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Cast Iron Dome

 - NuCast 3 Quart Cast Iron Sauce Pan Cooker. Pre-Seasoned Skillet, Fryer, Dutch Oven, with Dome Lid
NuCast 3 Quart Cast Iron Sauce Pan Cooker. Pre-Seasoned Skillet, Fryer, Dutch Oven, with Dome Lid

The NuCast 3 Quart sauce pan does it all. A deep skillet, a fryer, a Dutch oven in one. This versatile piece is perfect in the kitchen or great outdoors. A good seasoning makes all the difference. NuCast seasons its cookware with 100% vegetable oil; no synthetic coatings or chemicals. The more you use your iron, the better the seasoning will get. Our heavy duty construction ensures optimal heat retention, thorough and even heating. We guarantee your satisfaction!

  • Color: Black
  • Brand: NuCast
  • ASIN: B07MKP9XT4
  • UPC: 651137118122
 - GURO Cast Iron Enamel Coated Dome Casserole Dutch Oven, 4.7QT / 4.5L (Blue)
GURO Cast Iron Enamel Coated Dome Casserole Dutch Oven, 4.7QT / 4.5L (Blue)

Before cooking: - Carefully wash and dry the cookware. - If you are cooking on an electric/glass/ceramic stove, always lift the cookware to change its position in order to prevent scratching the stove-top. - Stacking, dropping and bumping your enamel-coated cookware can cause chipping on the surface. - Placing metallic objects inside your microwave is a recipe for disaster. Use your oven instead, and make sure not to exceed 500°F. - Cooking outdoors? Perhaps not the best idea if your cookware is enamel coated. Avoid using it in campfires and outdoor grills to avoid discoloration of the enamel. - Acidic foods may stain or discolor the enamel, however, this does not harm or change the quality of the cookware. Maintenance & Care - Many cooking techniques require stirring the food. Make sure to use non-metallic utensils to prevent scratches on the inside enamel layer of your cookware. - Once you are done cooking let your cast iron cool down before washing it. Then, although dishwasher safe, it is better to use soap and warm water to clean it thoroughly. Avoid using any form of citrus cleaners. - Dry the cast iron by either using a towel or by warming it up to vaporize the remaining water from the surface. - Avoid drastic temperature changes over short periods of time to prevent frac...

  • Color: Blue / Black Interior
  • Brand: GURO
  • ASIN: B078JZWKJ1
 - 2 Cup Mini Dutch Oven,cast Iron,old Mountain, Pre-seasoned W/dome Lid Set of 6
2 Cup Mini Dutch Oven,cast Iron,old Mountain, Pre-seasoned W/dome Lid Set of 6

2 Cup Mini Dutch Oven,Cast Iron,Old Mountain, Pre-Seasoned w/Dome Lid, Set of 6 . Perfect for family or large gatherings. Made by Old Mountain, . Great for stove top, campfire, or oven cooking. Essential for any kitchen, Old Mountain pre-seasoned cast iron cookware heats evenly, retains the heat, and is more versatile than any other type of cookware available. Cast iron will fry, sauté', grill, roast, stew and bake. Each 2 Cup Mini Dutch Oven measures 2 3/8" High x 6 1/2" Handle to Handle.

  • Color: Black
  • ASIN: B00924Q6US
  • UPC: 043502101806
 - ZHOUWHJJ BBQ Stainless Steel 12
ZHOUWHJJ BBQ Stainless Steel 12" Round Basting Cover/Cheese Melting Dome and+ Egg Ring+ Heavy-Weight Cast Iron Grill Press/Hamburger Bacon Steak Grill Press, Best for Flat Top Griddle Grill

The Cheese Melting Dome, egg ring and Cast Iron Grill Press set are the best addition to any backyard kitchen, compliment your Blackstone griddle, camp chef griddle, little griddle as well as your Weber, Charbroil and other flat top griddles, grills. Great for bacon, beef, burgers, poultry, flatbreads, grilled sandwiches, quesadillas, paninis. cookouts, barbecue, caterers, tailgaters, campers and more.

  • Color: Cheese Melting Dome and Steak Grill Press
  • Brand: ZHOUWHJJ
  • UPC: 650226580048
 - Cast Iron 3.4 Quart Cuisine Dutch Oven Set with Dome Lid & Handles for Outdoor & Indoor Cooking by Commercial Chef
Cast Iron 3.4 Quart Cuisine Dutch Oven Set with Dome Lid & Handles for Outdoor & Indoor Cooking by Commercial Chef

Cook up a storm with some cookware that's as versatile as you are with this Commercial Chef 3.4-Quart Cast Iron Dutch Oven. Everyone talks about cast iron, but few people know how to use it to its full potential. Thick cast iron like this insulates and retains even the highest heat levels. That means more even cooking, faster cooking, and more potential uses, such as searing. You can use this 3.4-quart dutch oven on stove tops, in ovens, in broilers, or even on open camp fires. You don't have to worry about seasoning this cast iron either (at least not for a while), as this piece comes pre-seasoned so you're ready to go right out of the box.

  • Color: Black
  • Brand: Commercial Chef
  • ASIN: B07C9J4WTH
  • UPC: 819813015244
 - Oatey 78024 PVC Roof Drain with Cast Iron Dome, 4-Inch
Oatey 78024 PVC Roof Drain with Cast Iron Dome, 4-Inch

OATEY® roof drain offers superior drainage with robust debris protection. A dome free-flow area over 200 square inches, available in cast iron or plastic domes with 2 inch water Dam collar.

  • Color: White
  • Brand: Oatey
  • ASIN: B0069MJXRY
  • UPC: 038753780245
 - Cast Iron Mongolian BBQ Dome Griddle #6077
Cast Iron Mongolian BBQ Dome Griddle #6077

This cast iron burner top cooker will meet all your grilling needs! * Dimension: 10.8in Diameter * Material: Cast Iron * A Great Size for Portable Gas Stove * Great for camping! * Resistant to chipping and warping * Long lasting durability * Easy to clean cooking surface

  • Color: Black
  • Brand: JapanBargain
  • ASIN: B0042IWII8
  • UPC: 744429606077
 - Joyce Chen 31-0064, Nonstick Steel Dome Lid for 12 inch Wok
Joyce Chen 31-0064, Nonstick Steel Dome Lid for 12 inch Wok

This Nonstick Steel Wok Lid is a handy kitchen addition and fits woks 12" diameter. If you've lost your lid or started your Joyce Chen cookware collection with a gift that didn't include a lid here's what you've been without. Will also fit many skillets and is a simple and easy cover for serving dishes. Features nonstick interior and exterior and birch wood knob. Dimensions are 11.75” diameter x 5.5” high (with knob). The lid is smaller than 12” since it is a dome lid and is meant to sit just inside the rim of the pan/wok and not on the rim. Joyce Chen's slogan "Eastern Cookware for the Western Kitchen," reflects her focus on providing high-quality, versatile tools and products that have Asian flair, but can be used in a western kitchen. Joyce Chen opened her first restaurant in Cambridge, Massachusetts in 1958. The restaurant flourished, and in 1973 a larger Cambridge restaurant was opened. Chen also began writing Chinese cookbooks and in the 1970s began hosting a cooking show on public television. She found that the selection and quality of Chinese cookware in America didn't live up to her high standards so she developed her own. Today, Joyce Chen Products come from all over the Pacific Rim to bring the best of Asia to you.

  • Color: Charcoal
  • Brand: Joyce Chen
  • ASIN: B002AQSWO8
  • UPC: 048002310642
 - Exultimate Grilling Dome
Exultimate Grilling Dome

Aluminum dome captures heat to decrease cooking time and easily melts cheese. Perfect for use on the outdoor grill or in the oven. 9" dia. x 4-3/4" H

  • Brand: Exultimate
  • ASIN: B074VG2VJT
  • UPC: 798896085613
 - Iwachu Cast Iron Genghis Khan Grill Pan, Black
Iwachu Cast Iron Genghis Khan Grill Pan, Black

A well-made, specialty cookware piece is an invaluable tool to have in any kitchen. In Japan, this type of pan is used to prepare a dish called "Jingisukan". Jingisukan is a meal of lamb and vegetables such as bean sprouts, shredded onions, and carrots, grilled on a convex iron pan. It is named after the famed Mongolian leader Genghis Khan, because it was widely thought in Japan that lamb was the meat of choice among Mongolian soldiers. The pan is convex, and has ridges to allow fat and liquid to drain off. The pan has a spout on one side, and the double handles on the opposite side of the spout are mounted wider, making it easy to pour off any excess fat and liquid. As such, it is also a great pan for kalbi and other dishes which use marinades. Iwachu is one of the finest and most respected manufacturers of Japanese ironware, with a company history of over 100 years. Today, craftsmen at Iwachu pay respect to this tradition by infusing each product with skilled precision and detail throughout the entire manufacturing process. The superior quality, beauty and lasting durability of Iwachu products have earned them the worldwide reputation as the leading manufacturer of authentic Japanese ironware.

  • Color: Black
  • Brand: Iwachu
  • ASIN: B016BA02YQ
  • UPC: 812594024733

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