion, and Policy

  • ASIN: B003DXA8EE
 - Ralph Eugene Meatyard: Stages for Being
Ralph Eugene Meatyard: Stages for Being

How Meatyard made a stage set of his native Kentucky to portray his circle of friends and compose his eerie tableauxStages for Being examines the photography that Ralph Eugene Meatyard created in and around Lexington, Kentucky, where he found abandoned houses in the countryside to use as sets, and directed friends and family members in scenes that suggest both ritual and theater. Establishing mood with natural lighting, he used masks, dolls and found objects as unsettling props and mined architectural detail for abstract compositional elements.Meatyard culled inspiration from a wide variety of sources. An autodidact in areas as diverse as jazz, painting, literature, history and Zen Buddhism, his voracious reading sparked endless ideas for his carefully constructed photographs. His process was also informed by consistent dialogue with a robust group of Kentucky peers, including the writer, environmental activist and farmer Wendell Berry; photographers Van Deren Coke and Robert C. May; the Trappist monk Thomas Merton; the painter Frederic Thursz; and the writer, poet and philosopher Guy Davenport, all of whom worked in the region but were engaged with contemporary ideas and practice in their fields.Ralph Eugene Meatyard (1925–72) attended Williams College as part of the Navy's V1...

  • ASIN: 188200700X
 - The Guitar in Stuart England: A Social and Musical History (Musical Performance and Reception)
The Guitar in Stuart England: A Social and Musical History (Musical Performance and Reception)

This is the first history of the guitar during the reign of the Stuarts, a time of great political and social upheaval in England. In this engaging and original volume, Christopher Page gathers a rich array of portraits, literary works and other, previously unpublished, archival materials in order to create a comprehensive picture of the guitar from its early appearances in Jacobean records, through its heyday at the Restoration court in Whitehall, to its decline in the first decades of the eighteenth century. The book explores the passion of Charles II himself for the guitar, and that of Samuel Pepys, who commissioned the largest repertoire of guitar-accompanied song to survive from baroque Europe. Written in Page's characteristically approachable style, this volume will appeal to general readers as well as to music historians and guitar specialists.

  • ASIN: 1108412106
 - Developing Scaffolds in Evolution, Culture, and Cognition (Vienna Series in Theoretical Biology)
Developing Scaffolds in Evolution, Culture, and Cognition (Vienna Series in Theoretical Biology)

Empirical and philosophical perspectives on scaffolding that highlight the role of temporal and temporary resources in development across concepts of culture, cognition, and evolution."Scaffolding" is a concept that is becoming widely used across disciplines. This book investigates common threads in diverse applications of scaffolding, including theoretical biology, cognitive science, social theory, science and technology studies, and human development. Despite its widespread use, the concept of scaffolding is often given short shrift; the contributors to this volume, from a range of disciplines, offer a more fully developed analysis of scaffolding that highlights the role of temporal and temporary resources in development, broadly conceived, across concepts of culture, cognition, and evolution.The book emphasizes reproduction, repeated assembly, and entrenchment of heterogeneous relations, parts, and processes as a complement to neo-Darwinism in the developmentalist tradition of conceptualizing evolutionary change. After describing an integration of theoretical perspectives that can accommodate different levels of analysis and connect various methodologies, the book discusses multilevel organization; differences (and reciprocality) between individuals and institutions as units o...

  • ASIN: B00GPB0XE6
 - The Oxford Book of Story Poems
The Oxford Book of Story Poems

How many of one's favorite poems are story poems? This is a wonderful collection of over sixty narratives in verse with thrilling tales, silly nonsense rhymes, tragic poems that will keep you in suspense, and funny, quirky poems that will delight over and over again. All the classic poems you would expect to see are here, such as 'Jabberwocky', 'The Pied Piper of Hamelin', 'The Highwayman', 'The Lady of Shalott', and 'The Owl and the Pussycat' and these combine with more modern but equally satisfying poems to make a rich and varied anthology. Authors include Hilaire Belloc, Edward Lear, Walter de la Mare, J.R.R. Tolkien, James Reeves, Roger McGough, and Michael Rosen.

  • ASIN: 019276344X
 - SBAs for the FRCR 2A (Cambridge Medicine (Paperback))
SBAs for the FRCR 2A (Cambridge Medicine (Paperback))

SBAs for the Final FRCR is an invaluable guide to the new Single Best Answer (SBA) paper for the Final FRCR examination, providing over 350 SBA-style questions and referenced answers written in the style of the Royal College of Radiologists. Each question is accompanied by a concise yet detailed model answer carrying references and additional notes. The answers also act as a useful reference source for many of the key topics found in the syllabus. Questions are categorised in the same six modules that compose the FRCR 2A: • Cardiothoracic and vascular • Musculoskeletal and trauma • Gastro-intestinal • Genito-urinary, adrenal, obstetrics and gynaecology, breast • Paediatric • Central nervous system, head and neck Written by a group of authors who have recently successfully completed the exams, SBAs for the Final FRCR is an essential revision aid for all candidates undertaking the FRCR Part 2A.

  • ASIN: B003E74AVG
 - Studies in Culture Contact: Interaction, Culture Change, and Archaeology (Visiting Scholar Conference Volumes)
Studies in Culture Contact: Interaction, Culture Change, and Archaeology (Visiting Scholar Conference Volumes)

People have long been fascinated about times in human history when different cultures and societies first came into contact with each other, how they reacted to that contact, and why it sometimes occurred peacefully and at other times was violent or catastrophic.Studies in Culture Contact: Interaction, Culture Change, and Archaeology, edited by James G. Cusick,seeks to define the role of culture contact in human history, to identify issues in the study of culture contact in archaeology, and to provide a critical overview of the major theoretical approaches to the study of culture and contact.In this collection of essays, anthropologists and archaeologists working in Europe and the Americas consider three forms of culture contact—colonization, cultural entanglement, and symmetrical exchange. Part I provides a critical overview of  theoretical approaches to the study of culture contact, offering assessments of older concepts in anthropology, such as acculturation, as well as more recently formed concepts, including world systems and center-periphery models of contact. Part II contains eleven case studies of specific contact situations and their relationships to the archaeological record, with times and places as varied as pre- and post-Hispanic Mexico, Iron Age France, Jamaican ...

  • ASIN: B00U3O0XLY
 - America's National Security Architecture: Rebuilding the Foundation
America's National Security Architecture: Rebuilding the Foundation

Aspen Policy Books is a series of publications released annually to inform timely debates in the public domain about ongoing foreign policy challenges and emerging threats to U.S. national security. In August 2016, the Aspen Strategy Group examined how to reform America’s national security decision-making process. The papers in this volume provide practical solutions to repair the key functions of Washington’s executive departments, agencies, and advisory bodies responsible for shaping U.S. foreign policy and national security.

  • ASIN: 0898436508
 - Philosophy and Life Writing
Philosophy and Life Writing

In this volume, scholars from a number of academic disciplines illuminate how a range of philosophers and other thoughtful individuals addressed the complex issues surrounding philosophy and life writing. The contributors interrogate the writings of Teresa of Avila, Jean-Jacques Rousseau, John Stuart Mill, Wilhelm Dilthey, Walter Benjamin, Albert Camus, Bryan Magee, Mikhail Bakhtin, Maurice Merleau-Ponty, and Judith Butler, who range in time from the sixteenth to the twenty-first centuries. As this volume demonstrates, the relationship between philosophy and life writing has become an issue of urgent interdisciplinary concern. This book was originally published as a special issue of Life Writing.

  • ASIN: 0367078066
 - Henry V (English Monarchs Series)
Henry V (English Monarchs Series)

Thanks to Shakespeare, Henry V is one of England's best-known monarchs. Or is he? The image of the young king leading his army against the French and his stunning victory at Agincourt are part of English historical tradition. Yet to understand Henry V we need to look at far more than his military prowess.While Henry was indeed a soldier of exceptional skills, his historical reputation as a king deserves to be set against a broader background of achievement, for he was a leader and a diplomat, an administrator, a keeper of the peace and protector of the Church, a man who worked with and for his people.This new study, the first full scholarly biography of Henry V, based on the primary sources of both English and French archives and taking into account a great deal of recent scholarship, shows his reign in the broad European context of his day. It concludes that, through his personality and "professional" approach, Henry not only united the country in war but also provided England with a sense of pride and the kind of domestic rule it was so in need of at the time.Allmand offers far more than a biography of a king. His book is also a rich work of cultural history, with fascinating material on, for example, royal funerals, the reburial of Richard II in Westminster Abbey, the rise of ...

  • ASIN: 0520082931
 - Opening Up Education: The Collective Advancement of Education through Open Technology, Open Content, and Open Knowledge (The MIT Press)
Opening Up Education: The Collective Advancement of Education through Open Technology, Open Content, and Open Knowledge (The MIT Press)

Experts discuss the potential for open education tools, resources, and knowledge to transform the economics and ecology of education.Given the abundance of open education initiatives that aim to make educational assets freely available online, the time seems ripe to explore the potential of open education to transform the economics and ecology of education. Despite the diversity of tools and resources already available―from well-packaged course materials to simple games, for students, self-learners, faculty, and educational institutions―we have yet to take full advantage of shared knowledge about how these are being used, what local innovations are emerging, and how to learn from and build on the experiences of others. Opening Up Education argues that we must develop not only the technical capability but also the intellectual capacity for transforming tacit pedagogical knowledge into commonly usable and visible knowledge: by providing incentives for faculty to use (and contribute to) open education goods, and by looking beyond institutional boundaries to connect a variety of settings and open source entrepreneurs. These essays by leaders in open education describe successes, challenges, and opportunies they have found in a range of open education initiatives. They approach―...

  • ASIN: 0262515016

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